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No 'poo suggestions

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Hey, ladies!  Well, my hubby and I have been weaning ourselves off shampoo for the last few years by stretching washings further and further apart and only using natural shampoo when we do wash.  We both have long hair (mine is to my waist, his is to the bottom of his shoulder blades), and the less we do to our hair the better it is.  Then I found out about the whole no 'poo movement and was like "yes!"  But my hubby had no desire to try using bs and vinegar - mostly the vinegar because he didn't want his head smelling like it, even for just as long as it takes for his hair to dry.  Well, fast forward to the week of Thanksgiving - I was away for a week, which was fine since that's about as long as we average anyway (6-7 days) and I can't wash my hair by myself because it's too thick and I never get all the shampoo and conditioner out.  So, we figured no big deal, we washed it before I left and we'd wash it when I got back.


Well, I don't sleep well away from my hubby and I started getting sick while I was gone, so when I got back, all I wanted to do was sleep, lol.  So another week passed, every time we'd hop in the shower, I just wouldn't want to take the time and energy to wash my hair.  It got greasy, but it wasn't nasty - just add water and it was dealable (I'm a homemaker).  I'm now on week three, my hair is a little waxy (not bad today since we showered last night) and my hubby's hair is awesome. **grumblejealousgrumble**


Here's my question - I understand that bs and acv work as shampoo and conditioner, but everything I've read about them talk about how each one affects the ph balance of your hair, which doesn't sound very appealing to me.  But I need something to gently exfoliate my scalp from time to time.  Any one have any suggestions?  Thanks in advance, ladies!

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Hi there, we no poo. I really like it except that I hate hate hate the smell of acv in my hair. I have tried essential oils, but it is just okay. 


Here is a great post from Simple Mom about acv and baking soda. Scroll to the bottom for the actual talk on the two components. The top part is what you already know.


Good luck

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Hey, no link popped up.

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Thanks for that.  That was actually one of the first places I found when I went looking for information.thumb.gif

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I'm pretty new to this too, but one thing I started using because I hate the smell of vinegar is lemon juice. It works really well for me, but if someone has tried this and (eek!) their hair fell out or something, please feel free to correct me.

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From what I've read - and what I remember of being a preteen in the 90s, lol - lemon juice can bleach your hair.  Doesn't always happen, but if you do decide to use lemon juice keep it in mind.  ^__^

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I remember that, and I'm not overly concerned about that as I'm a natural blonde anyway lol. I doubt it would do more than it's intended purpose anyway as I really only use it every couple of weeks if that.

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Hmm. The last time I used shampoo was... maybe April? Since then I've only used the baking soda and vinegar umm... maybe twice? Or three times? I also did no-poo before, for about six months to a year at a go... never used baking soda or vinegar. Every once in a while I'll put a little oil on the ends, but even that's pretty rare, that's only if I want to go out and style it. It's also pretty long - below shoulder blades for me now, but I'm trying to grow it out further.

My kids have never used shampoo. My son has short hair so it doesn't make a difference to him but my DD has this shiny, luxurious curly hair. We get at least 2-3 comments on it every time we leave the house, by strangers who think it's just amazing. Moms of kids with curly hair always ask me what I use to get her hair that pretty because such and such product doesn't work, etc. When I tell them I don't use anything, any shampoo or anything (and I really don't, they don't use soap either, or lotion, etc.) I get dropped jaws and wide eyes. Sometimes they're creeped out and shudder (lol, yes, it has happened, literally!!) but most often I just get a baffled look. I have never used baking soda or vinegar on her hair.

What can I say, I'm lazy. wink1.gif
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So, I just thought I'd update.  Over Christmas we were at my parents' house and I "washed" before we came back home - our water is heavily limed because of the quarries that are everywhere (one less than two miles away) around here.  It made all the difference in the world!  My scalp is a little itchy (I've always suffered from dandruff) but way better than it has been and no waxy at all!  I freaking love it.  Still totally jealous of how well his hair is doing even despite our water - he didn't wash at my parents' house and his hair looks just as good as mine.  nono02.giflol.gif


It's a relief to know that our problems are water problems.  Just wishing I could put off needing to wash again (don't see it happening as we were around cigarette smoke last night and I can't handle my hair stinking of smoke) until I could go back to my parents', lol.  So thankful that this place is here for the support, even though I'm not a regular poster (I'm a lurker).  Good luck to everyone no pooing!  ^__^

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