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Need ideas for placenta

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I'm not interested in eating it or supplementing with it. I planned on planting it under a tree in my yard, but we are leaving our home and going to an apartment.


It's been in my freezer for 14 weeks (that's how old my DS is).


I don't want to throw it out, but have no idea what to do with it.


Any ideas?

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Don't stress about it (?)  Our son is 21 months and we still have his in the freezer - we also moved out of state and when the time came we just packed it in ice and took it with us.  Actually, I'm about to birth our 4th child, so we'll have both placentas to deal with soon.  We are hoping to wait until we feel "settled" in a place and then bury it in the yard, followed by planting apple trees over the spot a year or so later.  My son's placenta lasted through 5 days of no power with Hurricane Irene with no noticeable effects, so as long as we aren't forced to plant it by another long power-outage I just keep waiting until things seem right.

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I wouldn't mind keeping it in the freezer, but DH wants it gone lol!


When we are low on groceries, he keeps going in there thinking it's a steak ROTFLMAO.gif

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Do you have family who would let you plant a tree/plant on their property? 


Barring something along those lines, I might just go ahead and plant it at your house now even knowing that you'll be leaving.  You don't have to wait a year to plant over it.  We planted our first son's placenta and immediately put a jasmine in above it (with maybe an inch of dirt between). 


But then DS is 26 mos and we still have his placenta in the freezer, and I'm pg again, so we'll probably wait until this one arrives and figure out what to do with both of them. 


If you just want to dispose of it, I'd call some local midwives and ask about medical waste disposal.  Most people who HB don't want to go that route just because it winds up getting incinerated. 

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Oh my gosh, that is SO FUNNY!

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Kind of freaky looking to me. I was expecting to see a plush bear with maybe the placenta ecapsulated inside the belly area. That would have been more my style. But wow, organs on display for everyone to see - not me. 


Thanks for the idea though! Still looking for more ideas... 

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My ds placenta has been in our freezer for 6 years now!


We will probably freeze this next little one's placenta until the spring and then we'll plant them both in our garden.


At least that's the plan.wink1.gif

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We live in an apartment as well, and wanted to do something useful with our placenta instead of just throwing it out...


I don't know if they do this in the US but it might be worth looking into...I found an organization that trains search and rescue dogs (for missing people and bodies), and they take placenta donations for use in training. When our little Sweet Pea is born, her placenta will be picked up by the organization. 



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