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I am currently 11 days late, Hubby had a Vasectomy 2 years ago( but never got checked) My tests keep coming up negative, but i'm having a bunch of other symptoms. I'm trying not to get excited ( I was not in favor the Vasectomy and wanted more kids). not sure what is going on but I am very hopeful.

Anymore testing since last post?? :) I am curious to know!! Also, have him go turn in a sample for sure just to clear up any later pregnant symptoms or missed periods! :) That is so nerve-racking!

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That's amazing! I have 3 boys as well & my husband had his done in Dec of  2011, about the week I conceived our 3rd son. I still somewhat regret asking him to get fixed. For some reason I feel like 4 is our number. He never went in to get checked either but we both agree that if it happens then we're fine with it. My youngest just turned 3 months & I'm breastfeeding so I probably wont have a period until I stop nursing. Congrats on getting a girl!joy.gif

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For the past 3 weeks I have been researching the odds of being pregnant after vasectomy, been taking online tests to see the odds of me being pregnant and been feeling pregnant! And it worries me to death because I had a emergency c-section with my youngest who is 2 for life and death reasons. Her heart rate went down in the lower 30's and my blood pressure sky rocketed! I just turned 23 in August and have 2 beautiful girls. I'm blessed to have them and would love to have a little boy or even another baby for that matter, but the dr told me when he cut me open he noticed I had half a uterus on top of only having one kidney so he tells me if I want another baby we need to wait at least 3-5 years before trying again because it could kill me and the baby. Now, I'm all for laying my life down for my kids, but I have always told myself "I don't want to get pregnant if there isn't a chance that at least the baby wouldn't survive, I have my 2 girls to think about" well, I talked to my dr a couple days ago telling them what's going on with me, I've felt sick after eating certain foods, tired all the time, my breasts are sore And bigger, pains in the lower part of my stomach (I can't think of what it's called lol) breaking out (which only happens during pregnancy, I will have 2 bumps during my period but its all over my chin and forehead) irritable, my belly is poking out but not all over, just the lower part, I lost weight and now am gaining it back (and when I'm pregnant I lose a bunch of weight in the beginning then gain it back slowly) I have regular periods but this month a cramped for days then thanksgiving I start spotting but only on the tissue, then start barely bleeding and it's only on the tampon and is brownish and lasted for one day then spotted for a couple hrs the next day and then nothing but I cramped for another day. My dr says "what form of BC are you using" my husband has had a vasectomy for a little more than 2 years now ( he didn't get it right away because he had to wait for me to heal after my c-section cause I was the only one who could take him.) well, they tell me it's not always affective and can grow back together and they are almost 100% sure I'm pregnant with just what I told them. I'm the type that can't take home pregnancy test until I'm 5 months along and I'm not sure why. My first 2 I took 2 blood tests and 4 home test and every one of them came out negative, I missed my period twice and finally went to this pregnancy center that does tests and it came out positive! After talking to my dr I took 2 test that came negative of course but I'm still having almost all symptoms of pregnancy. And just to let you know, my dr said it would be okay to be pregnant now just probably on bed rest the entire time. I didn't think it was possible to become pregnant considering I'm supposed to be 99.9% infertile and my husband has a vasectomy, but I have 2 girls and maybe a third on the way, and I'm not sure how to tell his family if I am because their first response might be "is it his?"
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