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The oldest is 18, she slept with us until DD2 was born 6 years later.  When DD2 was 7 she moved to her own bed because DS1 was born, then 1.5 years later came DS2.  My husband and I have been co-sleeping with both of them until last week!  They are 5 and 3.5 now.  We got them small bunk beds that we keep in our room and we have a full size bed for us.  The transition has gone smoothly!!  DS1 has gotten in our bed once!  I am so happy and I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED sleeping with my kids but it is wonderful to have them on their own now.  Although I think I am having a more difficult time with the change than they are....


I just wanted to let everyone know that after 18 years, I do NOT have any kids in my bed!  Over the years there have been some difficulties but it has been something that I would never change and encourage all of you to have the joy of co-sleeping!