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I love it when...

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I love it when DD is sleeping at the breast, and I sneakily slip my boob out. She'll keep right on sucking with her little mouth puckered, and tongue curled. It is ADORABLE!

What do you love?
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Oooh, I love that too!


When DS is fighting sleep and fussing, I'll rock him in the glider. After a few minutes of fussing, he'll start blubering and slobbering (I can't think of any other word for it) on my shoulder for a while, and then eventually he'll let out a big sigh and I can feel him go limp in my arms, even before he goes to sleep. It makes me feel like such a good mommy.  I love that.

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Maisie strokes and pats my hand while she's nursing.  I love that!

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When Malcolm wants attention he makes this wonderful, happy, "uhh!" sound. And he just can't get over my daughter. He loves her to pieces and gets excited whenever he sees her. 

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I love it when DH tells Ada "No more spitting up I'm not changing your clothes again" (jokingly of course) and Ada giggles, kind of like "umm okay whatever Dad!".  I love seeing her smile and giggle at her sister.  And how she gets so excited when you come stick your hands out to pick her up.

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he wakes up in the middle of the night and smacks his lips so loudly, with his eyes shut, like "where's my boobie?!" lol!
he sees his sissies and gets this grin that's just for them.
he rolls over and can't figure out how to roll back (so stuck on his tummy) and then just sighs, and looks around like "ok world, let's figure out something else to do." JUST like his daddy!
That when he's crabby at 4:30pm, his life is INSTANTLY better once we put his fleece jammies on. He even makes faces and smiles at them. haha!
that he sleeps so nicely in the evenings. From abuot 5pm to 11, when i have to wake him up to nurse!!! And then through the rest of the night too!
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 In the middle of the night, Liam does his booby dance if I'm not close enough to him. He'll shake his head back and forth looking for my breast. It's so cute, he doesn't fully wake up unless I don't get to him fast enough.

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These are cute stories. :)  I love so many things about Elliott.


I think my favorite lately is waking up with him.  He does similar things where he rubs his head back and forth looking for my boob too.


So lately he has been sleeping well until the the bedroom is nice and light.  Then we can see each other well.  So when he starts getting wiggly and I know he's ready to wake up, we sorta snuggle for a minute and I still have my eyes closed.  When I open them, there he is two inches from my face just staring up a me.  Those big blue eyes look like they were just waiting for my eyes to pop open.  Then I get a whole body smile...you know the ones where they smile, but the whole body curls up around it because it's sooo big.  It's bringing tears to my eyes right now.  I hope I never forget what it feels like to wake up to that smiling baby.  I have a son.  OMG!  I have a wonderful, amazing, beautiful son.  I love him sooooooo much!

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DS2 has this cute thing he does where when he wakes up he lifts his legs and drops them to bang on his mattress to let me know he is awake.


He also has a really cute smile that he does whenever he sees his big brother and then he'll squeal when DS1 comes over and gives him a hug.


DS1 loves to hug his little brother.


I absolutely love that they love each other as much as they do, even at just 18 & 3 months of age.

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When he pulls away from nursing to give a big, sweet smile.

Oh, it melts me! And his giggle is the most wonderful sound. Love!

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