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"Telling Everyone" at school -- teen response

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This is maybe off-topic somewhat, but, my students at school recently figured out that I am expecting (I really thought they'd say something sooner . . . but I won't discuss personal issues at school.)  Anyway, their excitement was cute, but . . .


I teach mostly teenage girls, and in each class that has asked, several girls have asked "Aren't you scared?" and when I ask what they mean, it's so obvious that they have this horrific image of birth!  I just feel this is SO sad!  They think pregnancy is adorable (not sure I agree with them on that point! but, I'll take what I can get at this stage!) and are already cooing over the idea of a baby and begging me to bring him in after he comes . . . but they clearly have this idea that birth is something to be scared of. 


I don't think I ever thought about birth at their age, one way or the other . . . but I wonder where they get this.  I think it's too bad that they are only 14-17 and have this idea so strongly entrenched in their minds.  . .

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Sounds like a teaching opportunity to me!
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i had an awful view of birth up until I got pregnant with my first at age 31.  i thought that birth was disgusting, i would never have a natural birth, that a c-section was the way to go, etc etc.  No one ever challenged my views, told me any different opinions than what i had or ever tried to give me a beautiful perspective on birthing.  And I really wish someone had.  My view of everything was so distorted and it was purely out of fear.  As a child, I got my knowledge of birthing from TV so can you imagine what I thought! I was so scared of all the pain and the 'not so nice' aspects that I created this lovely little defense mechanism that I carried with me until I gave birth to my first child and then ll my opinions changed!


As a teacher myself, it would depend on the school and group of kids on whether I would talk to them or not.  i think I would approach the topic after speaking to my principal about it but would be very careful to be well versed on what is appropriate for the school, population, etc.


Good luck!

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I agree! Sounds like a wonderful teaching opportunity about taking the time to learn about something of interest and making educated decisions based on facts not heresay or what 'everybody else is doing'.


Potential life lesson opportunity :-)



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I'd say it is a great teaching opportunity, as well. I'm really not surprised that so many girls and young women are afraid of birth. Look at the influence tv and pop culture have provided. It is rare to see a normal (minimal intervention, no painkillers, etc.) or home birth on television. Loads of celebrities have had c-sections and said publicly that they were terrified of vaginal births. I could go on and on. I was lucky to be born to a mom that birthed us naturally at the hospital, without intervention. Our births were taped, as well, so I got to see that growing up. You'd have to be careful about what you said, obviously, but I'm sure you could be a good influence on them.
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