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How big are you now?

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I'm just curious because I've been in maternity pants for a few weeks now and it seems like some ladies are still able to wear their regular jeans! This will be my first one, so I have no excuse for why my belly is as large as it is. I think it's mostly bloating since I'm only just over 10 weeks, but it's still kind of exciting to look pregnant already. I keep joking to my partner that we're having twins and they just missed the second one when we had our dating ultrasound at 7 weeks. It's not impossible, my uterus does tilt to the back, though I hear you feel extra sick with two and I've been doing alright in that department. Our next ultrasound isn't until February 20, so I guess we'll know for sure by then!

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I have not yet bought maternity pants...but I probably should be though. My pants are always unzipped on my way home from work or under my desk at work. I just started wearing a Bella Band and that has been much more comfortable. I must be really bloated...there is no way I could be "showing" at 8wks! (first baby and for sure not twins).

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I tried one of the Bella Bands and didn't really care for how they felt. I still felt like my pants were unzipped (because they were, haha) and that made me feel weird so I just went ahead and made the jump to maternity pants. I need to take a picture, I keep forgetting. I never thought I'd have such a belly already!

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I'm 12 weeks and mostly wearing maternity pants now.  I was actually more uncomfortable at 8 weeks though because I was more bloated.  I don't feel as big now as I was then.  I heard other people saying that the bloating tapers off, but I don't remember that happening the last two pregnancies.  The only reason I can still fit into some of my regular jeans is because they are my "fat" jeans. 

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This is my 3rd and I am not in maternity yet(11wks). But I have been thinking that I need to get some new pants soon. At the end of the day I totally have to unzip my jeans.

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I'm 8.5w along and not showing at all. Still in my regular pants, though I've been favoring stretch pants for a while. I've lost 11lbs since getting pg, though (yay!), so that may have something to do with it...
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I'm a little over 11 weeks, and how much I show depends on how much I've eaten. People who know me and are familiar with my shape can tell I'm showing a bit, but to the uninformed, I just look a little bloated or like I have a pooch. I'm still wearing regular pants, but they are getting more and more uncomfortable, particularly after I eat or when I'm sitting down.  So right now I'm lounging in my DP's long johns.  orngtongue.gif So comfy.

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I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow and plan on buying a pair of maternity pants.  I have had to wear yoga pants to work the last two days.  I think mine is a combination of bloat and growing uterus, since sciatica hit a few days ago.  My uterus must be sitting on the nerve now.

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10w5d here and I've been in maternity clothes since 6 weeks. I'm pretty much huge. No fun.

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I'm over 10 weeks and still comfortably in my regular pants. Last time I didn't start wearing maternity clothing until after 20 weeks. I don't think I'll make it that long this time around though.
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I am still wearing regular clothes comfortably, but I feel like I need to watch the fittedness now 10w4d if I want to conceal. It also depends on my posture. When I am conscious of it and stand up straight (tuck pelvis) I appear to show less. I hate getting the feeling that people are looking, though. That is why I plan to tell at 11 wks at work so I can just wear my clothes however they fit. I don't know when I'll need to get maternity stuff out, though. My "perfect fit" belly pants from DD were amazing but they aren't really wintery.
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I never wear maternity pants anymore, but I'm definitely using either my Bella Band or wearing pajama/exercise pants all the time now, I cant even get close to buttoning anymore...


I've been the same for a couple weeks now, but this is baby #4 and just over a year after my last, my body's pretty much just going to get right back into the groove of this pregnancy thing lol

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I'm over 10 weeks and still comfortably in my regular pants. Last time I didn't start wearing maternity clothing until after 20 weeks. I don't think I'll make it that long this time around though.

Wow! 20 weeks. That's kind of amazing.

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I haven't been able to wear my regular pants (done up) since week 5 (8 weeks now)! eyesroll.gif My uterus started out tall, this is my 3rd pregnancy, and I do tend to pop out. 

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I will be 11 weeks with my first tomorrow, and I'm still able to wear my regular pants, but they're tight. Today I have a hairtie around the button.  :)  

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My belly is finally starting to poke out a little.  It's weird and hard to understand that the uterus is just barely poking out of the pelvis, because the roundness certainly goes up higher than that.  Like Xanadu, I lost weight once I got pg,  so I am having a problem with my regular pants falling off now.  Th best real pants right now for me to wear are some jeans I haven't worn in years because they were too tight.  They are low rise, so I can button them under my belly, and they don't fall off like every single pair of my cords.  I think all my maternity pants would be way too big, so once these skinny jeans don't work I guess I will be going out in yoga pants or elastic skirts.  It's getting cold though, and I have a lot of fleece, so I might should make some yoga type pants from fleece.  I am also thinking about using that tutorial that shows how to cut off the waist of regular pants and make a band from a t shirt or some stretchy knit.  I don't wanna mess up any of my pants that I like, though, so I dunno, maybe I'll go the thrift store and pick out jeans and cords to try that with.


The biggest part of me so far is boobs, lol.  It seems like they are already as big now as they were at the birth with my last son!  It's nice, though, lol, because they had gotten so small...nobody ever told me that boobs would disappear after being pg and nursing, so I am glad to have them back!

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Im 10 weeks and my belly pokes out a little...different time of the day its more visible :) Im still able to wear my regular jeans. The sit lower on the waist, and my waist hasnt gotten any bigger so I have a feeling they might last a little longer. Im 6ft, so this pregnancy I WILL get myself a freakin decent pair of maternity jeans! GAP maternity in LONG. Im not a clothes snob, at all. But i want pants that are actually comfortable and fit right for my tall frame.

I havent gained any weight yet. I dont expect to gain much. I only gained about 12 lbs with my last, and the baby was 8 lbs. But im also aware that this time I am going to be in 2nd trimester during winter...and it is quite possible I will stay inside and get fat and happy ;) lol. 

I did get some longer shirts, just made me feel more comfortable since I look like I had a large lunch ;)

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I am somewhere between 12 and 14 weeks according to my midwife. This is my second pregnancy and I felt like I started showing right away! After 6 weeks I needed better-fitting pants and finally got some last week. Usually I wear between size 4-6 in jeans. I am super short and have a shirt torso. I am carrying very low, and I wonder if that is why my pants got tight so fast! Anyway, good luck to all!
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I'm fat anyway, people usually can't tell I'm pregnant when I'm 40 weeks. I wear the same clothes as normal, loose and elasticated. 
I can feel a big lump of baby just under my belly button at the left hand side. So baby is growing! Yay. 

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Nothing yet. A little bloat sometimes, but now that I am getting sicker it's diminishing. I lost about 15 lb this year, and didn't buy new clothes, so I am hoping not to have to get maternity clothes for quite a while. I'm not a shopper.

Got a pair of jeans in my new, smaller size for Christmas (from a relative who did not know I was expecting) and they fit fine. I'm 9 w, 2nd baby.
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