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My mother has a mental illness. She's been admitted twice and given meds at discharge that she won't take. Currently, she is living 1700 miles away in a small podunk town where not a single person understands that she truly believes she is normal and you can't change her, except for my cousin who is a nurse. Everyone is always yelling at her, telling her to she's wrong, she's a liar, blah blah blah. Her husband enables her, though he acknowledges she has a problem, but can't convice her otherwise. My siblings live in another state and my grandparents are too old to deal with the messes she creates. She has never come right out and told us what her diagnosis is, BUT we do know she has had episodes of psychosis.... she says it stems from depression. I personally think she might have bipolar based on my childhood experiance with her, but she also suffers from paranoia... sometimes I wonder if she's schizophrenic.


Anyway, she has fallen off the deep-end... she is ready to pack up her car, with no money and no where to stay, and travel several hundred miles to visit a family member before they deploy to Afganistan.... in 2013! Before she decided to do this she was planning on all of her kids traveling to be at her home for Christmas and was making a shopping list of all the food she needed to buy... here's the kicker: none of us are going and we've told her multiple times.


If she really does leave for her road trip I'm worried she will become homeless. Her husband has said he will cut off funds and if/when she comes back he'll be gone. They are living off of his retirement and my dad's pension. My dad's pension isn't even enough to buy groceries for a month.


Ugh... I just don't know what to do.