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How did your newborn behave?

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My dd is 5 weeks.  She constantly needs to be walked around facing out so she can"see" and look around.  She is very alert and is not happy laying down or simply being held.  Must be in motion!  My friends act like this isn't normal and I am worried it is something I am doing wrong!  Do you think perhaps she can be bored already this young and need more stimulation?

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hmm seems pretty normal...

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Seems pretty normal to me too. Some infants like to be swaddled, others don't want to be confined in anyway. Some like to be rocked or moving almost constantly. The world is still pretty darn new and they are still very near-sighted at that point. I wouldn't stress over her being bored.

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Different babies do like different things, but maybe you want to consider if your baby is well burped after feeding? They generally prefer an upright position if they need to burp, or are having slight reflux or need to move their bowels. At five weeks all these can be tricky. smile.gif babies will also have their alert period when they want interaction.

For what it's worth, my two boys' behavior and needs do reflect their in utero behavior and environment. Maybe you can think back and see if there's a pattern.
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Yes, I'd check out reflux too...does she arch her back as well? Whatever the reason, buy yourself a Beco and have her look out sideways - will make both of you happy!

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All my children had strong necks and could raise their heads off the bed/bassinet/table when they were on their stomachs.  Two of them really preferred looking out at the world.  I didn't know about slings with the first 2, and they were too tiny to face out with a Snugli, so I tried to face them in and they hated it; my son loved kangaroo carry in a sling and looking out from 6 or 7 weeks, really as soon as his head could do it.  Then I just regularly used that carry or the shoulder sling carry so they were on my shoulder.  My kids didn't like the reclined sling carry at all.

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OP, since you posted this in the "gifted" forum, I assume you are wondering if this behavior could be an early sign of advanced thinking or brain development. As far as I know, there is no evidence of that being true. However, my LO (now 1 year) has been like that since birth and I like to think it means he's extra smart : ) My husband and I were/are both gifted so you never know!

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Both of my children liked to be moving and had strong head and trunk control early on, but I know many children who are like that. It's pretty common. DS liked to be carried up and down the stairs to settle him. He loved something about the up and down motion of stepping. They both liked to swing. I think you'll find a lot of infants demonstrate similar preferences. 


If she has preferences, and you are figuring out those preferences, and accommodating her, then you are doing nothing wrong. It sounds like you are doing just that, so don't worry too much (it's impossible not to worry a little) and enjoy! 

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