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For Those Mamas Nearing the End of the First Trimester

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How do you feel, ladies, now that the end of the first trimester approaches?  Do you notice significant changes? 

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At 10 weeks im starting to notice my evening nausea is less and less. Instead of everyday, now its simply triggered by something instead just something that was happening like clockwork everyday at around 6 :)

I FEEL more pregnant now. My abdomen feels fuller, im getting the growing pains, my breasts feel more full. 

So far this pregnancy has rocked and I feel really good compared to my other pregnancies. Im hoping this keeps up (knock on wood)

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I, too, notice less nausea and I am so grateful for that.  I am still not able to eat most meats and some vegetables continue to repel me.  I am surely filling out in my belly -- exciting!  My face is bloated -- not exciting.  I am starting to feel less tired, able to make it on one nap a day instead of two. 


Come ON second trimester!

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I'm 11.5 weeks and the nausea has been significantly diminished over the past 2-3 weeks, with some mild relapses.  I am often able to eat things that I couldn't before, but I'm still pickier than usual.  I'm starting to show with just the tiniest hint of a belly, and the bbs are getting bigger.  Can't wait for the second trimester to officially begin!

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11 weeks here and the nausea has improved significantly in the last week. I even have a little energy which is awesome.

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Well, I'm only 10 weeks now, but I've luckily managed to basically skip morning sickness this time around (only actually threw up twice and other than that had some occasional nausea) - but I am starting to feel slightly more energetic. I'm still tired, but it seems to be letting up a little! 

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I'm 12 weeks and still feeling kind of icky.  I'm also getting over a stomach bug, so I think the lines are a little blurred right now.  I felt icky with my first weeks 5-14, so I'm assuming it will be that way again.  My second pregnancy was only weeks 8-10.

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I'm 11 wks and still throwing up, just in the mornings. I'm noticing the all day waves of nausea are decreasing in that I'll have a good day in between sick days.

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My nausea has almost completely disappeared, though when it does show it, it shows up with a vengeance, which is interesting since it was all pretty mild for the first 8 weeks. I'm 10w4d today and definitely feeling my body change and get rounder. I've had a little bit of a belly for about 2 weeks now which seems completely surreal to me, though very exciting. I've finally gotten to where I feel comfortable that things are going to go well this time so I've been talking to the baby whenever I'm rubbing oil on my belly and breasts. It's like "our" time, which is kind of fun. I'm getting a tiny bit more energy, but not much. I'm looking forward to the days when just going to the grocery store doesn't wipe me out. A couple of days ago I started getting a super fun shooting pain down the side of my right hip, which I'm guessing is sciatica. I love you, baby, but please stop hanging out on my nerve! haha


We're telling at Christmas, which I'm getting really excited about.

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10w and my nausea goes back and forth. I'll get a good day, then I'll get a worse day than I've had so far.


I'm feeling kicks now though, so the anxiety over losing the baby is gone. 


Also, I have a HUGE sex drive now... but I'm so tired and sick that I can't even think of sex. My brain makes up for this by giving me some of the most messed up dreams. Last night I dreamt that I was trying to charge my husband $75 an hour to have sex with me.

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I am 11 weeks.  Still very nauseous, but I don't walk around dry heaving all day...which is a great change!  I've essentially been on bed rest for 8 weeks, so now I think my problem is more mental and needing to get my strength up.  Once that happens, I think things will be much better.


No real changes other than that.  I look a bit more pregnant and want to buy some maternity skirts soon. ( I mostly only wear skirts).    

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I'm 10w & feel no differences from a few weeks ago.  Still tired.  Still nauseous all day.  Still bloated.  I am waiting anxiously for 2nd trimester!!

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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post


Also, I have a HUGE sex drive now... but I'm so tired and sick that I can't even think of sex. My brain makes up for this by giving me some of the most messed up dreams. Last night I dreamt that I was trying to charge my husband $75 an hour to have sex with me.

A couple days ago I, too, started to feel my sex drive make a comeback!  Thank goodness...jumpers.gif

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I'm 12 weeks as of yesterday and still nauseous in the afternoon and evening. :( Really hoping this passes sooooooon.

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I will be 11 weeks tomorrow, and I have been feeling better and better for a couple of weeks now.  At the beginning I was SO DARN TIRED ALL THE TIME and then I got QUITE ill with the nausea and pukiness....I was really worried about the duration of these symptoms.


But they passed.  For me, the nausea and sickness lasted 3 to 4 weeks tops, and then the queasiness dramatically improved.  I haven't even felt the slightest bit nauseous for a couple of weeks now.  AND I just noticed that my tiredness has been improving as well.  I am able to stay up much later now and I am also able to work through my day without craving or needing a nap.  It seems harder to get to sleep, though, so some nights I toss and turn and then I DO feel tired the next day.  But I am feeling SO MUCH better and pretty good, thank goodness!  Hopefully, THIS period will last lots longer than the yucky yucky hard period that passed so quickly!


I hope you are feeling much better, too!

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I'm 11 weeks and 2 days, and the nausea seems to be letting up on me for the most part, thank goodness.  I still get the occasional bout, it's just not as frequent.  I'm super hopeful that things will continue to improve, as I'm going with my hubby to California to visit his family for 2 weeks starting tomorrow.  My belly is definitely starting to pooch - I've been really bad about taking photos lately, I need to get back to business on that!

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10.5 and feel no nausea today. of course, this has worried me but I am sure it will hit like a beast by 2pm as usual. i have an appt friday.


so tired from bad sleep almost every night, though. and constantly hungry. then nauseous. then hungry. then....on and on.


aside from that, i feel like a fatty mcdaniel. girth and bloat.

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I'm 12 1/2 weeks now and feeling pretty good. The nausea is gone but I still have some food aversions and my morning toothbrush can make me gag. I am getting my energy back a bit too. So excited to be feeling better!

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i have never got sick with any of my babies and this is baby #7....but this time I'm a little nauseated and i really dont like the felling at all...so im kinda thinking this might be a girl seeings all i have are boys

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At 11 1/2 weeks, I am feeling nausea less and less. Some things will trigger me (my children eating something not so great smelling then blowing in my face, ick). I do feel like I have a little bit more energy but I am ready for 2nd trimester. I am noticing the slightest baby bump so I don't know how much longer we will be able to hold off on letting people know we are pregnant.


Since before my missed AF my bbs have started to get larger and firm and it isn't fun. Its like they are producing milk without actually producing milk. This is a first for me in pregnancy.

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