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Meredith, you poor thing. It just keeps coming, doesn't it? hug.gif


I think your words and your attitude and your compassion and kindness are wonderful. You're very inspiring.


As for amnio, well, I wouldn't agonize over it too much. Do you think having the info would help you? If so, I know the risks have improved greatly and I've researched anything from 1/400 to the 1/1600 mentioned by a pp. They do it with ultrasound, so they can see the baby the whole time. My MFM told me that the biggest problem with calculating risk is that they can't factor out women who are basically going to lose their babies anyway (many women have amnio while in preterm labor to see if the lungs are developed) or women who have severe complications to begin with (which is why they are having amnio). It's not always easy to say whether the loss was caused by the amnio or would have happened anyway.


That being said, I decided not to have it. However, if subsequent ultrasounds continue to show problems, I will probably have it. Mainly because genetic testing done after the child is born is expensive, can take months, and is not always covered by insurance.


I think once some time passes and you make a decision, either way, you will be much more at peace and excited about the baby.


Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you...

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Have you looked into the MaterniT21 blood test?  It was just approved by the FDA is October as an alternative to an amniocentesis.  It is only available in 20 cities right now.  I choose to do it when my Downs Syndrome results screened positive at "1 in 39 chance" based on NT scan plus 1st trimester blood work.  I did the test the day before Thanksgiving and found out on December 6th that everything came back normal.  The MaterniT21 blood test can be done anytime after 10 weeks.  My out of pocket expense for this test was $235 (the max they can charge as an insurance co-pay) and insurance picked up the rest.  The test was $1933 but I am so glad I didn't have to go through an amnio.


I found out my status of 'screening positive' at 12 weeks and was going to have to wait til 17 weeks to do the amnio.  I went all the way to 15.5 weeks before I found out about this test.  It was tough and worrisome time and on top of it, just like you, I absolutely hate needles.  A needle in the arm is way better than in the belly though!


Here is an article about it:  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2011/10/18/safer-down-syndrome-test-to-hit-market-monday/


The company's website:  http://www.sequenomcmm.com/home/health-care-professionals/trisomy-21/about-the-test/


I really hope this helps!  

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Just checking in for any updates?

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Bella I like the idea of that test - I wonder if they have it in Atlanta!

As for updates, we don't really know anything new yet. I got blood drawn for the quad screen today. Our homebirth midwives don't do bloodwork so I had to go back to the OB office and while they drew my blood, as requested, they were very negative about my home birth plan. They strongly advised me to change my plans and be "monitored" by their practice and birth at the baby factory hospital that would be so kind as to "allow" me to delay cord cutting "for a couple minutes". I was like get me out of here!!! But at least they did my blood work. Now I just have to wait until Wednesday to get the results. I'll update you all when I get them :-)
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Got the quad screen results in a day early! For down syndrome my ratio was 1:4200! To me, that sounds like absolutely fantastic news. The nurse at the OB office looked at my ultrasound results and was making me think the ratio was going to be much worse. I was preparing myself to hear 1:3 or something. And the CNM was saying that she strongly recommended that I switch care from my home birth midwives to the OB because of the soft markers. She had me so worried. I know it's just a screening, not a diagnostic, but my spirits are lifted by the results. We'll check on the heart, kidneys, and legs at my follow up ultrasound on the 12th to get more information. I'm feeling so much more at peace after getting the quad screen results and am pumped about my home birth and my (hopefully) healthy baby boy!! Thanks for being here for me throughout this whole ordeal. You ladies are the best!
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That sounds like great odds! What a relief!  

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Meredith - I am so glad you are feeling better and more at peace. Sounds like great odds also!

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Meredith, that sounds like great news!!!

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Meredith, I've been lurking on this thread, and have been thinking of you.  I am so glad you had good news today. 

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Meredith- I am JUMPING FOR JOY for you!!!! This was great to read about- whooooohoooo :)

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Super great news!  Thanks for updating.

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Meredith, what wonderful news. I'm so happy for you! Sending good thoughts for your appointment on the 12th!

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I'm so glad you had the quad screen! What wonderful results! hug.gif

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I am late to this conversation, but wow. Meredith, so glad you have some happy news. I hope it keeps coming for you, and hopefully you're getting some time to yourself right now. sleepytime.gif

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That is way better odds than what we had! Hope everything goes fine!

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Whoo-hoo Meredith!  That's such hopeful news!  I'm 38, so I went to genetic counseling just based on my age and increased risk.  I think just being 38 with no additional risk factors gave me a something like 1:400 odds, so yours look much, much better (100 times!) than my own.  Be glad you're just 28 smile.gif

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That's great Meredith! Keeping my fingers crossed for a fabulous ultrasound on the 12th, too.

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Great news!  joy.gif

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