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Clayton's birth story

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Sorry I'm so late getting back over here! If you remember, Clayton was diagnosed with a cleft lip at a prenatal u/s and we weren't sure that the palate was involved until he was born... it is, making him a very time consuming baby! Pumping all the time with four little boys is kind of insane and we have lots of dr. appts. And it takes quite a long time to feed him with the special bottles he eats with. We are just glad he is eating! 


Aaaaanyway... his birth was amazing! At home, in the water, into Daddy's hands. Beautiful! Here's the story:


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Wow, Brittney!  What a peaceful and healing birth for you!  I love how you discovered the spiritual side of birth by having your first homebirth.  Congratulations on doing it on your own and I love that dad caught him. 


How have you been doing emotionally with Clayton's cleft palate? 

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Thanks for sharing your story.  It's wonderful that you got to have your homebirth.  I totally agree that it's the place to give birth if you can.  Congrats!!


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Thanks! I think I'm doing really well with it but I have breakdowns frequently. I don't believe in coincidences and I think there must be reasons that this baby has to deal with this and that I'm the one to help him through it. Still, it seems very unfair for this perfect little angel to have to endure the things he's going to be put through. Next week we go to the orthodontist where he will be fit with an appliance that goes in his mouth and has stents to hold his nose open. We'll have to go every week to have it adjusted until his first surgery in late Feb, early March. There will be lots more surgeries after that one and I just keep looking at his face and imagining all the places they're going to cut. :( Not a healthy exercise, I'm sure. I feel like this is a huge learning experience for me. I always struggle with my kids not fitting "the mold"  (they don't) and this kid will talk funny (and late), look a little funny and have plenty of social pains to accompany the physical ones. I will just have to get over my issues! It will probably be good for all of my kids.

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Brittney, I feel like I understand exactly what you're saying and imagine that I would do the same things as well- picturing the surgery, what the future holds, etc.  From what you've posted on here about your experience so far, it just really seems like you have a very healthy and strong attitude toward this situation.  I really admire you!

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