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I'm new

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Hi Everyone,

I just joined mothering although I've been lurking around the forum for a few weeks.  I am part of another due date group on another site, but I am looking for more like minded mommas.  I have a 4 yr old boy and a 2.5 year old girl and I'm due at the end of April with #3, we are planning a homebirth with a midwife.  We live on the coast of Maine, and I am a part time SAHM/WAHM, my husband and I own a small grocery store, where my contribution is primarily growing veggies and herbs from home to sell.  My daughter is currently breastfeeding, I tandem nursed last time and will again if she doesn't wean in the next few months.  We cloth diaper (except at the moment, long story and I'm trying to let go of the guilt on that one), eat mostly organic local food, the kids go to a little waldorf daycare a few days a week, I love wine and drink it when not pregnant, I love to be active, I love to cook, and mostly strive to find a balance between motherhood, work and myself.  


I saw that most of the talk has moved to a discussions forum, do I have to be invited to that one? Do you have to know me better before I can be a part?  Looking forward to knowing you all.



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Erin, Welcome.  We have moved to the groups section I am not sure if i can invite you or not but I can let the leaders know that you are interested.  You may also be able to request to be invited. 

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Welcome Erin! wave.gif

There was an "invite" button on our group page, so I did that for you, hopefully it worked, I'm not a leader or anything, just saw that option :)

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Welcome! Wow, while I'm always excited for new DDC members, I'm *really* looking forward to learning from you come next spring. I'm expecting my first right around the first planting time for my veggie garden. I'm unsure of how I'll make that plus grad school work, but I'm exciting about trying. We have had 4 8x8 beds going for three seasons, and just build 4 4x10 new beds for more space. :) 


Welcome again. :)

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