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Any input in regards to choosing a home....?

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Any advice appreciated....

my bf & I are shopping for a house & plan to ttc right after that.

my sons are going to be 7 & 9 when we would be moving in.

How important is it to your children to have their own rooms in regards to getting used to a new stepparent in their home...?

what about moving to a different neighborhood that is either very near to the street they have always lived on (friends) or does it matter if it's 10 miles away? At the moment I live on the same street as my ex so they have lived always there...

am I over thinking?

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No advice, but I have been wondering about you and how you are! I haven't seen you over in Single Parenting for a while! Stop on by the private lounge and give us an update! It sounds like things are wonderful!

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It wouldn't bother me at all if my kids shared a room.  If my house sells, then I will buy a 3 bedroom house and my 8 & 14 year old dd's will share a room.


10 miles is still pretty close and would a very reasonable move.  I'm sure living on the same street has been convenient at times but I think it would totally impractical to try and stay that close.  

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We haven't had to move as my XH moved into the house next door and hopefully DBF can move in here if we get to the point of that. But, my boys are now 7 & 11 and they share a room at both houses. They also have bunk beds in both houses but nearly always share the bottom bunks together. I think sharing a bed has really helped them with keeping a close bond with each other through all kinds of stress. They just can't stay mad at one another, even when they try to =)


I'm definitely in the camp of preferring the kids 2 homes to be as close as possible but you have had that for a while so they might handle a larger separation just fine. My XH's gf lives about 20 miles away so it's possible that my kids will lose this close proximity in the next year but how we handle the distance will make more difference than it's reality, yk? =)

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Happy to see this update. :)

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I'm just so sad to separate from the neighborhood where their friends are at, but, what can we do? Very rarely do houses go for sale here.
I wanted to update that DS1 & my boyfriend have really fallen for each other hard lately, and watching them bond has been amazing. Hopefully when the little guy gets over his shyness/hesitation, he will bond as completely as well.
Rings have been bought, big house coming in 3 months! Can't wait! joy.gif
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Being miliary, we move a lot.  Kids adapt so well.  It's hard for the first month or so, but they get new rooms, and all kind of stuff.  My children love to move.  10 miles away is not what they are used to, but everyone appreciates change in some form or fashion.  Good Luck and Congrats. 

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I think 10 miles is not too far away and I think it might be good for you to have some distance from the X, right?  They will have easy access to all their old pals.


As for bedroom setup -- I think it would be good to have at least 4 bedrooms if you are planning on having more kids.  You have one for you and your partner.  One for the baby.  One for the big boys.  And a guest room that can be another room for one of the big boys if necessary.


That said ... seriously, kids adapt.  If you just had a two bedroom house .... it'd all work out, just have to be more creative and watch the clutter.

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Congratulations! Hope I have a similar update soon!

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