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More baby name talk!

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What are you favorite baby names that have an "s" sound in them?  My first two kids are named Grayson and Elsa.  I'm looking for both girl and boy suggestions - thanks!


Here are a few names on our list so far:



Dexter (DH hates it, but I love it)






I love Stella, Eloise, Elise and all sorts of other names that are way too similar to Elsa!


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I really like Tessa, but I have a friend that named his daughter that (is that too close to Elsa?).  I also like Salome (but my husband doesn't).  For boys I like Isiah or Ismael.  Most of these are Hebrew names, not sure if that's your cup of tea.  I will keep thinking.  Kind of a fun exercise- so sounds, but not necessarily starting sounds.

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Ooh, I do like Tessa, but yes, I think it's too close to Elsa.  I realized yesterday I also love Ezra, but again, too close to Elsa.   I also like Isiah, but I don't think hubby would be on board.  This is probably a futile exercise anyway because DH is completely set on Silas if it's a boy and he's convinced it's a boy.  He kind of has a one-track mind and there's pretty much no changing it.  Unless Silas is in the top 50 or something.  I don't hate Silas, but I definitely don't love it.

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I adore Sadie. Probably my favorite girl name, but DH loathes it. This is one of the few names he has said "no way, no how, never talking me into it." I think it is so sweet, though.

How about Isaac for a boy? Similar to Silas but also similar to Isiah. I love Silas, too.
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I like Dexter and Sadie


How about...















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The name Alice has been thrown around by both DH and I over the past few months and we've barely talked baby names.  Last night I was laying in bed and "Alice" just popped into my head again and I really like it.  Then today my mom was over and she randomly said, I think you should name your baby Alice.  Totally weird that my mom and I both thought of it, but I'm starting to get hooked on it.  I haven't told DH yet, but I suppose I should wait until Saturday anyway, since that's when we find out. 

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Just pulling directly from my current shortlist, the 's' names I have are:











Of the ones already thrown in the ring, I also quite like Sadie, Elias and Silas. 

Sadie is actually so pretty that I'm tempted to include it in my short list too!

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Rereading this thread has rejuvinated my love of Sadie. I don't think DH could learn to love it. I do like Sebastian, but I think it is too long for our family. I also love Annaliese, but feel it is too long.
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I love the name Sadie!  I don't have any more ideas to add in right now, but I just wanted to throw that comment in...


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Alright, I have a new question now.  What do you honestly think of the name Silas and what does it make you think of?  I do not have a positive view of it, but I'm trying to learn to like it because DH loves it and he (allegedly) hates the name Elsa, so now I "owe" him one.  Whatever.  It's not like he has loved the name Silas since he heard it years ago, like me and the name Elsa.  If lots more people have negative views of the name, maybe I can convince him it's not such a great idea. 

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Silas makes me think of a kind of rugged, kind, outdoorsy little boy. I think it could translate well into adulthood with any sort of profession he chooses.... I don't like the nickname "Si" though so I would definitely always call him by the full name. 

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I love all of the names on your list! I like Wesley instead of Westly and I like Beatrice instead of Beatrix. My favorites are Silas for a boy, and Lucy for a girl. I also don't think Stella is too close to Elsa to use in your family. How exciting to be finding out Saturday!

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Silas always makes me think of this bleak Victorian novel, Silas Marner. I think if you don't like it then you should both pick a different name - something you agree on together. Just IMO. 

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Missed the question on what I think when I hear Silas. Honestly, I think of the character from the Showtime series Weeds. He's a cute kid, headstrong, a little impulsive, but overall a good kid. If I try to think of the name on it's own minus the association with a tv character then I think of an educated, quick-witted, outdoorsy/country type of dude.

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Silas sounds like a sweet, thoughtful, quiet little boy to me.
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Has anyone read DaVinci Code? Because there is a creepy, muderous, albino guy named Silas and that is what I think of! It is sooo disturbing to me. I know once I see my baby and hold him, he will become the name...but for now it is hard to imagine. And I named our daughter Elsa against my husband's wishes because I have loved the name for years and it was my girl name since then. I told him it would grow on him....he still gives me crap about it. Thing is, he didn't have a reason beyond not liking it. I have lots of reasons I don't care for Silas, but he doesn't care and thinks it's "fair". DH is an obstinate sort of person and he will either love or hate a name. There is no middle ground (well with anything for him really). And right now the only baby name he likes is Silas. I honestly think he is full of it, so I haven't been talking to him about names much at all. I don't feel like having pointless arguments.

We find out the sex in a few hours! Then I will know if all this Silas stuff even matters. And I can try to get him to love the name Dexter. smile.gif
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I love the name Silas!

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....apparently I have boy names in my brain.

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Would he be okay with Cyrus? Just slightly different, but maybe with less bad associations? Although then you have Miley Cyrus to think about.
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Lol. If you don't like creepy murderous dudes, then Dexter may not be for you either. There's a Showtime show called Dexter about a sociopath serial killer who kills serial killers.

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