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Help please? Third baby doesn't like ANY of my carriers (now 12 weeks old)

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Hi there,


My third baby, a boy, is now 12 weeks old and still doesn't like (he hates them actually) ANY of my carriers. I have a Moby, a ring sling, a Freehand Mei Tai and an Angel Pack LLX. I used the ring sling daily with my first baby until he was bigger and then an Ergo, and I used a Moby daily with my second baby and then the Angel Pack when she got bigger.


His reaction is always the same - crying loud and arching when being put in the carrier, and then continued crying despite walking with him and rubbing his back, which always worked to calm down my first two if needed. The ONLY way he will stay in there is if I run the vacuum and then he is quiet and falls asleep eventually, but as soon as he wakes up he is furious. I have had the most success in the Moby as I usually put him in there while vacuuming (which needs to happen often in our house with two labradors) but he's still not happy enough in there to be able to wear him while shopping which is the main thing I need to be able to do!! I have watched the Moby videos many times to make sure I am using it correctly. Having his feet tucked in or sticking out makes no difference.


He is now 12 lbs at 12 weeks so he's a skinny guy, but also quite long (24.5 inches). In the mei tai I tried putting him in with his feet tucked under him and also with one foot out. He seems too little to have both feet out. I felt like he was just too small for the Angel Pack. I have used the ring sling the least as I don't find it as comfortable.


Any tips for me? I really *need* to be able to wear him to save my wrists and get things done, esp with two other children to care for!!

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When you hold him in your arms, what position is he in?  Can you do the same position with a carrier?

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What positions have you tried with the Moby?  Does his objection seem to be the restraint?  Not being able to see?  Comfort of the position?  With the MT, you could use a scrunchy or something similar on the crotch portion to narrow it down so he could have both feet out - see if he tolerates that better. 


My DS didn't like the tummy2tummy holds when he was a NB.  We used a modified hug in the Moby until he was 3 mos, that had him facing sideways so he could see something other than me.  But he was still able to have his head supported by the rail, and able to tuck him in if he fell asleep.  But he stopped tolerating the Moby at 3 mos.  And honestly we had to buy a stroller because between 3 and 6 mos he refused to be worn, period.  Around 6 mos he started letting me wear him in the RS or MT, and later an Ombu.  But for those 3 mos he didn't want to be restrained in any way, so we got a stroller that let him lay in a reclined sit so he could play with his toes and see what was going on and he was happy as a clam.  As for shopping, if you mean for groceries, we had one of those cart covers that lines the seat with cloth, I'd tuck a blanket or the Moby in there as padding and lay him in the seat area.  He wasn't going anywhere, he could see everything, he could even fall asleep.  Heck, he liked that position long after his legs overhung the side of the basket.  Not the most AP answer, I know, but you have to do what you have to do. 



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Thanks for your ideas! He does seem to object to the restraint. Also I think he is less happy at the times when I need to wear him - to prepare dinner and late afternoon snacks for the kids, and in stores (after a car ride where he has usually been crying as he hates the car seat and won't take a paci). I don't mean to make it sound like this baby is super unhappy, he's generally a really happy guy but definitely has his preferences!!! Anyway, when I am holding him in my arms he is usually against my chest but facing out. This is largely so I can still have a hand free to do whatever I need to do...which is usually something! I do like to hold him up over one shoulder with his eyes peeking over, his head is nestled against the side of my face and he is very content this way. It is very similar to the hug hold in the Moby but as soon as I put the wraps over his body he is furious.


I have a friend who makes baby carriers and is extremely knowledgeable so I have asked her to help me with holds and positioning when she is able.


I do have a shopping cart cover so I will try laying him in there and see what he thinks! Worth a try as the only way I can keep him happy in the carrier in the store is to bounce (like, do squats!). At least I'm getting a good work out, ha ha!

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