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My hair is not that long but I've had a shedding problem for awhile now. I think it could be related to PCOS. It's not as bad as it was, but I'm still losing hair in the shower & throughout the day. I don't every brush my hair (just comb it while wet) and I imagine I might shed less in the shower if I did, but I'd still be losing hair. 

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I got my maternity yoga pants from Kohl's. They were on sale a few weeks ago, but I don't remember what I paid for them. I still like them a lot!


My SIL loaned me her pregnancy jeans and a bunch of pregnancy tops, so that's nice, too. I bought a couple of tops for myself and JC Penny, too, but I'm not actually wearing them yet since they are a.) really obviously maternity tops, which I'm not quite ready to show the world yet, and b.) really kind of too big in the belly right now. But I'm excited to have them. Oh, and I got a pair of black khaki-like pants (what are those pants called when they aren't khaki-colored??), but I haven't actually worn them yet. And I did break down and go in to Motherhood and buy a couple of skirts. One was pretty cheap (on sale for $20) - it's stretchy grey knit, and I've worn it to church the last two weeks. The other one is a white peasant skirt that I love... that was also $50. I'm still not 100% sure I'm keeping it, because I'm afraid I'll stain it or won't find tops to wear with it, and because it's $50. But I think it will be nice and cool in the summer. Plus, SIL pointed out it makes more sense to buy expensive pregnancy clothes on your first pregnancy, with the potential for more pregnancies ahead, than after having a few kids, when you might or might not have any more. So we'll see.


Sorry to hear people's hair is falling out! I haven't noticed that I have any more or less shedding than usual. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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I bought a pair of Gap maternity jeans - they just arrived, so I haven't worn them yet, but I tried them on and they fit perfectly.  They're super cute - they fit just like my Gap skinny jeans - but they have a soft stretchy top that seems really comfortable.  I bought them online - if you check on the Gap website periodically, they frequently have 25-30% off sales.  The pair of jeans I bought ended up being about $30.

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Thanks for the recommendations.  I also heard Target has a selection.  I had a relative nice enough to loan me several maternity pieces but the sizes are off.  

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My friend just gave me a nursing night shirt and super comfy pajama bottoms for my birthday.  She also gave me a little gender neutral baby outfit and a really sweet card about becoming a mother.  Both my middle sister and I gave my twin some maternity clothes from Motherhood. Not only did we go to the Outlet, but we went straight to the clearance rack.  It is so expensive there!  I had no idea.

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Pennywhistle, do the Gap jeans have a little stretch or do they lose shape easily?  That's the one thing I don't like about Gap jeans.  I usually love the fit, but then they get saggy.  I got a cute pair of maternity skinny jeans at H&M, but I'd like a pair of Gap jeans too since I think they're higher quality.

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Are there maternity sections in Gap stores or only online?


I went on a search for jeans the other day.  I normally only fit into Old Navy jeans, but that was a bust. I even tried the style that fits normally in the next size up.  I ended up at Motherhood Maternity and got a pair of jeans with the elastic tops (not a full panel) for $20. They weren't even on sale, I was shocked.  I also found a pair of grey khakis (Monkeyscience ummm... maybe canvas pants?) at Target in the clearance. My MIL bought me some great shirts.  One is the Sailor Jerry type tattoo design with roses and a banner that says "Mom" on the front and a mermaid with a merbaby on the back.  SO cute!  

ETA: the jeans for $20 were at Motherhood, not Old Navy.  

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ON has mat, jeans for only $20 locally?? Hmmm...might have to go!


Edit: OK, I will brave Motherhood when I have $20 to spare and get some jeans! LOL

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The Gap maternity clothes I've seen were actually in Baby Gap. Don don't know if that's always the case, though. And wow at getting jeans for $20 at Motherhood.
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Our Baby Gap doesn't carry maternity, so you have to buy the jeans online.  It's a pain, but as Penny pointed out, they have good sales fairly often.

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Pennywhistle, do the Gap jeans have a little stretch or do they lose shape easily?  That's the one thing I don't like about Gap jeans.  I usually love the fit, but then they get saggy.  I got a cute pair of maternity skinny jeans at H&M, but I'd like a pair of Gap jeans too since I think they're higher quality.

I haven't worn them for a full day yet, so I don't know - I tried them on and wandered around the house in them when they arrived to check the fit, but they're a really dark wash so I need to send them through the laundry before I wear them out in the world.  But they felt like my Gap skinny jeans - they have the same jegging quality to them.  Definitely a little stretchy - not the usual denim material.  I'll keep you all posted!


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I went to ON and they didn't carry maternity at that store.  They did give me one ON that did but instead of being a 20 min drive it is an hour.  I was also told of a place in the mall called forever 21 that has cheap maternity jeans.  I was told they are closing out completely and not going to carry that line anymore so they are under ten dollars.  

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Hi All,

Just popping in to say that I had my first midwife appointment today, and I really like her, and we were able to hear the heartbeat!!  150 beats per minute.  It finally feels a little more REAL now.  It was such a cute, sweet sound!


I think I will be going shopping for some maternity pants this weekend-- I have to unbutton all of my work pants right now when I sit down :) 

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lakeruby, great news!  So exciting to hear the heartbeat and to have a good connection with your midwife. 


So far I've only ordered a pair of workout pants and a pregnancy cami. I'm hoping I can get by with those and dresses for most of the pregnancy.  Once summer hits I know I won't want pants on anyway.

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sol_y_paz - Hmm... I never knew Forever 21 had maternity clothes! That seems very strange, considering the branding of the store, but interesting.


lakeruby - Yay for a good visit! I know the heartbeat made it much more real for me, too, and I was very relieved that I clicked so well with my midwife.


LilyTiger - Maternity clothes really are sooooo much more comfortable. Just sayin'. And they sooner you get them, the more you can use them. At least that's what I tell myself. winky.gif


AFM, had my second mw visit yesterday. Heartbeat was great (163 bpm), and right in the middle and easy to find. My tummy is measuring 11 cm, which is maybe a little small, but the mw said the centimeters don't really need to match the weeks (I'm 12 weeks) until 20 weeks and beyond. So growing and looking good! Her scale claims I've gained 3 lbs, but my home scale says I'm pretty much right where I was. But I did lose weight at the beginning of the pregnancy, too. Either way, it's within the healthy range. I do NOT know how I could possibly gain a pound a week after this point, but I'm just going to eat and not worry about it. So with all the good news, I took the leap and announced my pregnancy on Facebook. Now I'll find out who actually pays attention to my status updates! (We've told lots of friends in person/via email/phone/etc since the first appointment, so this is more of a let-the-world-know thing.)


I have to admit to being a little nervous, though. My mw appointment was basically just me weighing myself, the mw taking my blood pressure, listening to the baby, and measuring my fundal height. Well, and asking about how I was feeling. Logically, I know there's not really anything else to do, and that I selected midwifery care precisely because there wouldn't be extra procedures and such. But I guess there's still a part of me that's used to the medical model, and feels like, hey, that's it?? So I'm working on calming that part of me down. But it really was a huge relief to hear that heartbeat again, and to hear the mw say that if something were really wrong with the baby, we wouldn't be getting such a good heartbeat.


Oh, as far as blood pressure - mine has been low (like 90-something/60-something) both visits. Apparently this is common in pregnancy? I hadn't heard that till the midwife mentioned it. Anyone else have low blood pressure, too?

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Monkeyscience, I inherited a few pairs of maternity pants, and I am totally rocking them.  You're right about them being much more comfortable.  And I'm living in my workout pants (just the right amount of support on the belly).  I also have low blood pressure.  It's usually low-average, but at my last doc appt it was 104/62.  So, pretty low.  I feel fine though, other than struggling with being freezing all the time in the beginning.

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Monkeyscience, I went to Forever 21 and that store didn't carry maternity there but said that some other stores did and to check online.  I checked online and they are like six dollars or something.  

With Gap I checked there and they were 70 dollars for one pair of maternity jeans.  I will have to check online.  Old Navy, the one that is pretty far away but has maternity wasn't worth the drive, it was a tiny maternity section and no worthwhile sales on their maternity.  I checked Macy's and they had maternity bathing suits for under 20.00 dollars.  They also had some deals on their jeans and you get 20% off if you wear red.  Motherhood Maternity is having a sale right now until tomorrow in their stores and online for a bit longer I think, online there are better deals.  In the store all clearance tops were buy one get one free.  All regular priced pants were buy one get one half price.  I got a nice pair of shorts for ten dollars.  I don't know about their clothes for sure because I am right in between sizes so that made it hard so I just couldn't decide.  Plus I haven't gotten back to normal yet and was worn out by that point and had way overdid it with the walking around.  I checked craigslist too they had some good deals.  

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My friend (she gave birth 2 months ago) just gave me 2 pairs of maternity jeans - H&M with a full panel & boot-cut, and Exclamation with a demi panel and skinny-leg.  Both are SUPER comfortable, and very flattering.  They both need to be pulled up when I stand up after sitting for awhile, but otherwise stay put pretty well.  And they both make my butt look great winky.gif

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Hi! It took me a bit to find this thread. It's great to have a place to share about this crazy amazing time! I would love to be added to the list. :)


No purchases for me yet, maternity or baby. I'm holding off as long as I can. For now I'm keeping myself satisfied w my registry. I'm using BabyLi.st. It's awesome! Our family and friends are spread across the country, so I thought this was a great way to go. You can add anything, from any store online. Rocks!


I also have a box of baby clothes that belonged to my mom, total vintage cuteness. I'm really hoping for a girl so I can get them all spiffed up!


I just wanted to say hello. I hope everyone's having a great day!

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Hello!  1st time mama-to-be here and new to this thread....  :)


I have the 2nd trimester optimism and am enjoying every pregnant minute, although finding prenatal care has been quite the journey (we're newcomers to Canada).  I've read a few books so far and plan to read as much as I can get my hands on - so I love hearing everyone's suggestions!  We intend to breastfeed, cloth diaper and the jury's still out on vaccinations.  And since my current "baby" (a 2yr old Boston Terrier) has been co-sleeping with us since we brought him home as a pup, I hope that our new-one-coming will be well served in a sidecar for the first year (how awful of me to give the babe second spot to the dog!?!?)  I plan to be a stay-at-home-mama, and am not yet sure on babe's educational plans (such as home school/charter/public/montessori).


We haven't made any baby purchases yet - right now our focus has been on figuring out where and how we plan to have the baby (like whether to move back to the U.S. and if I'd be comfortable with a hospital birth w/o a midwife).  Since this will likely be my last pregnancy (I'm 39 yrs old), I really don't want to make too many compromises in that regard and we're already up against some logistical challenges.  LeAnn, I'll have to check out BabyList as our families/friends are also spread far far away from us!


I'm looking fwd to buying maternity clothes, but am seeing how long I can go without.  I'd surely need them already but I'm not employed, so I'm home all day/every day in yoga pants and tee shirts (although my belly's starting to peek out through the shorter ones).  Very very grateful that I do not have to squeeze into "work clothes" right now!!  And I'm hoping that I can use most of my long sundresses this summer...

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