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bump, I let this get buried but I want to bump it so I can reread and catch up with everyone!

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Yay!  I forgot about this thread.  Thanks for the bump, Boots! 


What stage are you all at for nursery planning?  We're consolidating my office and DH's office so we'll have a room on the first floor for baby, so that obviously entails TONS of organization and throwing things away.  We're looking at paint colors, but no final decisions yet.  Where are you on planning?  Any cool ideas?  Has nesting kicked in yet?

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When we moved into our house, the extra bedroom was a bright pink color and dh painted it a Mediterranean blue, so we're pretty happy we don't have to paint it again in a more neutral color. But, since our bedroom is so big, we'll set up the baby stuff in there for the time being. Otherwise, we'd have to  combine our offices as well, since mine is occupying the 3rd bedroom and dh's is in the sunroom. This way, we can still accommodate visitors in the blue guest room until the child is ready to be on his own.


We visited some baby stores back in January and so far I've only registered for a few things on Amazon (so I could enter to win the gift card they're giving away weekly through the baby registry). Since both dh and I work in settings that are quiet in summer, and both workplaces want to throw us showers, we should be prepared with some things as early as May! I think we are going to take a slow approach and buy/request the basics. The car seat/s and stroller will be our most expensive items. I've heard that if you have 2 vehicles it can sometimes be a problem to have just one carseat (and I can totally envision my dh driving off with the carseat in his vehicle since he leaves so early). We bought 2 reclining rockers from la-z-boy so far, one for the bedroom and another for the living room, and it's been a great place for me to work on the days I don't have to be in the office. I was at a conference last weekend and was sitting in the same room for 8 hours and I was so shocked at how my legs swelled up. I am fearful of the summer and see myself spending a lot of time in the recliner.


I don't think major nesting has really set in, just trying to keep the house in order and excited about cooking well on the weekends. Today I'm going to make a paella--I just hope I can enjoy it before my stomach overexpands. Still just trying to do a lot of walking for exercise. I can no longer sleep in bed for more than 8 hours, which isn't so bad, though I could probably have slept an hour more today, It's either hunger/thirst or soreness that gets me out of bed now, but the peeing is only happening once or at most twice a night.


How is everyone else doing?  

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LilyTiger, what type of paint colors are you considering?  What will you throw away?  We only just recently decided what room baby will be in and haven't done much else.  Baby will be in our room for awhile but it would be nice to at least get the room ready anyway.  It won't take that much to clear the room, but the closet might take a little bit more but not too much.  We did two major declutters the past 2 years and really got rid of a lot of stuff. It was so nice to make extra cash even though it was somewhat a PITA.  We are both in nesting mode and doing one last declutter room by room and selling stuff.   
Andaluza, great that baby's room is already painted.  LOL about your DH driving off with the car seat, it would probably happen at least once.  I don't know why car seats have to be so expensive.  Paella sounds delicious and very filling.  I am making a shrimp dish with rice today too - sushi.  


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We still don't know if we're having a boy or girl, but either way I want to pain the nursery gray. If you google "gray nursery" or look on pinterest, you'll see tons of examples of how it can work with bright colored accents.

We want to buy a recliner but we're not sure where or how much to spend. I'd love to buy a set and move both into our living room when the kid is older, but I don't think that's in our budget. A big ticket project we didn't think about AT ALL when we got pregnant was that we need a carport for our driveway. It gets SO scorching hot here and it would just not be at all possible to deal with an infant with the car that hot. It's going to be a pretty big construction project and we haven't gotten any estimates yet.

Still working on the cosleeper issue. I realized you can get the Clearvue AR Cosleeper at Walmart for $99. if you don't have ethical issues with shopping there. I'm not sure how big it is (our bedroom is small) I looked on the AR site and I think that the colseeper option will work for us even though we don't have a boxspring, the straps that are meant to go between the mattress and boxspring will just go between the mattress and the slats. I hate the idea of paying $140 for the mini cosleeper when it will be used only for a few months.

We've been working on our list/registry. I don't think a lot of people who give us gifts will use it, though. I am thinking I will probably just have a work shower. One thing I feel good about is our plan to get a Graco snugride 35 carseat and the Graco carseat stroller frame instead of a big stroller. Then we'll get a light umbrella one later.


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We have a 2nd bedroom that is currently used for storage and acts as my dressing room. We're not going to turn it into a nursery per se, but it will be a guest room (we have a futon) and mini-office and will have some baby storage furniture and maybe a rocking chair. We'll eventually put the crib in there & move the futon/desk out. I don't think we'll do too much decoration until then, and since we rent, we'll probably do some cute decals on the walls (no painting allowed). It's possible we may move before we even get to that point, so it doesn't make sense to put time & money into it yet. I do want to get a cute rug and I bought a cute print to frame & put on the wall, so it will be baby-friendly at least. 


We bought a stroller on craigslist this week. It's a pretty deluxe one, but it should get a lot of use since we're in the city & don't have a car. And it is in really good condition and comes with all of the accessories I want (like a bassinet, which means we can use it as a first floor sleeping space for the baby). 


I just started my amazon registry but haven't put much on it yet since I'm still trying to decide which things I want. I have a private wishlist set up with baby stuff but I still need to pick from those items. I will probably start registries on target and babies r us as well, mostly because of the completion discounts you get. 

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We've had a nursery for about two years now, because we took in infant and toddler foster children, so at least that's already set aside as a nursery.  We decided to change the nursery theme though, DW really felt that it was important our baby come into this world without living in our other kids' room... Our last foster placement was a sibling group, they lived with us for nine months and that room is still very reminiscient of them for us.  We think a fresh start will be best.  


That being said, we've discussed a couple of different ideas but haven't nailed it down yet.  It's currently white walls with a nice green door trim, we don't even know if we'll be keeping that.  The vague idea is a night sky theme.  We picked out a crib/changing table combo and a dresser and a glider awhile back but it had to be special ordered, so we're still waiting on it to come in.  Luckily.  Because the existing stuff in the nursery is still there!  We bought a set used but are unhappy with the way it's aged and its quality and so decided to upgrade.  Also, the baby is going to sleep in our room for the first few months at least and we plan to buy a Baby Bunk to sidecar up next to our bed.  


I've been working so much lately, I haven't had time to really get into nesting, but once my work slows down I'll be excited to get started on the nursery.  Until then, DW has done some organizing and stuff but nothing major.  No registries for us, not sure if we will or won't.  


Again, because of the foster kiddos, we've got a lot of baby and kid stuff already, so that's reassuring.  We do plan on getting a pair of infant carseats that are compatible with our jog stroller.  


boots, I totally hear you on the scorching car issue.  Our house fortunately does have a carport, but it's a single-car carport so only my car fits under it.  DW's truck is black and it sits in full sun most of the day.  It certainly does get toasty!  She usually just turns the truck on and has the AC going full blast for a few minutes before we go out.  And it's yet another reason we refuse to buy dark gray/black carseats, even though SO many of the gender neutral ones are gray/black.  Infuriating!  


Andaluza, great that the Mediterranean blue the nursery is doesn't have to be changed!  Congrats on your son, by the way.  



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We're thinking of doing a green something like this: http://pregnant.thebump.com/pregnancy/nursery-ideas/slideshow/eclectic-nurseries.aspx?page=5


We're taking this opportunity to do a ton of work to the house before the baby arrives. When I bought the house three years ago, it was before DH and I were living together and so I just moved all my stuff in.  When he moved in, his stuff all came with him and we never really pared anything down.  The biggest problem for me organizationally is paper.  As an academic, I'm rolling in conference papers, student papers, my own papers and manuscripts, journals, book reviews, etc.  I need a new system and I'm accomplishing part of that by moving a lot of my stuff to my work office at school.  I'm also giving away or putting into storage a bunch of books that don't get read very often (or ever).  Some of them are just plain give away ones while others are classics I would like to hang on to for the kids but that we don't have room for right now in our office.  So, everything from files to books to clutter is being gone over and sifted through.

On the house front, we're going to be ripping out the driveway and putting in pavers, mostly because one of our dogs pees on the driveway and it bakes in the sun (really disgusting in the summer) but also because I've become a fan of permeable surfaces for environmental reasons.  I also hate the research on asphalt and carcinogens.  Makes me nervous.  The other thing we're doing is ripping out the carpet in the nursery and living room and DH will install hardwood flooring.  We're doing it cheaply by using utility grade oak.  The imperfections in the wood should go nicely with our 150 year old house and it will be a lot easier to keep things clean with three dogs running around.  So those are the big projects.  DH is handling all the crazy physical stuff and we're going to have a professional painter paint when we're done (mostly because I'm tired of painting and it never turns out that well). 


My major contribution will just be organizing everything, moving the linen closet from the nursery to the upstairs, clearing out boxes of stuff in the crawl space upstairs and throwing out reams and reams of paper.  I spent today boxing up books and cleaning out my desk in preparation for DH's slow move into the office.  It'll be a process, but I'm really enjoying it.  I've been itching to organize stuff for the last few months, but since I'm finishing up a manuscript I just couldn't justify spending the time. Now that I'm closing in on the end of that project, it's like the floodgates have been opened. 

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Ah, you're all so productive!!


We just made the decision this week to stay put here in Winnipeg to have the baby (as opposed to moving to Chicago this spring), so that saves me from having to pack up our household possessions just yet.  I'm now just starting to envision our next few months here in this current house, with the baby.....  Since we still have plans to move to Manhattan this fall (for DH's job, when baby is 3-4 months old) I think we'll wait until then to purchase "real" baby furniture to save the trouble of shipping, assembling, reassembling, etc.  We should do fine using a bassinet or pack n play for his first few months here, which we'll likely put in our own room.  But with 2 extra unused bedrooms right now, I may still go ahead and paint one of them a nice neutral/tan color and throw up some decals to make it "baby's" (a great excuse to update the bright primary pink and yellow theme that it currently has going on) even though it'll be temporary....


Still, the wheels are already turning in my head for our move this fall, when new baby will be present - and I'll probably be getting very little sleep....I feel the urge to organize/pack as early as possible while I have the time nowadays...


I don't know if we'll be able to have a baby shower since my DH's family is in the midwest and mine is on the east coast (and we are in Canada!).... but again, since we're moving later this year, I'd almost rather wait until we're settled in NYC to be "showered" with items that we'd otherwise have to pack and move again!

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Quick question: it looks like we're going to be painting the living room as well, and DH really likes the green I originally had picked out for the nursery for the living room instead.  I was thinking of following Boots' lead and going with a soft gray, but we live in a pretty gray area of the world as it is (upstate NY is gray for basically the entire winter) and I'm worried it might be depressing.  We've run out of paint colors though, since our study is purple, our kitchen is yellow/orange, and the bathroom is lavender.  Argh! 


In good news, we got the estimate from our painter and it's a lot cheaper than I thought, so I think we're in good shape.  We might even have it done by the week after next, so I'll post fun pics!

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How about a soft, sunny yellow rather than a brighter orange/yellow one?

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CMs, that's what I would like, but DH isn't feeling yellow at all.  :(  I think yellow rooms are so cheerful.


Boots (and everyone else), you might have already seen this, but lots of grey nurseries!  http://pugsnotdrugs.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/im-loving-grey-nurseries/


Our wedding colors were grey and yellow and we both love the fifth picture on that page, so we might use that as the template.  How gorgeous is the fabric hanging over the chair?  Nursery envy!


NewMumJoy, the post-move shower sounds like a great idea.  You wouldn't need a ton of stuff until three months or so anyway (at least not highchairs and stuff like that).  I definitely second the "organize while you can" sentiment.  I've thought a lot about what makes me stressed out and likely to lose my temper and one of the major triggers is disorganization.  So DH and I have a goal of having a place for everything before the baby comes.  You can't really plan that far ahead because you're moving, but getting rid of stuff makes everything (moving included) so much easier.  Glad you're staying put in Winnipeg so you can enjoy the last few months of pregnancy without having to pack. 


DesertSunsets and Boots, do you guys have remote starters for your cars?  Because that would help with the lack of carport issues.  We have the opposite problem in the icy NE, but remote starters solve both ends of the problem. 


Eleuthia, what stroller did you get?  I'm going to start trolling Craigslist, though I think my parents and the inlaws are itching to buy something expensive, so we may let them. 


Sol, how are you selling stuff?   I'd love to do a garage sale.  I've tried selling stuff on Craigslist but it's really hit or miss.  And I'm irrationally afraid now of being super pregnant and letting people come peer at my stuff.

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How exciting for all the people planning nurseries.  I'm so frustrated about this work issue and not knowing where I am going to be for the next couple of months.  I want to move with DP.  Maybe I'll go pin some ideas on pinterest.  I love those gray nurseries...so cute.  Also, I love warm buttery and bright yellow colors too, so energy filled and happy.

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Ok, last post from me today, but a friend of mine recommended this as a little treat that one wouldn't think of as a baby item.  Her babies have all loved it and it makes a great place to nestle the bambino on the couch or floor or wherever.  They like grabbing the fibers, apparently. 


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How exciting for all the people planning nurseries.  I'm so frustrated about this work issue and not knowing where I am going to be for the next couple of months.  I want to move with DP.  Maybe I'll go pin some ideas on pinterest.  I love those gray nurseries...so cute.  Also, I love warm buttery and bright yellow colors too, so energy filled and happy.

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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post
a friend of mine recommended this as a little treat that one wouldn't think of as a baby item.  Her babies have all loved it and it makes a great place to nestle the bambino on the couch or floor or wherever.  They like grabbing the fibers, apparently. 


Love this


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I grew up with a sheepskin rug and we saw one at ikea today and it was so cozy & soft but I don't think i could buy one without feeling sad about the sheep every time I looked at it :( 


The stroller we bought is the 2011 Uppababy Vista. I really like that it can be rear-facing and it's higher off the ground (good in a city with gross stuff on the sidewalks and people who don't always keep their dogs leashed). It also has a pretty big basket underneath for carrying groceries, etc. There are also lots of little details that I like, and I've had a few friends recommend it, so it seemed like a good fit for us. I'm glad we found it used, since the retail price is preeetty steep. A friend recommended http://www.albeebaby.com for buying strollers new and their prices do seem lower than amazon, etc for some of the models. 

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Love the grey nurseries!!!  Oh and that sheepskin rug looks soooo plush, I would love that!!

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LilyTiger- I don't have a remote starter, but my sister suggested just turning it on and using the spare key so it can stay locked.  It should work with my DW's truck, but my car only has one set and I've heard it would cost a lot to get everything reprogrammed to get a new key & remote.

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Okay, so I'm kind of feeling like I'm from another planet right now! We live in a 600 sq ft 1-bedroom apartment, so definitely no nursery here! Of course, we are going to have to move before the baby comes, because our lease is up and there is, well, NO place to put the baby, other than maybe the middle of the living room or bathroom. (No room in our bedroom at all.) I've spent a decent chunk of time looking for rental houses this morning, and I'll probably start looking at apartments tomorrow. But I kind of doubt we'll be making a nursery right off the bat, anyway. Baby will definitely be sleeping in our room (probably in an AR cosleeper) until he/she doesn't nurse at night any more, whenever that may be, and maybe beyond that. We'll just have to see how that goes. I guess a nursery is also a foreign concept to me, because we never had one in my house. Baby slept in Mom and Dad's room until they got sick of it (I'm actually kidding - not sure what the cutoff was for staying in Mom and Dad's room, but it was probably when the next baby came along), and then moved in to a room with a sibling. I suppose my older brother or I might have had a nursery, but knowing the size of house/apartment my parents lived in when we were babies, I doubt it. So I guess I don't really see a need for a nursery. But who knows? I may change my mind. I'm also not much of one for painting rental homes/apartments, so that's probably not happening regardless. But I hope you ladies are having fun with your planning!


Honestly, I haven't bought a single thing for baby yet. Part of it is money - other than medical expenses, baby doesn't yet have a category in our budget. Also, I'm fairly certain that I will be having a baby shower at some point, so I want to wait and see what I get before spending my own money. Some of it is not knowing if baby is a boy or girl yet, even though I want to go more gender-neutral and stay away from all pink/all blue stuff. Some of it is definitely that I've felt like crap and therefore not up to a lot of shopping. Not having any space to store stuff, especially bigger items like a stroller or cosleeper, is another factor. And then there's the residual lingering fear that this pregnancy is not going to make it, and I shouldn't waste money/time/emotions on buying stuff. It's dumb, because at 16 weeks with a good heartbeat, odds are very good of baby making it. From a spiritual standpoint, I feel pretty certain this baby will make it. But from emotional, self-doubting side, the side that spent a year and a half trying to conceive this LO, the side that has watched so many women lose pregnancies in that time, I'm scared to attach. I've almost bought things for baby so many times, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet. It's odd, because I don't really have much day-to-day worry that baby isn't okay, but I'm not ready to commit to anything past today, I guess.


On a less morbid note, we should be scheduling our anatomy ultrasound for 1-2 weeks from now. We haven't had any ultrasounds since 8 weeks (and that was very brief and blurry), so this is pretty exciting. Plus, I feel like it will be reassuring to know all his/her little parts are there and growing! We're not planning any ultrasounds after this unless there's a medical indication, so hopefully baby will cooperate and let us find out if we're expecting a boy or a girl! My dad says that if it won't cooperate, it's definitely a girl - boys love to have their legs splayed out. But my mom wanted to know if that made my youngest brother a girl - they had to go three times to find out what he was! Anyway, has anyone else had their anatomy ultrasound? Anybody found out gender yet?

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