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Crashing here, but I'm a certified carseat technician and if you have questions I'd be glad to help.  I will say to pretty much ignore Consumer Reports when it comes to carseats - their tests are not reliable.

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Good luck with the scans, you guys!  It's kind of scary because you're expecting horrible things, but just keep in mind that most people have healthy pregnancies.  And it is sooooo cool to see how much the bean has grown in the past few weeks.  I thought our scan was the coolest.  The u/s tech spent a million years staring at the heart though, which was kind of boring. 


I just got one list from my SIL for what she has to give us, and it looks really great.  I think we'll take almost everything and go from there:

Summer-weight swaddling blankets (3)
Bumbo seat and tray
Mobile (insects)
Baby papisan
Outdoor baby-seat w/screen
Boppy Pillow (could use new cover to look like new)
Baby tub
Car seat and base
Fleece insert for carseat or stroller
Screen/suncover for carseat
Small portable swing (got this as a hand-me down… doesn’t take up much space, but it
is well used and not as good as the ones they have now)
Playmat (this is just a small one… good for young baby. Once baby starts rolling and
grabbing at things, a larger, more sturdier one works better.)
Avent bottles (if these are the kind you want to use, you would probably want new
Hand pump (small, you can keep it in your purse… doesn’t need battery or anything.
Other SIL also has a really good medela one that is more efficient and is good while at work
etc. which I’m sure she’d let you use as well. Hers needs to be plugged in.)
Bumbo seat (we are still using it now, but by the time your baby can use it at 4-5 months,
we’ll be done with it)

Tons of boy clothes

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About the list - I agree that it's totally subjective.  These are the things that WE found we needed/didn't need because of our parenting style and the kind of house we have.  I am by no means suggesting it will work for everyone, just offering what my experience was because we had soooooo much stuff that never got used or was used only once or twice and we really could have used the money for other things - like extending my maternity leave!


About the convertible seats, I know that Britax has a good reputation, but the big problem with them is that they have a short frame and so your little one will grow out of it by height long before they grow out of it by weight. What ends up happening is that you need to buy another convertible because the child isn't ready for a booster yet.  There are TONS of threads about this in the Family Safety forum. 

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There are some things I have on my "I think I need this" list that others might not because of our circumstances. For instance, we got a nice stroller - we don't drive, so having a thing to push around a decent amount of STUFF plus a baby is going to be pretty handy, especially since we live in walking distance to most of the stores we frequent. I would probably rely more on babywearing, but I have back/neck problems and I just don't think I'll be able to wear an older infant plus carry groceries home (I struggle with just the groceries as it is). And I want a cosleeper in part because my partner will still be sleeping (or trying to!) when I leave for work, and I'm not sure we'll be comfortable with him sharing the same sleeping surface when the baby is really little. 

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Ninetales, what would you say are some good convertible seats that can grow with the baby? I know my sister said that a lot of the testing done here in the US is done at 30 (or 35) mph and if you go just 5 miles over that in a crash it can greatly affect how the car seat works.  


Eleuthia, I'm with you on strollers, we're moving to a small town and we will live close to downtown the park , etc.  So I want a light weight stroller with decent storage that I can use around town, luckily those are that expensive.  I also definitely want a jogger, but what works in a jogger for actually running, is not ideal for a casual stroller, so it seems like we may need two. But good quality joggers, for jogging, are soooo expensive.  I only specify jogging because it seems like finding an efficient jogger for running gets spendy.

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I don't mean to keep harping on the Radian, but it does grow well with your child, because it has a tall shell.

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Hey ninetales, what's the best infant seat in your opinion/experience?



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VV, it depends on whether or not you want a convertible right from birth or are starting with an infant bucket seat.  If you are going with a convertible from the start you are more limited to ones that fit newborns.  What the box says it's rated from isn't the important part - what matters is that the lowest harness position is low enough that the straps come out at or below the baby's shoulders.  The most recommended convertibles that generally fit newborns are the Graco Myride 65, the Maxi Cosi Pria, new Britaxes with an infant insert that is sold separately, the Diono Radian, the Combi Coccoro, Cosco Scenera, Evenflo Triumph 65, and the First Years/Lamaze True Fit.


The type of car you drive is also important.  A smaller car will make it hard to fit some seats, especially if it's newer and has those advanced airbags with sensors in the seats.  The Britaxes and the Coccoro don't take up too much room front to back, even at a newborn angle, and the Myride is pretty naturally reclined.  The Pria and the Triumph are designed so the newborn can be at the proper angle without having to make the seat super reclined.  The True Fit's headrest can be removed for a newborn but I think it's still pretty big front to back.  The Scenera requires a full 45* recline and so it can take up a lot of front to back space even though it's a small seat.  The Radian is very big front to back and tends to overrecline, so most people require the separately sold angle adjuster in a newer, smaller car.  In an older car without sensor airbags it's allowed to brace, so that helps.


For convertibles for an older baby who is outgrown the bucket, the seats that in my experience offer the most advantages for long term rear facing (which is optimal for safety - it's best to rear face as long as the child fits the seat!) are the Diono Radian, Graco Myride 65, Maxi Cosi Pria, Evenflo Momentum, and Evenflo Triumph Advance.  I would add the First Years/Lamaze True Fit if you are not expecting the baby to be heavy, as the weight limit is only 35 lbs for rear facing though it is very tall.  Another good choice is the Safety 1st Complete Air, provided you make sure to get one of the newer ones that allows a more upright install for older babies.  Britax is fine for shorter children and they do tend to install very easily, though they're rather pricey.  Peg Perego is coming out with the Primo Viaggo SIP convertible soon, which looks promising with a 45 lb rear facing weight limit, as is Clek's Foonf, though they will also be VERY expensive.


As far as buckets, my personal favorite is the Graco Snugride 35.  That is a seat that when I teach a parent how to install, their reaction is universally, "That's it?"  It is the most foolproof install ever, with a nice lockoff that works with all kinds of seatbelts easily.  The seat itself has a high weight capacity and a tall shell.  Other recommended seats are the Graco Snugride 30 (which is narrower than the 35 but doesn't have those lockoffs), the Safety 1st Onboard/Onboard Air (I think the tallest infant seat out there), and the Chicco Keyfit 30.  I don't have any experience with the Cybex Aton, the First Years/Lamaze Via, or the Combi Shuttle but I haven't heard anything negative yet either.


The best seat is the seat that fits your car, fits your child, fits your budget, and that you can use correctly every single time.  I would recommend either trying out the seat you intend to get, or buying from somewhere with a good return policy in case the seat and your car are not compatible.  It sucks, but it does happen.

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VV - I'm looking at this stroller because it will work for an infant (you can get a bassinet for it), transitions to a great jogger and can even be converted to a double later. It's an investment, which is why I'm planning wait until we really need it to purchase but it really seems to be the best all-in-one solution. I'm really hoping to find one used or on sale.


Ninetales - I would also be interested on your input for a convertible sear suitable for an infant to toddler scenario. I'm considering the First Years True Fit.

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Originally Posted by eleuthia View Post

Mine is tomorrow and I'm having the same sort of fears! I think it's why I am kind of denying things that could be movement and telling myself it's just gas or stomach bubbles - I don't want to feel stupid if I'm wrong? My partner is excited because we're (hopefully) finding out the sex and he's eager to talk more about names. On the other hand, I'm thinking about alllll of the things they'll be looking at that could lead to bad news - the size of the baby, all of the organs & parts, my placenta, the umbilical cord, possibly the uterine arteries, my fibroid... 

I've had these EXACT thoughts regarding thinking that I feel movement and worried about being wrong. Add me to the crazy club :)


I'm definitely going to try the Radian out in our car. Cecilia's Mama, you probably said before but would you mind telling me again which Radian Diono you have and what kind of a car you drive? We have a Buy Buy Baby near us here and I think that I'll go see if they'll let us put the Radian in our Fit to see if it'll work (and maybe troll Amazon for a better price?). Also their return policy seems very good. 



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NineTales, Wow.  Super helpful.  We're inheriting a car seat from my SIL (we know it's safe, no accidents, etc) but we'll be getting another seat for our other car (probably the one we'll use the most).  Dh likes the bucket seat, so we'll probably put SIL's in his car and I'll get one of the one's you mentioned that grow with the baby.  I am so not good on details and I overthink things, so having a smallish list like this is awesome. 


Waffler, let me know how the Radian fits in your car.  I'm too lazy and busy with classes just starting up, so I'll let you do some of the work for me if you don't mind!

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Waffler, let me know how the Radian fits in your car.  I'm too lazy and busy with classes just starting up, so I'll let you do some of the work for me if you don't mind!

will do.


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My biggest challenge in buying a carseat is that I don't own a car but use a carsharing service, so I use a variety of vehicles. It's going to take some work each trip w/ a new vehicle to get the seat installed properly. I honestly don't think we will be driving very often.
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I'm definitely going to try the Radian out in our car. Cecilia's Mama, you probably said before but would you mind telling me again which Radian Diono you have and what kind of a car you drive? We have a Buy Buy Baby near us here and I think that I'll go see if they'll let us put the Radian in our Fit to see if it'll work (and maybe troll Amazon for a better price?). Also their return policy seems very good. 



Sure! We have both a Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL, which is the "older" version (it's still not old, we got it last year), and a Diono Radian RXT, which is the new version. They are physically the same size from front to back, though the new one is slightly taller-- which makes sense, because the old one is rated from 5-80 lbs and the new one from 5-120. The car that these seats are installed in is a 2009 Chevy HHR. It has a higher roof than most cars but is not any bigger in width. The seats are installed in the middle and behind the passenger's seat. They fit fine. I would love to have a little more space behind the passenger seat (when my husband is in the car with us he is always the one driving), so I think we're going to get the $10 angle adjuster and make that seat Cecilia's and the middle one baby brother's. By the by, the angle adjuster is for older kids (over 1) who are rear-facing and it can free up a decent amount of room, like up to 4" of room, between the carseat and the front seat. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.


Here's the seats right now. At some point this summer we will switch them around so that "purple seat" (Cecilia's name for it) is behind the passenger with the angle adjuster, and the grey one is in the middle for baby brother.



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thanks c's mama! really appreciate it. i'll let you know how i make out.

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Well, ladies, it seems my anxiety will be alleviated (or, thinking pessimistically, confirmed) sooner than I thought. Due to dh's travel schedule, ultrasound has been moved till tomorrow afternoon.

Ninetales, thanks for the details!
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Ninetales, thanks for the info.  That is really helpful.  I was looking at a Britax because it came with a newborn adjuster thing, but I'll check out the other one's too, since you don't necessarily need the insert with the other seats.  I believe my sister will also have a bucket seat available for us should the baby be a little too small for the convertible right away.  I just traded my Matrix in for a Murano, I was specifically looking for a car with a lot of room in the back seat because with my nieces Britax rear facing in my car, there wasn't a lot of room in the front seat, I felt like me knees were up to my chest.  I'm tallish (5'8") so it becomes more of an issue.  I was planning on trading my car in before the move anyway, so it all worked out.  


LeAnne, Baby Jogger is actually the brand I was looking at, but I specifically checked out the F.I.T., which has a fixed front wheel, which according to the reviews, makes for much easier jogging.  From what I can ascertain, even when you lock the front wheel on the other models, it can still pull, which becomes more of an issue when you're moving faster, and if you don't lock the wheel, than it is all over the place at higher speeds.  Conversely, the fixed wheel is a pain if you're casually walking around because at lower speeds, it is more difficult to turn, but at higher speeds (i.e. jogging) that isn't really much of an issue.  Also, we'd like to go hiking and things, and while most likely we will just carry the baby for these type of activities, it would be nice to have a jogger which handles terrain well. My sister had a Jogger with a fixed front wheel and I remember it being a huge PIA to maneuver on walks.


I was looking at this for a casual stroller, and I feel so ridiculous looking at two strollers because I didn't want to buy/receive a bunch of stuff we don't need.  However, since we will be in a small town and close to downtown/park etc, it would make more sense for casual outings where we're going to be bringing things with us/picking up things to have a stroller with storage. I thought this one would also be easier to pack up and take places with us. I'm still torn though, I feel like we could just make the jogger work for everything, but I sometimes want something less intense.  Based on my sister's experiences, I know that having a light casual stroller has been helpful for them, but they also have more kids, and older kids.  I should probably just hold off on the casual stroller for now.  


Good luck tomorrow, Monkeyscience.


I'm so freaked out about my scan.  I hadn't felt the baby move at all that I could tell and I was extremely nervous I'd have bad move.  Then I thought for sure I felt the baby move today, but it was followed by really bad cramping, so now I'm not so sure that it was baby movement and I'm even more nervous.  I can't wait for Thursday at 9:30am...I just want to see little DragonBorn jump around and hear his or her heartbeat.  I definitely still have m/s, so that is a good sign.

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I am also considering the Baby Jogger City Elite!  Does anyone have any opinions regarding the size such joggers being too large or hard to maneuver in urban settings (crowded sidewalks, store aisles, etc) ??  We live in a great neighborhood for walking/jogging this summer, but we'll be moving to downtown Manhattan this fall and will be spending the next couple of years in the city.  However I really do want something that can easily glide over grass, mulch, hiking paths, etc. as well......

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Oh man, now y'all are talking strollers too!  Haha, I just did a big stroller search.  I found it easier when I broke down what I really wanted the stroller for.  For me I wanted something with big air tires because I like to take walks around the neighborhood and the sidewalks and streets are pretty terrible.  And then I broke it into specific features, which for me included a tall and upright seatback, and that reclined close to flat for Squirtle.  Finding one in my budget was tricky.  I ended up with the Valco Matrix that was on a really good sale.


For people in urban areas I've heard that most of the time you end up with multiple strollers.  One heavy duty for long walks and one super lightweight for buses and subways, and taking into stores.

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VV - I looked at the FIT and the mini but I'm really looking for maximum versatility. I've also looked at the Bugaboo Frog but it's not really a jogger, so I don't think it would work for us, but they're easier to find used. The Bob joggers have been reccomended, too. But those have the opposite problem, too bulky for daily use. I like the baby jogger elite's option to face baby in or out, the one hand fold, the recline, the more substantial sun canopy and the option to convert to a double. I keep trying to find something closer to our budget but every time I find a good option, I see a bad review.  If I really want something smaller, I'll prbably just pick up an umbrella stroller.


NewMum - I think the Elite looks pretty compact for a stroller that can handle the terain and activity it can. For a jogger, it seems pretty sleek.


Ninetales - I've been doing a ton of research as well. I'll have to check out the one you chose. I found the Elite and fell in love w all the options! I'm determined to find one that will do it all. Thanks for all great info!


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