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Lol, Newmum! Sounds like you have a great plan. You can try pressure point massage while you're at it. There's a spot about 2 fingers up at the back of your ankle. It will probably be tender, even painful if you are close. Have DH give you a calf and foot massage and apply pressure to that spot. It can help kick start labor, esp if you've been having light contractions for a while. But, yes, like any other natural option, it's only effective if your body and baby are ready. :) My fingers are crossed for you!

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 BF supplies I found invaluable to have on hand from day one - the boppy pillow, lanonlin, BF leaking pads, 3 plain sleep nursing bras (wish I had more) and 2 nursing tanks, one good nursing bra, contact for LLL leaders and local lactation consultants.  Also, two signs that state baby is exclusively breastfed, no bottles, pacifiers, sugar water, etc. This sign saved us a couple of times and we only had one person push sugar water - have dad go with the baby if you cannot to prevent any confusion and talk to your DH about your birth plan (and have it on hand).  Lots of snacks at hand and a HUGE jug of water that doesn't spill or leak, keeping on top of water consumption has been extremely important in my case.  All of the tanks and bras fit during pregnancy, before milk came in, and when milk came in and have been so comfortable. Hope this helps someone! 

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SUPER helpful, Sol, thank you and congrats again!

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we got the car seat base and mirror installed today (I say we, as I ordered that it be done :) and we have the labor bag pretty much ready to go, but the overnight bag needs lots of work, a few odds and ends that need to be picked up from the store. The second base isn't installed in our second car yet, but I don't know that's a big priority until after birth.


Then I'm starting to think about the "bonus" to-do that will get done while waiting for baby, or could get done after. These include:


-lesson plans for after maternity leave

-student loan deferment application

-thank you notes for shower gifts (is anyone/everyone else done? I have some done but was going to send them all at once)

-dimmer switch in baby's room

-finish name sign for nursery

-finish knitting baby blanket (I'm really close, though!)

-finish and print labels for birth announcements

-photograph collectible dolls I want to sell


and if I get really bored...

-organize yarn

-organize medicine cabinet

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we got the car seat base and mirror installed today (I say we, as I ordered that it be done :) and we have the labor bag pretty much ready to go, but the overnight bag needs lots of work, a few odds and ends that need to be picked up from the store. 


Yeah!! thumb.gif  Pretty much the same here..... DH scrubbed the car (inside and out) over the weekend which I had been nagging about forever, before we could install the car seat/base.  It needed a good cleaning SO badly!  He put the base in this morning before reluctantly going to work (he thought he'd be home w/baby by now, lol) - but I'm going to have to bring the bucket back in so I can figure out the harness adjustments (I've hardly looked at it since purchasing it months ago).


I've had my hospital bag 90% packed for a while, but now I'm going through it once more and adding more stuff since there's still some room.  I keep wavering on what clothes I'll need so I'm doing one "last?" load of laundry today so that I can throw in some extra underwear, nighties, shorts and tanks....Now I'll probably be over-packed - but as long as there's room, then why not?


Oh and I made a "birthday" cake over the weekend (really, I was just super craving chocolate cake!)..... of course I couldn't wait for Baby to arrive, so it's about half gone already.  Guess what I'm having for breakfast (someone's late for his own birthday party, ha!) !!!

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I just bought some sleep bras from Target and they have cute sundresses on sale.  I picked up a stretchy one the crosses over in the front for easy boobage access.  It's non-maternity, so it'll fit before and after the birth.  Just a heads up!


Also, I totally hear you on car seats.  I forced DH to install it last week, but he refuses to read the manual or get it checked to make sure it's installed correctly.  His dad wasn't helping much either, saying "oh, it's so easy".  Well, if it's so easy why are like 70% of car seats installed incorrectly?  Argh!  At least it's in and we live 1/4 mile from the hospital so if he doesn't fix it before the birth he can carry the kid home on foot.  So there.


Boots, I'm totally thinking about a "bonus" to do list too.  A few friends and I are doing a craft night tomorrow night and I'll finish up a few sewing projects (making wet bags and a hemming a few more burp cloths).  I would also like to clean out our filing cabinet, but DH helpfully stuck it in the closet so I can't get to it.  I've been begging him to get it out but he keeps forgetting.  Other possible projects include designing a birth announcement and a few small work projects.


NewMum, thinking of you as you slide past your due date!  I hope you get a chance to relax a bit and enjoy some time with your hubs before the baby gets here.  I can imagine how annoying it must be though to be totally ready and it just sort of float by.  C'mon, little baby! 

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Thanks for the suggestions, Sol! I was undecided about breast pads, but I ended up getting a few boxes. I have lanolin, my brest friend, a nursing bra. I have a lot of sports bras that I think will do pretty well for home and pulling down in the hospital. The signs are a great idea. I have heard that my hospital has stopped giving formula and pacifiers and pushes breastfeeding, so we should be ok, but just in case.


Great work, Boots! I have one of those other lists going on, but hope most of the stuff can be done this week and next. So far the main items: major clean out of fridge, trip to Salvation army to donate futon and clothes that had been occupying nursery closet since we moved in!

We did trial installations of the car seat bases months age, so I think we're going to do permanent install as well as mirror and shades this weekend.


Newmom, dh wants to clean the vehicles, too, so it's just a matter of reminding him to do it before it reaches 90 degrees (we having a bad heat wave here this entire week so that happens pretty much in the early morning these days). That's a great idea about looking at the harness and figuring out how to adjust it!


Lily, I also want to get the car seat checked out. Those figures of bad installs are shocking, but I even read recently that it's up to 95%. 


We didn't pack the hospital bags yet like I planned, but have the lists and items ready. The hardest thing for me to find, believe it or not, was a classic nightgown that had buttons in the center to provide easy access to breasts, since in so many places it was either Victoria's Secret style (ok at home but not appropriate for hospital) or grandma smock!

Dh dusted, vacuumed, and WASHED the floors while I went on my walk this morning! Pretty impressive. I think he's finally taking this seriously. Let's see if I can get him off to the salvation army soon.

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Someone tell me that they haven't done all their baby gift thank yous yet! I am feeling irrationally guilty about it at this moment. Probably because it's time to go to sleep and my mind is protesting!

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If by all you mean any! I also feel crappy buuuut I have also been dealing with a lot lately and maybe it will be a good early-labor task. Might need to dictate to someone else so the contractions don't show in my handwriting.
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Haven't. And I feel horribly guilty, but apparently not guilty enough to do them! The only ones that got sent were the ones that people pre-addressed envelopes for at my shower. Which is a fantastic idea, by the way. I'm going to bring my own cards to the next shower so people can do it again. So much easier when you don't have to try to track down addresses!

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I started my thank you cards, but haven't finished them.  I figure I'll work on them over the next week...


I'm glad you guys included the updated to-do lists.  I have a bunch to do before Q comes, and time doesn't seem to be slowing down...writing it down didn't make me feel better about it irked.gif


-call work to set up short term disability

-return some baby items (bottle rack, size 1 diapers, premium prefolds)

-send out paperwork for CPA license

-update resume

-wash the rest of the baby stuff

-organize the baby stuff (where am I going to put it?!)

-figure out putting in car seat

-learn how to fold flat diapers

-pack baby bag

-pack parents bag

-turn in rewards for Amazon gift cards

-use completion discount to get the rest of Amazon registry stuff


Target (need gift card from B)

-diaper pins

-batteries for swing/bouncer (figure out sizes)

-nursing bras

-breast pads

-maxi pads

-nursing friendly clothing

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Yeah, I'm not even going to broach the to-do list...it just induces panic at this point.


TY's really need to be done but since we didn't have a shower and gifts have just kind of been trickling in, I was hoping it was ok to wait and get stationary w Lu's initials after the birth and just send them out 'from her' that first week or so. Never too early to start a good habit. ;)


Today I'm gathering my hospital bag supplies and making a list of the things we still need to get...clearly a little behind the crowd here.

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I have been lazing around doing nothing today and I think it would help my mental state in this last few days leading up to the EDD to have something to do.  So I'm setting little tiny goals.  Today the goal is to finalize maternity leave paperwork, swim, and maybe pick up some quick small gifts for my doula and my due date buddy.  We then have dinner with my parents tonight.  Some other things I can do if I feel the need are to start reading Ina May's breastfeeding book and start looking over some projects due later in the year.  I'm not feeling much of a sense of urgency about any of this, which is probably yet another indication that this kid isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  Ah well.

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LeAnn - I'm with you. I don't even want to think about what's undone. I did get the car cleaned today, so maybe we can get the carseat installed Saturday. I also now have a washed and ready nursing gown for my birth bag. Once again in waiting mode on buying more stuff to see what we get at the shower Saturday. I did also get a pedicure and a haircut, which I considered essential (more for my brother's wedding tomorrow than for the baby, but nice for both!), but there are still weightier things left undone!

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Ohhh I would loooove to get a haircut - and a massage - right now!!!  I've been threatening to do that for the past week (knowing that I'll have little time for either after baby comes).... but I've lost all motivation to do anything now!!  Although the salons are within walking distance, I'm just too tired/sore to leave the house.  I had my burst of nesting energy last weekend when I thought for sure baby would come....now I don't want to do anything more until baby gets here!!  There's just a few small things left to-do, but I've been procrastinating/saving them for when labor starts so that I have something to keep me busy....

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Newmum - If there's a place that specializes in prenatal massage, they usuually offer a pressure point massage that cen help induce labor if your body is ready to go. :) It can't hurt and it feels amazing! Plus they would definitely have AC. Just a thought...


Monkeyscience - I'm happy to know I'm not the only one with important things still on my list. :) This move has really pushed baby prep to the back burner. Obviously, baby needs a place to live but baby also needs diapers and a car seat and...sigh... I'm completely jealous of your pedicure! In fact, I'm going to looking on Groupon right now for a deal. winky.gif

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Yay for all the babies! Hopefully we'll get some pictures on this thread soon. :) Who among us is still pregnant?


AFM... FINALLY opened the carseat box to get it installed today... and the instruction manual seems to be missing. Which is bad, because we had to order this online, so I'm not sure how long it will take to rectify this situation. Cue panicking! (On the up side, I think I now have everything that's supposed to be in my labor bag, except stuff for dh and labor music.)

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Monkey, still waiting here--aren't we due just about the same time? How are you feeling?


 I would check the manufacturer's website for the instruction manual (or call the mfg directly and ask for it). Also, nowadays you can find manuals for most anything online--like I discovered with our garage door opener if you google the model number or other specs.

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Andaluza - Yep, due the day after you! I'm mostly feeling okay - the waddling and the swelling are pretty much my new normal! The worst thing for me is that the swelling causes my hands/wrists/arms to go numb/tingly/painful at night, which has made sleeping really difficult. I never imagined it could make it so hard! That is currently the physical symptom most bothering me. That's what I get for saying I was "bored" with my other symptoms!


As far as the car seat instructions - the manufacturer (Maxi-Cosi) doesn't have instruction manuals on their website. You have to call customer service to get them, probably for liability reasons (they say it's in order to ensure you get the correct instructions for your model). Of course, customer service is only open Monday-Friday. We do have a used bucket seat from my nephews as a back-up, but I don't have instructions for that either! But it is a Graco, and if I can figure out exactly which model it is (it's a SnugRide, but I'm not sure the rest of the details), I can at least get the info on that. But I figure baby isn't done hanging out on the inside yet, anyway, so we have some time.

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Ooo... I found the instructions!!! Turns out they are hidden! (Maybe not intentionally, but that's the net effect!) Luckily, in searching Google for the instructions, I found another forum where someone explained where to find them - they're in a velcro pouch on the back of the padding! There is a small cloth tag in the area that says 'instructions', but I either didn't notice it before, or thought it was referring to the basic instructions on the stickers that are on the side of the carseat. So problem solved! Except for the part where dh is mad at me because I insisted we needed the full instruction manual, and he said he could put it in without it. He doesn't get that it's not safe to just throw it in there any old way it will fit. :(

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