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Hi mamas! I'm Jessica and my daughter Alexia was born 10/26/11.  Lexi was due 11/1/11 and I used to always read all the posts here but just recently bothered to get an account here so I can join the conversations around here!  I've had one other child who passed away shortly after he was born so Alexia is my first babe to come home and I'm completely in love!! 


7 weeks old


1 week old


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Welcome Jessica! 

I'm so sorry for your loss.  candle.gif  Drew


Alexia is beautiful!  I'd love to hear her full birth story if you get the chance!  I see you're in Tucson... I lived there for 5 years and absolutely LOVED it.  My dd was born at The Birth and Women's Health Center- the free standing birth center next to TMC.  They had a great mom and baby group there, too, that I attended until we moved.  I see you're wishing for Oregon... we've got quite a few members of this group that live there!  I'm originally from Seattle... I loved Tucson more!  lol.gif

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BEAUTIFUL baby girl!  Congrats and welcome love.gif

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Your daughter is adorable! love.gif Congratulations!

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What a pretty girl! Congrats! Welcome to the group!


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Welcome! She is absolutely adorable! 

Mothering › Groups › November 2011 Due Date Club › Discussions › introduction