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Our plans have changed a bit since I started my most recent thread so I thought I'd post a new one.  We were planning a VBAC with an OB at Los Robles hospital but we're going to try to find an new VBAC OB at Cedars.  We just don't have a good vibe with our current doc.  I'm 29 wks along so it's kinda late but we're going to try anyway.  We'd like a natural birth as best we can with a VBAC.  Out current doc seems to like Pitocin (which I thought was a no-no with VBACs) and he wants constant monitoring from 4cm on.  So, I'd be confined to the bed which goes against everything that we've learned about natural birth.  And he is extremely rushed.  He answers our questions - if we get a chance to ask them.  Anyway, I'm looking for someone who is pretty much the opposite of our current OB.


I put a call into one OB and should hear back this week if she has room to take me.  But I'd also like a few more options that I can look into.  Thanks!