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2 month old sleep issue

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Hi Wise Women ~
I'm a first time mom with a beautiful baby boy, but we're having sleep issues and would love some advice. 
Two main issues - first, DS only naps in our sling and sleeps best on my chest at night. He'll take 2 hr naps when we wear him, but only cat nap (30-45 mins) in infant seats or swings. At night, he only sleeps 1 hr-2hrs in our co-sleeper (although in the past week it has only been 45 minutes at best), but will do longer stretches on my chest. I'm worried that he will only ever be able to sleep on us or in a sling. Is this a pattern I should try to break now or just go with it since he is so young?
Second, he is not sleeping for stretches longer than 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Is this normal for a 2 month old? I'm just worried he's not getting the sleep he needs for development.
Any advice it would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi there!

Well I have only done this once before so I can only speak from that experience.


Some good advice I got was to feed a lot during the day. Like as much as little one will take so that by night time they are drowsy (and maybe only wake up every 4 hours instead of two).


Is there a reason why your baby might not be getting enough milk (I am presuming you are nursing, if not it could be an allergy to dairy)


Mine was tongue tied and I didn't know until months later. This made it difficult for her to get adequately satisfied.


Anyways, hopefully you will get better advice.


It will get better, but 2 months is still new and adjusting. hug.gif

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Thanks for the tip! I'll make sure he's filling up during the day.. 

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IMO, the 1.5-2.5 hour stretches are 100% normal.  Of course some babies go longer, but lots and lots don't.  At 2 months old NONE of mine would sleep longer than 3 hours at a time.  I learned to nurse mine back to sleep while laying down so that my sleep was as uninterrupted as possible.

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Yeah, unfortunately the 1.5-2.5 hours is probably normal for now.  Just make sure that the baby isn't having their longest stretch of sleep during the day--altho' it doesn't sound like he is.  Up until about 4 months the motto in our house was whatever works to get him to sleep...slings/on us/cosleeping...after about 4 months we started establishing routines and working towards what we were hoping to accomplish sleep wise.

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Try whatever you can to get him to nurse on both sides at night before putting him down. I've been putting baby in his crib for the first longer stretch about three and a half hours then into his swing for the next two and a half to three hours then the last two or so hours, it's a toss up- he could be with me in bed, in his bouncy, on my chest on the couch, etc. Ha! Sleep can be such a challenge, right?

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It all sounds normal to me. If it helps to get some persepctive, as western culture parents very differently than the rest of the world, around the world babies are carried all day their first year usually, and never sleep alone.They nurse frequently all night long, which corrolates with moms most generous and fatty milk production from 2-5am, when prolactin levels are highest.

Your baby seems very normal to me, hang in there, it will get easier.

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Thank you! Glad to hear it all sounds normal and it will get easier. We've had a few good nights in a row and I feel like a new person. Thanks for the support!

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Don't be afraid of bad habits at this age...my son only slept on our chests until his colic subsided, and he's a great sleeper now at 7 months. We had some real sleep issues from about 4-6 months, but before that was great.


What really helped establish good sleep patterns for us was to keep day sleep and night sleep distinct in the early months--naps are in bright places with background noise, night sleep is quiet and dark with no talking or playing during feedings/diaper changes.


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