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Good carrier for discreet breastfeeding?

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I am trying to decide what carrier to get for baby #2.  I am leaning towards an ergo or boba 3g (just posted about that in another thread) but I was wondering if there are any carriers that are good for discreet breastfeeding.  I work part time in a very flexible job and I'm planning to just take a few weeks off when the baby is born then bring my baby to everything (meetings, events. etc).  A carrier that could allow me to breastfeed discreetly while wearing the baby would be great.  I tried a ring sling with DD and never got the hang of it, or maybe dd just didn't like it. 



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I have always found nursing in a wrap to be much more discreet than nursing in a ssc. However I do nip in an ergo a lot since I don't always wrap in public, mostly just around the house

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I found the ring sling and stretchy wrap (eg Moby) both very good for NIP.  The RS works for longer though (the stretchy wrap gets outgrown fast).  I agree with pp that SSCs don't generally seem good for this purpose.

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You can use a SSC if you just lower it a bit and I put a small burp cloth over the side of the carrier to cover me up. You can't even tell I'm nursing and my baby seems comfortable. I have been less successful with NIP in my pouch sling or mai tei but it probably has a lot to to with your body type and the baby's eating habits. I always lay down to nurse DS at home so now that he's an older baby (8mo) he has started to think it is hilarious when he eats while I'm walking around. haha

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I've nursed in pouch slings, ring slings, wraps, and now my new Boba. The easiest for me when they are under 3-4 months is my pouch sling. Just scoot baby towards the inner rail and cover with the outer rail. I do have to support baby's head to keep it at the right height. Now that she's older the Boba is easiest but I have to use my nursing cover... This is completely hands free. I have nursed in my other carriers without covers, I use the tail in my ring sling and theres a ton of ways to nurse discreetly a wrap depending on the carry you are using, I just find it a little harder if I already have her wrapped in tight, to adjust to a nursing position..... Especially if you are a little "chesty". I still usually end up throwing my cover on, it's just easier to me. I had forgotten my cover when I went shopping the other day and was using my Boba. She got hungry in the checkout lane so I slung my jacket on backwards and nursed away!

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I've been nursing my lo in a ring sling for the last six months -- it's worked out wonderfully. I found that it was extra useful when she was newborn and fed frequently. I'd just keep her in the cradle hold position and leave a boob out at all times. No one in town really saw her for the first three months of her life and it saved me a lot of frazzled pulling out and putting away of the mammaries.   

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I always reach for my ergo (I have a boba3G too) and I either put a cardigan or wrap over my shoulders to cover side boob :)



Very easy- but I think it depends on mom and baby bc everyone is different 


I will add my boba is lower in the front- which lo loves bc he can look around but since the ergo is higher, nobody can see in to even guess I'm nursing. 

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We love the Pikkolo for easy and discreet nursing. I just wear my LO a little low and she can alternately nurse, snuggle, and look around as she wishes without any position changes. This is especially handy for naps, as she has often liked to sleep nurse for a minute or two midway through but would wake completely if I needed to move her. We have loved this carrier, which accommodates young babies with no problem, since DDs early infancy and don't leave home without it now that she is a year and a half.


I also adored my Hotslings pouch during the early months. I used a nursing carry (like the cradle position but with the sling "backwards." Their face and head and neck position are more visible this way) I learned via Youtube and it really worked nicely, and DD does like to nurse in the hip carry, but I think a *good* ring sling is ultimately more versatile. If I could do it over again I would make sure I had a good, broken-in ring sling or wrap (or wrap conversion RS!) for use during the hectic newborn days.

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