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Originally Posted by Willovia View Post

 Now that's enough to make me cry... hug.gif


Thanks! It was amazing.  I just can't even put into words.  

Originally Posted by andaluza View Post

¡Felicidades, Sol_y_paz! joy.gif   Only 17 days til mine!!

Gracias!  Can't wait to hear about it.  


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Originally Posted by Willovia View Post

 Now that's enough to make me cry... hug.gif


Me too! I can't wait to see my little peanut on Thursday! love.gif

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My morning sickness kicked in hardcore today.  It's even worse b/c I'm staying with my parents for a week (we're closing on our house Thursday so DH is doing that and I took the kids to see grandma and grandpa) and they don't know yet.  We're not telling anyone until Christmas and it sucks.  I keep getting super hot and I feel so sick.  My dad dragged me shopping today and between the heat and actually moving it was awful.

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Originally Posted by Lisanne View Post

So many appointments! I probably won't be seen until February and that seems so far away. I'm still not feeling too bad, but the morning sickness didn't really hit until 5 weeks with both girls so I'm not worried yet.

I don't go until February either and I feel  kind of jealous of everyone who is.  This is my third kid and we're using the midwife who delivered my second so I don't really need to go in.  but I'm a weirdo who loves prenatal appointments lol.


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I have a quick question for everyone.  I read in a few places that green tea interferes with folate absorption, and so one should not drink it while trying to conceive or during pregnancy.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped drinking green tea, but I was a pot and a half a day addict before, including while we were trying.  Is this just another urban pregnancy myth out to scare pregnant ladies?  Or should I be worried?


(Whoops, I posted this to the main page too, so sorry if you guys are reading it twice!  My computer is acting up.)

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There is some evidence that green tea blocks folate absorption but it also has many other awesome benefits.... during conception it can help your body produce a more effective/fertile CM. I'm not sure where I stand exactly on green tea consumption during pregnancy.... I really don't see the harm in a cup or two but like everything in pregnancy moderation is key. :)

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Thanks, Nic!  That's what I seem to be finding.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I absorb folic acid ok (though I did have the bad habit of taking my vitamins with tea) and that there won't be a problem.  I do love green tea for everything it does, though!  My dentist is Chinese and he looooves what tea does for teeth.

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My appointment today was pretty much a waste of time because my blood work results weren't there yet.  That's my fault, but at least I don't pay for visits.  And I didn't realize my insurance doesn't consider tests that are sent out of the OB office to be "prenatal care" so they only cover a part of it instead of the 100% they're supposed to fork over for prenatal care.  It's robbery is what it is.  So I shudder to think what I'll have to pay for all those blood tests they ordered.


Today's diaper washing day, so the dirty pail liner was in the wash, and the clean one was hanging on the drying rack.  While I was out at the appointment, buying a gift for my SIL's shower next week, and buying an ass load of groceries for the holiday, J was home with the baby.  And I come home to find a pile of wet diapers on the dresser.  And the clean pail liner still on the damn drying rack.  WHY???  Why is he so lazy???


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Ugh Ninetales! That's so annoying and frustrating! So when will you get your results?

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Honey I don't know how you went shopping!


I can't remember what thread or who posted it, but they talked about their previous MW having a lot of EO and Flower essence knowledge. Here is the Bach flower line link for essences: http://www.bachflower.com/at_any_age.htm


Of course there are several brands, I just happened to come across this link. I may pick up a couple of essences today.

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I feel like I keep posting with worries, but here is the latest.  Dh lit a fire in our fireplace this afternoon and I was in the same room while he was elsewhere in the house. I thought I noticed the smoke more because of pregnancy nose, but then I realized I had a slight headache and felt a little lightheaded and he said it seemed smokey in the room, even though the smoke seemed to have been going up the chimney. I have since gone to another area of the house, and headache went away right away, but I'm worried about any damage that could have done. We have a carbon monoxide detector in the bedroom, over 20 feet away and it didn't go off, but all I can think of is there was a lack of oxygen for some time and it may have harmed the fetus. In general, is it a bad idea to be around woodstoves? We will be visiting family for several days that use one and dh loves to light fires at home on chilly winter nights. I think it may not be a good idea any more. 

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As early as you are in pregnancy it's highly unlikely that there's any real damage... the baby is pretty well cushioned in there right now and isn't sharing your blood supply completely just yet. I believe somewhere around the 9 week mark the placenta takes over function until that point baby lives off the egg.. (or something like that)

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Thanks, Demeter. It is frustrating to try to ensure that everything is safe and healthy and then realize you're in a possibly dangerous situation. 

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The way I see it.... pretty much everything is potentially dangerous, so you'll likely be exposed to one thing or another. Try not to let the anxiety grip you too hard, some of my pregnancies have been worse in that regard (anxiety) than others. It's good to ask questions and to try and allay your fears. Also know that they're pretty resilient little beings! So they'll likely be just fine. :heart

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I agree with Demeter. I look at it as I'm doing the best that I can to make sure I'm healthy and that my baby's healthy. But I can't really prevent walking outside just as someone blows a cloud of second hand smoke in my direction. Or sitting in traffic with my vents open, only to realize I'm inhaling exhaust (and cigarette smoke from the car in front of me). Oh, and the Wendy's I've been eating for the past three days - the ONLY thing I've been able to stomach? I'm sure THAT'S not helping me. But I live in a city and I mitigate what I can, and try to make up for it in other ways.

I like to think that our bodies are really good at filtering out a lot of the things that are unsafe for the baby at this stage. And that millions of moms do this everyday, who have worse living conditions that what I have. The further I go along in this pregnancy, the more the fear starts to go away, ad the more I think, "hey, me and my baby are not as fragile as you might think!"


But it's normal to be fearful, so don't feel bad about worrying or posting about your worries. You're not crazy, and in this instance I don't think there was any real danger or harm in what happened. In fact, your body probably reacted well before the chance for harm could set in.

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As for the wood burning stove, it's our primary source of heat in the winter. If you are burning it correctly (hot), there won't be any smoke leaving your chimney. It will still smell like a fire outside, but there shouldn't be visible smoke. Also, with the door closed, you wouldn't get any of the pollutants in your house.

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Thank you for your thoughts and support, Demeter and Willovia! I started thinking about it a little later and realized that my cat was sitting in the same room and she was not affected. We had a gas leak years ago and kitty hiding made us realize what was happening, so maybe using her as a barometer for the real danger, I can conclude that you're right, Willovia, and my body alerted me before anything bad happened.


ETA: Thanks Sallyrae. Yeah, the family house we'll be staying over Xmas uses a closed wood stove and I think I feel better about that. Dh can load it and hopefully not be too depressed that we won't be using our fireplace for a while.

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My latest worry is that I don't have morning sickness. I get queasy if I don't eat every 2-3 hours, but other than that I'm fine. I don't really "feel" pregnant all the time. Whatever that means. I don't want MS but I WISH people would stop talking about it as a sign of a healthy pregnancy. I don't really think there's any actual evidence for that, other than saying that sometimes women who will miscarry don't have it. But that doesn't create a positive correlation. Sigh.

About six and half weeks, I think


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boots - Morning sickness doesn't necessarily mean anything. I've had 2 miscarriages where I had really bad morning sickness. I've also had one miscarriage where I had no symptoms at all. With my full term pregnancy, I would be nauseous in the morning and at night, and would sometimes throw up. I always felt better after throwing up and then could eat whatever. Every woman's  body is different. Some women just don't have morning sickness! Nausea, to me, is considered "morning sickness." You don't have to throw up to have it. We have the same due date, by the way. :)

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Yeah, boots, as I said in the bajingo juice thread, my mom had no m/s and had healthy pregnancies with me and my brother. A close colleague of my dh had severe m/s with one and absolutely none with another. Another friend had none at all.


There is a spectrum of possible symptoms and non-symptoms is what I keep telling myself. And several ladies chimed up in the bajingo juice thread to say that they hadn't had m/s. I think it's hard because I haven't even had a scan yet and want some tangible evidence. 


I also feel pretty good, though. I would say my major symptoms now are breasts are getting more tender, I am sleepy and am not eager to jump out of bed in the morning, extreme thirst, hunger, and twinges in ovary/abdomen area. 

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