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What do you put put in your protein shakes

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I am stating to get tired of the same protein drink. I put in protein powder that tastes like cake mix, Greek yogurt,orange juice, and frozen fruit and blend it all up but now need new ideas 

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I've been trying to eat a fruit smoothie for breakfast each morning and I try to make each thing in it count for something and I also try to keep down the extra sweetness.  Here'a a rundown of what I usually use:


Keifer (1 cup) - for probiotics and protein

flax seeds (about 3 t.) - for fiber and omega 3s

carrots - about 1 serving worth - adds nutrition without adding much flavor

spinach - fresh or frozen - about 1/2 cup - adds nutrition without adding much flavor

1-2 T raw apple cider vinegar - helps with reflux and general digestion

Whatever frozen fruit I have on hand - usually strawberries, blueberries, mangoes

If necessary I'll add a few pieces of canned or fresh pineapple or some fresh orange or banana to give it a bit of sweetness

1/2 t. vanilla to add a bit of flavor

Whey protein powder

Some other things that I've used: cooked oatmeal (about 1/2 c.), peanut butter, cinnamon for variation of flavor

If I'm feeling congested I'll add some vitamin C powder - sodium ascorbate form


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I add natural pb & sometimes oatmeal (but I don't love that as it can get lumpy).


I really like bananas in my protein shakes but my current program doesn't allow fruit due to sugar content.

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My favorite protein sources for smoothies are Peanut butter, other nut butters, tofu and cottage cheese. I generally try to avoid processed foods as much as possible so I avoid dried protein powders.

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I forgot to include ground chia seeds on my list.

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I usually take into consideration a person metabolism when I "design" protein shakes, but here is what I use for myself and my daughter on a regular basis, our "Immune Boosting Shake":

1 1/2 cups organic raw grass fed whole milk 

1 tsp colostrum powder (it has to be a very good quality, non-altered, non-heated, I use Wheycol)
mix of specific supplements (good way to give them to your kid) like probiotic powder, multis, propolis (great immune booster!), chlorella etc
your choice of organic fruit, vegetables or carob powder
stevia to taste


You don't want to transform your shake into a dessert, so it's good to choose only one type of fruit that your body handles well. Celery, carrots, cabbage, a little beet root are my favourites. Deep green leafy veggies should be used in moderation due to oxalates content that interferes with mineral absorption.



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Subbing for all the good ideas. smile.gif thanks!
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I do a cup of frozen fruit, water, a banana and a scoop of vegan proteins 

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I use organic whey protein, lowfat frozen yogurt (plain). frozen strawberries and a banana. I also add a cup of plain light soymilk. I drink this protein shake within 1/2 hr of my workout in the morning to get the full benefits of the protein. My muscles need fuel ;)

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Thank you for all the great ideas

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OJ, a cup of frozen strawberries, a medium banana and two scoops of TJ's soy protein is my daily go to smoothie :)

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My new favorite treat is vanilla whey protein powder, 1 packet of Emergen-c, froz berries, a drizzle of lemon flavored cod liver oil, a scoop of ground flax seeds with dried berries and water.  It whips up incredibly smooth and frosty.  Yum!

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I've recently changed up my smothies and now have two tablespoons of Holy Crap or Skinny B (both packed with chia) cereal in my smoothies. I am loving this new addition.  

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My morning smoothie....



frozen berries

a ton of spinach

hemp protein powder

hemp milk



Delicious and filling. The kids like it too!

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all those sound very good

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