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acidophilis in breastmilk? other tips for baby on antibiotics?

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My 10 week old is on long-term antibiotics, and I was wondering if I took acidophilis daily, would enough pass through my milk to be of any benefit to my daughter? Any other ideas to help her body stay healthy despite the antibiotics? We're looking at at least a year of them, and when she starts solids I can give her probiotics by mouth, but I am finding conflicting info regarding this and would like to hear from any moms who have been there.

Thanks for reading!

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I don't see how the acidopholis could get to your baby through your BM, unfortunately. Breast milk is made from what's in your bloodstream, not what's in your digestive tract.
My first son had colic so I was interested to read this study published in the journal Pediatrics showing that infant probiotics are safe and effective at relieving symptoms of colic. It doesn't say how old the babies studied were but colic typically shows up in the newborn period. It may say in the full text.
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I started my DD on probiotics when she was about 8-10 weeks old. She takes her BM in a bottle though so I can easily mix the powder in a bit of BM for her to drink. We use the Jarrow Baby's Jarro-dopholis.

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The mw I work with suggests l. reuteri for newborns if a probiotic is needed. You can take a capsule, pull it apart and sprinkle some on your nipple before you latch the baby on.
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Breastmilk has probiotics. I don't think eating probiotics would increase the probiotics in breastmilk. A year of antibiotics! That must be a very serious infection. Has your baby been tested for primary immune deficiencies (PID). My 3 children and I (adult onset for me) all have a PID called common variable immune deficiecy (CVID). We were all diagnosed right after the birth of my youngest child in 1988. 


There are 10 warning signs for primary immune deficiencies. If a person has 2 then they should have testing. Your baby has at least 1. The good news is if your baby has hypogammaglobulinemia, low levels of IgG, it can be treated. She can get IVs of IgG every 3 weeks to help her fight infections and protect her from getting infections. They would probably implant an IV port under her skin and getting the IVs would involve minimal pain. I've been getting the IVs since 1988.


Here is a link to the 10 Warning Signs for PIDs


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nak-my daughter has Vesicoureteral Reflux, which is why she's on antibiotics until she outgrows the condition. it's not an immune problem but thank you for the link!

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