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Change in Baby Movement Patterns Due to Less Room in Womb

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I know the baby has less room to move around, the closer I get to full term, but the change is freaking me out. I have done kick counts, and everything is well within the 10 kicks in 2 hours range (it is more like 10 kicks in 15-25 minutes), but it's scary.


Anyone else getting psyched out by this?


I see my MW tomorrow p.m., so hopefully she will love me up enough to reassure me. eyesroll.gif

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Remember that the phrase "kick counts" is a little misleading, because when your baby is this big, there's not much room to kick anymore.  Every wiggle, shuffle, stretch, poke, prod, bump, etc. is considered a movement.  The only movement that isn't considered movement is hiccups (because these are reflexes, not intentional movements).


My baby's movement has changed, too, but in quality not quantity.  There is just not enough room in there for big dynamic kicks.  I mostly feel stretches and pokes (especially from tiny hands deep in my pelvis, ouch!).


Hope your midwife appointment goes well and helps you feel better. hug2.gif

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I don't believe in kick counts...and I'll tell you why.  My son would literally go days without moving.  And I mean NOTHING.  Had I been focused on those counts I would have been at the OB's office every week for an ultrasound just to verify he was still alive.



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Yes, I definitely get freaked out during the (brief) pauses between baby's movement, so I am there with you!   But it sounds like you are getting lots of movement, as am I, so hopefully your MW will help you feel better about it tomorrow.  I really don't get any kicks, but stretches.  My favorite is when the babe stretches out his/her leg and a little foot sticks out of the side of my belly and I can touch/rub it stillheart.gif

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This baby is doing more shifts and rolls now, it looks the there is an alien in there trying to get out lol.  

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My muscles are pretty lax and so I am still getting the full on flips, kicks, and punches.... and that bothers me because I am 35 1/2 weeks and this baby should really be choosing a position and staying locked into it. Instead, this silly baby will spend part of a day trasverse and then go to head down and then be breech the next morning when I wake up. I am kinda looking forward to when the baby feel constricted because then I know that the position has a much better chance of staying stable from one day to the next.

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Ive been panicking for the last few days because the movements arent as frequent. Im very relieved to find out that this is normal as the baby gets bigger. But now im worried the baby is too big....im 34 weeks, so there is still plenty of growing time.


I feel like the baby has changed position too, so that the arms and legs are facing inward (posterior i think) 


I keep thinking of that story where a woman didnt even know she was pregnant until she actually went into labor. Didnt she feel any kicks and bumps?


Anyway, i am so happy that the baby has been  moving a bit more, thankyou baby!!! I was so worried!


And the little foot thing, so cute....

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Our LO has definitely slowed down in the movement department too. Lots of stretching and rolling when there is movement, but I'm 37 weeks (and measuring 40) so I don't think there is much space in there at all! It has freaked me out on occasion, but listening to the hb at the mw appt yesterday was very reassuring :)

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My little girl seems to be moving more as I get closer to due date, I'm at 37 weeks now. She's been in the same head down position, torso on the right side of my body for over a month now, but the kicks and stretches are crazy now. The left side of my tummy is often all misshapen and moving, with tiny little feet that stick out. I'm constantly massaging them back in. And her little face and hands in my pelvic area, can make me go from comfortable to ready to pee in seconds, barely able to make it to the bathroom in time. I honestly don't know where she's finding the room to move so much. Her daddy claims she just wants to hurry up and come out and play with him.

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My munchkin has definitely gone down on the amount of movement she makes.  I also feel like my tummy is at it's limit, so I'm sure she's squished in there.

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