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Can ozone reach in between teeth?

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My 5 y.o. son recently developed a visible cavity between his bottom right molars. I know some of the causes (lack of flossing, excessive soft carbs, too much sugar, not enough milk due to intolerance, decrease in yogurt consumption, etc.) of which I'm kicking myself for duh.gif. I immediately began flossing and applying MI paste to the area. I'm hoping that has helped. Yesterday, he complained of pain when I was flossing / brushing. I can't tell if it's the tooth causing him the pain or maybe the gum that may be irritated. He munched on a hard cookie on that side and when I asked him if it hurt, he thought about it and said no. So, that would rule out pain with chewing / sweets. When I asked if cold things hurt, he said, "cold helps me feel better". When he rinsed tonight, he said that he did feel a just little pain when he rinsed with the cold water. I can't tell. I don't know if he's trying to look for an opportunity to say it hurts or if he really is in pain. I don't want to alarm the dentist into thinking that the carie is deeper than it really is, KWIM? 


I called a local dentist that does ozone (DS had ozone on his top front tooth at 18 mos w/ Dr. Chris with much success) to schedule an appt. As I was talking to the receptionist / assistant, she mentioned that "if the decay is too deep, ozone won't help". Is this true?? It's been a while since I've researched ozone, but I always thought ozone was effective, although multiple treatments might be needed for more serious cases. Plus, I heard recently that ozone is used for root canals, so WTH? irked.gif


Our appt with the dentist is tomorrow, and I'm hoping the actual dentist will have a different perspective. Maybe it's our society's "I want it done now" mentality that made the receptionist say that, but I definitely do not want to drill if I can help it. Any info on the effectiveness of ozone on deeper caries / caries between teeth would be greatly appreciated!! loveeyes.gif Also, I'd prefer not to do xrays, although she does do digital xrays - are those pretty safe?? She does have the diagnodent as well, which I'm hoping will suffice.

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Just an update, the actual dentist was more accommodating. She did a diagnodent reading and found 8 teeth with readings of 35 or higher. I opted to treat 4 teeth with readings higher than 50. Apparently, of the 8 teeth with high readings, only one had an actual "cavity" of note - the others were inside the tooth, some between the teeth. 
I did some research, and learned that often times allergies will result in poor vitamin/mineral absorption, causing weakened caries prone teeth. I also had a doc's appt and requested an allergy test. We'll see what comes of that.
I'm still torn about what action I should take with the remaining 4 teeth, as well as follow up treatments. I've been trying really hard to do an extra good job at cleaning (he's always been cooperative and I still brush his teeth at night, so I know it's being done well.). I noticed the decay was not removed thoroughly, so I took a dental pick and began cleaning out more. Hopefully that is o.k.?? Not sure why she didn't clean out the soft matter before applying the ozone :(
Anyway, any advice, suggestions, or shared experiences would be appreciated! Thanks :)
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