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So tired of having gas!

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With my daughter I had all the typical symptoms like morning sickness in the first trimester and sore breasts, etc. With this pregnancy I am having MAJOR gas! I had only a whisper of morning sickness: some extreme nausea for less than a week and only vomited twice. But the gas! IT IS HORRIBLE! I'm one of those people who hates to take medication and is willing to put up with a lot to avoid it and I'm even considering getting on something, because this gas is never ending. I think the worst part of it is it frightens me more than it should -- my tummy will get a sharp pain (or a dull pain, depending) and I'm thinking, 'OH NO! MISCARRIAGE TIME' and then my stomach starts to rumble loudly and a few minutes later... well, we all know what happens! shy.gif


Anyone else having this issue?? What do you do to help it? Gas-x is starting to sound good! 

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I've been horribly bloated, so uncomfortable and it makes me nauseous! Part of my bloat comes from the foods we are eating, very low on groceries and hoping for a pay check soon (hubby self employed, so no set pay day). My only quick snack (and I have to eat immediately or I'm even sicker) is plain yogurt. It is Nancy's, so it is loaded with probiodics. However, it is still a store version and that always messes with my digestive system. 


I did read that peppermint and dandelion root tea is supposed to help. I have peppermint and dandelion leaf, I think I'll give it a try today! 

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I have terrible and very painful gas.  It's horrendous.


Usually the nausea and gas don't go hand and hand.  If I have the nausea I don't have the gas and vise versa.  I have the same pains as you describe.


I have no suggestions for you cause I just grin and bear it and hope it will be over soon.

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I asked my previous midwife for bloating suggestions. She suggested digestive enzymes, enteric coated peppermint oil capsules and fennel capsules.

I added them to my Amazon shopping cart. As soon as we have some money come in, I'm placing that order!
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Yup, I've been having horrible gas.  It is horrible in volume, it feels horrible and it smells horrible.  Sometimes I feel like a blimp full of putrescence. Don't light a match.

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This is totally weird, but the nasty smell of my gas is part of the reason I think I'm having a boy.  It smells the same as my boy pregnancy.  My girl pregnancy my gas just smelled "normal" bad and it wasn't all the time.  This one it's really weird bad and it's way more often.

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Glad to hear I'm not alone! I try the peppermint tea this today -- Some of my gas actually released afterwards, which was all bottled up! I appreciated that! innocent.gifwinky.gif

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I was very gassy first trimester with my second pregnancy. The symptoms you are describing sound familiar to what I had going on. I eventually stopped taking my prenatal vitamin and felt much better. I was able to start taking it again in my second trimester when my digestion was better. Are you taking a prenatal vitamin or have you added something a little different to your diet?

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I have been so gassy that I've been offending myself sometimes. Yikes. It tends to come and go, so I'm guessing it's related to whatever I'm eating that's triggering it, but since I'm eating pretty healthy, I'm not going to concern myself with figuring out what it is. I'll just have to learn to deal with it, and sadly so will everyone around me! haha 


I'll have to try the peppermint tea. I'm a fan of drinking a cup of that in the afternoon after my lunches, anyway, I just haven't done it in a while for some reason.

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Tuesday night I started on the raw apple cider vinegar again (used it my last pregnancy) for heartburn. It has really helpedwith my bloating too!

2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
8 oz of water

Drank (slowly) 3x a day
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Yes, peppermint tea works well for me, helping with the digestion. 


I am generally a very gassy gal!  ROTFLMAO.gif


But now...it's exponential.  I just let it flow. 


Do many of  you find that your gassiness comes with constipation?  Sure does for me!

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