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Anyone still taking pregnancy tests?

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I know I'm nuts.  By my calculations I'm 6 weeks today.  Breasts a bit sore off and on, some waves of nausea, exhaustion, hunger.  But I have two girls and two stepchildren and life is so crazy that the idea of pregnancy is just so SURREAL!  I can't wrap my mind around it yet and actually did a test again today just to see the word "pregnant."  I know it will become more and more apparent - especially when we first hear the h/b and have an appointment with the midwife, but for now, life is just moving too fast!  

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Definitely! I am 4 weeks along and just got my BFP 2 days ago! It doesn't seem real-- I'm a first time mom too, so it's really weird for me. I've always wanted to be a mom, but now that I'm pregnant I can't really believe it.  NOW I get what everyone's talking about when they call it a miracle.  wow!    I plan to test again on Christmas!

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I am also 6w today and  took my last one yesterday.

I used up my FRER (I had one left after my bfp) at the end of the 4th week. It was satisfying to see the test line so much darker than the control, although it is debatable what that really means. I also had several dollar tree tests left and wanted to see how the line evolved (my first on 10dpo I only discovered was + after fishing it out of the trash after getting my bfp on the frer). They also got darker, but it took longer than the frer to get the test line darker than the control.


I had also bought a Detect5 test from earlypregnancytests back when I was ttc (on a whim, it was on sale) and that's the one I took yesterday. I had calculated when I would be above 10000 hcg based on my blood levels and it did show up, ever so faintly. It's not a test I'd recommend to anyone. The control lines themselves for the upper levels were light, and my test lines were also light, but definitely there. I didn't know when I bought it that blood and urine hcg is not exactly the same.


But anyway, testing is done here! I have an unopened box of frer with 3 tests in it, but I am going to see if I can find my receipt to return it, although it's several months old.



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I did retest a couple times after I found out, when I wasn't feeling very "pregnant" yet. Nowawdays, I find myself asking my husband, "why I was in such a rush to get pregnant?!?"


Immediately after I got my first positive, I thought, I need to get to a doctor so they can tell me that I'm REALLY pregnant. Like not getting my period wasn't a big enough sign? Silly, but I was definitely in disbelief for at least the first week and a half, and needed the test line to convince me.  I actually had a bunch of test strips I had ordered online and I was going to give them to my sister who is trying to conceive. But then I got territorial - what if I NEED these?? Eventually, I realized the test strip lines weren't getting any darker, so I kinda cut myself loose at that point.


I don't think it has really hit DH yet. I think once he sees/hears a heartbeat he'll realize what's really going on in here!

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I took several at different times. I would take more but I would rather spend my money on food, as that is pretty much all I am into nowadays.  

Lakeruby - congrats and welcome! 

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Well, it was technically an OPK, but yeah, I did that a couple of days ago, and I'm 6 weeks, also. Since I haven't had any blood tests/ultrasounds, seeing that line go immediately dark, even though it was in the evening, was very reassuring to me. I may pee on a few more before I give it up. Though the near-constant nausea is a pretty big clue something's going on in there!

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