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braxton hicks or other weirdness

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does anyone else get braxton hicks (I think that's what the general uterine tightness is?) when you pee? sorry if TMI. bag.gif

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Yep! I've been getting bh for weeks...usually brought in by peeing, drinking coffee, moving the wrong way or moving too fast...sitting wrong. Etc. smile.gif
This is my 3rd, mw insists it's totally normal. Her advice was drink water and lay on your left side if they persist. I usually have them for a few minutes and then they're gone.
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Yeah, they never last long - it's just when I really pee (like, a lot) they almost always come! Weird. I didn't really have much round lig or bh last time I was preggo. Last time it was heart burn and acne - yuck. Anyway.  I know hoisting a 33 lb toddler into the air can't be helping things!

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Yes, I've been getting them in the morning when I pee - I think it's because I'd been holding it and really have to go because it doesn't happen as much during the day. I also sat up too quickly or something and have been having this awful ab muscle pain - last night the only way I could sleep was kind of on my side and kind on on my stomach with a pillow propped under my belly! I think BH and muscle tightness is pretty common @ this point in pregnancy. 

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Aagh, I hate that feeling when I pee! It doesn't happen all the time, but it feels like as I pee something is becoming unhappy - like the pee was keeping it at bay.


If I have caffine, I get what I'm 90% sure is BH. Waves of distinct cramps that come every 5-10 minutes (not at all regular though), some strong enough that I can't help but say "oof" and lie down for a minute.

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It depends on how badly I need to pee. If I'm peeing because it just seems like the right thing to do at the time but it's not urgent, then I'm fine. If I REALLY need to pee, then I'll get a BH's when I go. Aggravating. Got it last time, too- especially aggravating later in pregnancy when you desperately need to pee but between the BH's and the baby squashing your bladder you CAN'T pee until either baby moves or the BH stops. Nothing like sitting on the toilet with a bladder that's about to burst and being unable to get a drop out :/

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For the past week, when I wake up in the morning my lower belly is super hard. It's strange, but I'm thinking it's completely normal. I'm feeling some movement inside finally, and two nights ago I felt a kick with my hand! It was amazing.

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Yep I get the morning hard belly thing too!

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