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Braxton hicks and labor

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I never had braxton hicks in my first pregnancy. I went to 41 weeks and was induced.


My 2nd pregnancy, i had 'braxton hicks'  one day before i went into labor. I said to my mother


"'so thats what they are like''. In retrospect, they were probably actual labor, and not braxton hicks.


This time, ive had  braxton hicks on and off, especially when i exercise, especially pulling my stroller up the subway steps.


I panic that i might go into labor early because ive had more braxton hicks, or that there might be something wrong.


Does anyone know the relationship between braxton hicks and actual labor, or the health of your uterus?


Sometimes drinking rasperry leaf tea gives me what feels like mild braxton hicks.


Are you likely to get more BH each time you get pregnant? 



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My midwife feels when I get BH, but I don't! She said it's perfectly healthy and that it shows that you're uterus is preparing for labor, but I'd be curious to see what others say about this...

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I've felt them periodically since about 20 weeks. Now, at 28 weeks I feel them daily.  Usually after I pee or have sex or if I need to drink more water. As far as I know, every pregnant woman gets them but many do not notice them. I asked my Doc about it and he said it's normal as long as they are random and you don't have more than 4 in an hour.

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I had BH with my first son and with this pregnancy.  I don't seem to notice much difference in either.  I had my son on his due date exactly...  Still five weeks or so from this one's due date.

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I really don't know if I get them or not...? Could the feeling be mistaken for a feeling of the baby stretching out?  Anyway, this is my first, and I'm also still 5 weeks out so who knows when this LO will arrive.

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I've gotten them starting about second trimester with both of my pregnancies.  First, I went to 42 weeks.  Midwife says they are perfectly safe and get more intense with each pregnancy.  I had them about every 5-10 minutes yesterday, no big deal.  Also, I've noticed the the red raspberry leaf tea does make them much stronger.  I would guess, that you are just feeling them more as this is your third pregnancy.

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Similar situation, I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and haven't felt many before- feeling more this time. My MW is not concerned, she indicated I'm feeling it more because it's my 3rd pregnancy and that it's common to feel more with each pregnancy. She said she'd only need to hear from me if they're regular or accompanied by cramping, bloody show, etc. I had more near the end of my 2nd pregnancy if I didn't drink enough or rest enough. I couldn't get it through my head that I was very pregnant and my body needed more rest. :)

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My first pregnancy, I had them for a couple of hours every day from 34 weeks onward... and went to 41 weeks.


This time, I started noticing them occasionally fairly early on (want to say I had my first incident around 18 weeks), and then they came to stay around 32 weeks.  I'm now 36.5 and having them for a couple of hours every day.  The other day they were so strong and so closely spaced that I really thought I was in early labor... then after about six hours, they just stopped entirely.


Mine are always very regularly (and closely) spaced, which freaked my OB out with my first pregnancy... but this time around we're both just like eh, that's what my uterus does.  Lucky me.  On the up side, when I did finally go into active labor last time around, I had a very fast (and very VERY intense) labor-- 3.5 hrs to dilate from < 2 to 10, 1.5 hrs of pushing, less than 30 seconds between contractions the whole time.  Kinda hoping for the same thing this time.

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My first pregnancy, I drank RRL tea and had BHs starting around 24 weeks with a big bang - an evening of regular BHs that was scary. I had pretty strong BHs after that, sometimes regularly enough that it freaked me out. I had a 7 hour labor at 37 weeks and 2 days. 


This time, I've noticed lots more of them starting similarly around the same time, and they are even stronger, and periodically I will have them very regularly for an hour or so. For me, there's no WAY I could have these and not know, they take my breath away sometimes! I stopped with the RRL because it was making them stronger. I'm drinking it again now, since my MW advised it and there's no worry about early labor at this point. I've definitely noticed that they are stronger in the evening, when I need to pee, or when I'm dehydrated.


From what I've heard, many women don't notice them the first time around, but they get stronger with each pregnancy. 


I've wondered if there's a relationship between the number/frequency/intensity of BHs and the speed of labor. I suspect things may go pretty fast for me this time when they actually start since my uterus has been getting so much practice!

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DDC crashing to share my experience. I had BH from 20 weeks on with my first and only pregnancy. Mine never seemed tied to anything like exercise or dehydration. They were strong, and on two occasions I got them with such regularity that I went into the birth center to be monitored (any time a contraction is coming 4 minutes apart at 30 weeks, you start to worry.) It was no big deal, baby was fine and they didn't dilate my cervix and I went home. I had a healthy baby girl at 39 weeks, and a really fast, normal labor for what it's worth. My doctor said there isn't a any correlation between BH and early labor, fast labor, etc. Perhaps there isn't research to link it, but if you talk to other women and doulas it seems like many believe there is a connection due to their experience.

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I had tons of bh contractions with both my first pregnancy and this one. They did affect my uterus so I was on meds and bed rest for some period both times. This time when I went into labor I didn't realize I was in labor until 2pm (all i was having was my usual bh contractions before then) and baby was delivered before 6pm. It was very intense with little break between contractions. So for me the bh contractions definitely prepared my uterus for labor.

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This is baby #4 for me, and the first time I've ever had Braxton Hicks contractions.  Just for a couple of days in the past two weeks or so, I'll have hours and hours of them, think I'm in labor, and then....they just stop. 


My poor midwife must think I'm insane.  I usually send her a text message "warning" her that I'm feeling SOMETHING, so that she's not shocked if I have to call her in the middle of the night (for instance, I had them ALL night last night, even was having contractions while I was dreaming, woke up and an hour later they petered out.  She has kids, so I try not to call unless I absolutely MUST speak with her.)  I told her later this morning that I'm done warning her, because I feel like the boy who cried wolf.

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I've been having bh all evening... some lasting 4-5 minutes in terms of my uterus becoming hard (has anyone else experienced this? It's actually not overly unusual for me, there isn't pain that whole time, but the thing is a ROCK) and had some really savage, erm, bowel urgency (oddly didn't start as loose but sure ended that way)... and lost what might be a bit of mucus plug over the last two days. But other than those rather vague signs... just same ol' tightenings here these days (I'm 37+4 today!)

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Seems to be a night for babies. One woman I follow on Twitter is in labour, another is having contractions & at least one I don't follow had her baby earlier.

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Oh I wish one of them was me! I'm just sooo done. The bh I get now are different from earlier in pregnancy - they are more like menstrual cramps, whereas the others caused more lower back pain. I keep hoping that it means we are closer to meeting baby (I guess in a roundabout way that's true, but I haven't yet had any really GOOD labor signs :P )

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Hang in there cedarwoman. I thought for sure you were going into labor! But it sounds like its going to be soon.


Im the opposite, im scared of going into labor too soon, since we are planning to move soon, but our moving date keeps getting pushed forward. Please let me go to 40 weeks! Im 36 now. Im getting some braxton hicks, and im so tired now!

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