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crap.gif take a few days off and see if you feel better? I had acl surgery in 2007 I know knee pain, that's to bad. No hooping doesn't hurt my knees at all. I know your knees should be slightly bent never locked. My lower back was sore when I learned chest and shoulder hooping but that is complicated by co sleeping with two LO's

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How are you feeling? biggrinbounce.gif

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I hate to have to stop and wait, but the pain interferes with the rest of my life, so I'm not sure what to do right now.



I hope you are you okay.

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I'm so sorry, Tricia Valek, I didn't see your posts until I dropped back by just now to give an update. It seems like forever, but my knees are finally back to normal. I've been able to completely resume my yoga practice, and I'm also doing some really brisk marching a few times a week. It's funny, but my knees allowed me to march and even run in place during the time when I was in too much intense pain to do a couple of kundalini kriyas.


So it feels good to be pain-free, but I'm so sad about not being able to hoop again just yet. I'm scared to try again before getting all my excess weight off. I honestly can't figure out what caused that pain, I know it's not normal, and think I was following the instructions regarding keeping my knees slightly bent and relaxed. I was also careful about just easing into it by only practicing a few minutes a day, so all I can gather is that I must have developed some weight-related knee issues, and all I can hope is that they'll disappear when I'm slim again.


At least this does make me super-motivated to reach a healthy weight as soon as possible.


Thanks so much for your caring and concern! :)

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lurk.gifHowdy!  Subbing.....

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Susan~ I am super happy to here you are feeling well again. Best follow your instincts, we know how to heal ourselves when we do this.

Have you all come across this yet http://www.rebellesociety.com/rebellewellness/ my husband is even drawn to the advice I am reading in these articles. I hope you are all well. Now that baby is 9 months I am feeling so much ease in my own body again. I have energy and stamina. I know it is my still unfolding love of yoga that has changed my attitudes and built a foundation for better health. 

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Again, I did not realize that there had been more posts since my last one, until coming back today to give an update. Welcome SweetSilver! And I'm thrilled about another cool link from tri31 -- I absolutely love the Reality Sandwich site that she turned me on to, and, after a quick glance at the new site she just linked to, I know I'll be heading over there to read when I have more time.


I have taken up the hoop again, in spite of being nowhere near my ideal weight yet. And it's going awesome! I decided to try the front-to-back motion instead of side-to-side, and although it initially seemed harder, I was able to almost immediately keep the hoop going for a few seconds, and I'm just getting better and better every day...and my knees feel great! So it must actually have been something about the way I was hooping before that hurt my knees.


The yoga is all going great -- I actually see hooping and marching as part of my yoga practice (I incorporate kundalini into my marching by periodically speeding up and running in place for about 30 seconds or so while doing rapid breath of fire), plus I am still doing my Kundalini workout and my Hatha easy groundwork throughout the week.


I also love starting my day with some headrolls and sunbreath; it helps me get centered, and being centered is really helping me with eating mindfully and not cramming to fill some emotional or mental need.

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tri31, I love the Rebelle Society website!


About my own approach to nutrition, I keep seeing my interaction with food as a relationship, as I think I've already mentioned. Lately, I've been getting more and more focused on learning what is a healthy amount for me to eat -- not in the sense of scrupulously measuring and counting calories, but in the sense of living as one who is connected 24/7 to the Source of everything I need.


With human relationships, do I think in terms of taking all I can get from a particular interchange -- of sucking that person dry? I hope not! I'm sure that I slip into that clingy, needy role at times -- but hopefully less than I used to. These days, I try to approach interactions with others as lovely opportunities to participate in the give-and-take of boosting one another's morale and energy levels. I don't see other people as my Source -- we are simply all connected to the same Source, and people in healthy relationships try to help one another really feel and experience that connection within themselves.


Food is not my Source, either -- but, just like other people, it is also connected to that ever-giving Source. So I'm endeavoring to approach eating at the same relaxed, peaceful but also joyous, pace that I approach a get-together with a dear friend whom I get to be with quite frequently. As some dieticians have said, we shouldn't sit down to eat with the idea that it's our last meal.


I'm realizing that I can feel energized and sustained after eating much smaller amounts of food than what I'd have previously considered even a serving -- and I think that as living this way becomes ingrained in me, the transition to eating sustainably is going to become a lot more natural. Currently, our family consumes such large amounts of certain food items -- such as cow's milk -- that dh and I can't even imagine buying that many gallons per week from an organic farm.


Right now, the change is occurring in me, but I'm praying for it to spread to my whole family. It's not something I want to talk about with them directly, because I have a 13 year old who worries about getting fat like me, even though she's a perfectly healthy weight for her height, and I wouldn't want her to start cutting herself short on nutrients.


I'm just really excited about being able to model a healthy lifestyle for my girls, and I believe it will rub off on them over time -- and hopefully dh, too.

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I wanted to share this link to a really awesome article that does a great job explaining the connection between hooping and sacred geometry, and so much more.



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Hi everyone! I got in touch with some really cool truths while I was hooping this morning.


Lately, I've been hooping along with the first six or seven songs from the following YouTube mix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frbb46OP1zo&list=RD02GtPK0gRdFgI



And today, as I was hooping and meditating along with "Magic Arrow" by Timber Timbre (a song about the European invasion of the American continent -- that individual song can be found here --

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icJOkfS7ImA), I was struck by the realization that the natural flow of life, during any time of ill-health and ill-balance, is to keep turning and cycling back into a time of healing and renewed health and balance. Healing is natural -- not something requiring a strong effort on our part, while blockage of the healing flow is unnatural and can only be sustained by an intense clamping down on the life force.


I found myself wondering what forces in my own life might be clamping down and hindering the healing flow, and two are standing out at the moment.


One is a desire to compare myself to others and feel superior. On an individual and societal level, this tendency is rooted in concern that there's not enough life and joy to go around, and a desire to be part of the "deserving" group. I believe, for example, that this tendency is being played out right now whenever any group of immigrants (such as my own European ancestors) act as if they have more right to be where they are living than any other group.


The other is lack of faith in my, and humanity's, ability to cycle back into a sustainable way of life. And here, it's important to remind myself that moving toward sustainability is part of the natural flow of the life force back toward a healing dynamic, while hanging onto unsustainable practices is part of a rigid clamping down on the life force and a numbing of the mind in order to keep myself/ourselves locked into mindless, deadly habits.


On a personal level, I'm learning that it really is natural to be mindful about, and very interested in, what I eat -- and to stop eating once I've taken in what I need for health and energy for that particular portion of the day. It's unnatural to stuff my face like a zombie just because I like the taste of something. The hard part about rigidity and clamping down on the flow is that if you've done it long enough in a certain area, it feels more natural that just letting go, listening to your body, and letting it heal itself.


And what's true about the individual is true about the culture. Honestly, humanity has a much longer history of living sustainably than it has of living suicidally. And I believe our current crisis may very well be the catalyst that helps us to shut off the voices that keeping blaring in our (collective) head and that helps us (collectively) to let go of all the noise and fear that is keeping us rigid, so that we can relax and begin moving, swaying, and swirling with the healing dance.


May each of us find a way to get swept into that dance -- in any way that works for us!

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Susan I love reading your posts biggrinbounce.gif I need to check back here more often. I have a real need to gather in this circle, I feel grounded by the "like meets like" energy here. Thanks for keeping the thread alive, this last year has been really taxing. Mothering 5 kids can be intense, lately resistance (negativity) has been oozing out of my interactions with others. Funny I just realized I've been depressed a few days ago, I'm suddenly aware of hidden habits that I am losing my power over (my computer use for one) . Well, I should get back to my zucchini. I will check back in more often.

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I am just posting to sub for when I have more time, but I really need to get into yoga. I know it's great for physical and mental health and I have a lot of range of motion issues due to many chronic conditions.

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As often happens, I didn't get any notification about these two new posts and just now saw them. Welcome, thatgirlliknew, and I've sure missed your awesome posts, tri31, but I do realize how we can all get swamped by life sometimes! I hope you can both come back in and share more when you have a chance!

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Is it too late to join this thread.  I stumbled upon this a couple of weeks ago and started doing the five Tibetan rites in the mornings and meditating at night.  I attend hot yoga classes occasionally and love the feeling I get afterwards.  I am striving to live a more meaningful life in the present moment.  I am also trying to be more conscious about my food choices and finding what gives me the most energy and vitality.  Doing yoga has really helped my mind.  I have find I am softer spoken and much more pleasant to be around.

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It's been awhile since I posted but now that we're experiencing cooler mornings I've been trying to practice more. Love the release yoga seems to bring to my body. Looking forward to connecting to all of you :)

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Welcome, VEforlife! No, it's never too late! I didn't even start yoga till a couple of years ago, and I'm 49 now! I hope to hear more from you, Sativarainl, and everyone. I've just been following my routine pretty steadily, and feeling great. I've lost at least 90 lbs since last November.

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Wow 90 lbs.  That is amazing.  I have been doing lots of Transcendental Meditation while I'm walking and pumping too.  I am really enjoying it.

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I wanted to share the link to a really good article I've been reading about the connection between yoga and chiropractic.




It's so exciting to me to see the overarching oneness of different technologies -- such as the various forms of yoga, hula hooping, and chiropractic -- that all help us limber up our spines and get rid of blockages so that the pure Light of the Universal energy can flow freely through us, and ultimately flow freely between, and throughout us and everything and everybody. It's also exciting to be reminded that every cell of our bodies is just a microcosm of the Universal intelligence that keeps working to restore and bring everything into healthy balance, through which this energy can keep healing us and bringing us to higher and higher levels of thriving.


I'm reminded of the Indian saying that goes, “That the drop resides in the ocean, everyone knows; but that the ocean resides in the drop, very few know this.” Does anyone know who the author is?


I've just recently resumed doing the Five Tibetan Rites -- but only 7 of each, which takes me about 7 minutes each morning. It's kind of a wakeup routine for me; maybe at some point I'll go back to doing the full 21 of each, but that used to take me about 25 minutes, and I honestly don't feel like I can get up any earlier in the mornings or give up eating breakfast or making coffee before starting work at 6. And I just don't like to rush too much first thing in the morning.


Plus, I don't want to give up my 30 minutes of hula hooping later on the morning, or my yoga workout (hatha or kundalini) in the afternoons. It's all such a good fit for me right now.


I'm finding that I also feel drawn to do a lot of spinal flex repetitions at various times throughout the day. And I'm also striving to lengthen the time that I can keep dd2's lightweight hoop spinning. I still like using my heavy hoop for my morning workout, but if I can ever succeed in keeping one of the lightweight, cheap hoops going, this would be ideal for walking around and hooping at the park. I keep my expensive hoop in a corner of my office, and never take it apart because I don't want the springs to wear out, and never take it to the park because I don't want some kid to step on it and break it or something. It cost me almost $40.00 and I'd feel lost if something happened to it and it took me a while to set aside the money for another.

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Hi Mommas,

I'm a kundalini yogi and sikh and am looking for an online group to keep in touch with and talk about life and those things.  


Thanks for being here!  I teach yoga and work for some non-profits with addiction and raising children within the yogic lifestyle, etc.  


Keeping a personal practice is so challenging with everything else that goes on but even a few minutes here and there makes such a difference for me- I love to do it and i really love to share when people ask me to.  I am going to start meditating with another Mom at my son's school- I'm excited to have that connection with her.  Lately I'm on an 'ego eradicator' kick, doing this each morning before I get out of bed and also 'kirtan kriya' which is a very clearing and healing meditation.  I'd love to hear more about the practices that you have in your life and teaching the children them as well.

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Welcome RasJi! I'm so glad you're here! I think I need to work more on ego eradication, too, because I'm finding that I'm a lot more upset than I thought I'd be about aging.

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