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My Pet knows I'm preggers?

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Before my husband starting living with us - my dog was attached to my hip from the time he was 5 weeks until age 6. But for the last two years - I've been 2nd in command. He is in LOVE with my husband - as he sees him as more alpha dog than me. I get it.. I was hurt at first - but I lived. He's 8 now and about 3 weeks ago - he started following me everywhere -even to the bathroom. So now - I'm pretty sure he knows I'm pregnant. Right now he's sitting underneath my chair as I type - and I don't even have food. I'll wake up in the night to find him laying near my feet or hear him snoring under my side of the bed. When I get up in the morning - he follows me as I move about the house - until I walk out of the door. The hubs says he waits by the door all day until I return. Since this just started - I'm pretty sure it's because he can sense that something is going on with me - and he's become extra protective and cuddly. Anyone else notice a change in their pet's behavior since getting that positive?

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How sweet. 

It was known here too but it started before I got my BFP, but I was pregnant at that time but had not tested.  

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That's so cute, Thebyr!

My kitty (f) has been pretty affectionate and likes to be on my lap lately, but it could also be because it's chillier. She's definitely not letting us sleep any later or being otherwise considerate, though. 

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I have 4 cats, and for the most part, two are lap cats and two aren't. When I got pregnant this time, and before I had tested, the two non-cuddlers suddenly needed to be on me all. the. time. It was so odd, and I didn't put two and two together until I tested and got my BFP!

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Actually, I just remembered something my dh noted about the cat after I tested positive. She had been going into his office and bugging him a lot all of a sudden, but would calm down when we were all cuddled on the couch, He said he thought she was trying to get us all together and warm--nesting? 

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I had a similar thought this morning, actually, with one of our cats. He is in love with my husband and kinda likes me. But he really doesn't like children. He flat out hisses and hides from them, like he doesn't know what to do with the little creatures. I notice he's been giving me the stink eye more than usual and keeping his distance. I could totally see him sensing this baby. We still have no idea what he will do when a newborn is around full-time.

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We actually had to put a cat down because of that....


We rent a house in the country. After the landlords sprayed something, cats started dying! First went a stray that had adopted us, then our mama cat started loosing her kittens. It was affecting their nervous system (and I wasn't letting my daughter play outside). They would get weak then loos all movement in the back half of their body. When I saw that last kitten was paralyzed, I asked hubby to take care of the kitten.


Needless to say the mama cat was over run with hormones from loosing her kittens. She also was affected by the chemical. It did kill her, but it did affect her mentally. When I go pregnant with my son she would sit on my lap, if my daughter got anywhere near me, she would lunge at her face. Needless to say, we couldn't keep her and I did feel good about giving her away. My daughter and I left the house one day and she was gone....

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My male welsh corgi is all over me like white on rice. Every time my butt hits a chair, BOOM he's on my lap. VELCRO DOG. 

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HAHA. Well I'm glad to know I'm not crazy. I was getting kinda annoyed because I've tripped over him a few times lately.. but then again - it's awfully cute. I hope he won't start to feel like I'm pushing out of the way. He is 8, almost 9 by the time the baby comes.


I'm gonna change the title to - "My pet knows I'm preggers" so that everyone feels free to talk about their "psychic" pet. :-)

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Interestingly, I haven't noticed any changes at all in our three dogs.  Our greyhound is pretty oblivious to everything, and the other two have had a buddy staying with us for the past few weeks, so it's possible they got distracted.  They're pretty much like: "You gonna feed me?  No?  Walk me?  No?  Then I have no use for you".  Oh well.

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My cats are oblivious which is how they were last time. With Elsa they just seemed confused the lap was disappearing. They did cuddle me in bed a lot but now that there's a baby in bed they avoid us for the most part.

Our big b!tchy cat had a hard time adjusting. Things are ok now but it was touch and go for a while. I don't know how she'll react to a second.
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All the stories of the pets noticing (or not noticing, ex. the disappearing lap) are so funny.  My two cats haven't seemed to really have noticed a difference.  Although our more stand-offish cat began sleeping on my pillow right next to my head all night long, where she used to leave looking all huffy because I took her pillow when I came to bed prior to this.  So maybe she does know? 

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Well, I guess I should amend my previous post.  Our lab shepherd mix has been all up in my grill today.  At one point she was standing with her back legs on the floor and her front paws on the couch I was laying on and her head on my shoulder.  She's usually obsessed with my husband, so this new desire to be squished next to me every four seconds is interesting.  It has just been today so far, so I don't know if maybe she's just having a weird "Mom Love" day, but it's been pretty funny to watch.  She squeezed up next to me on the couch and just stared into my eyes, which was hilarious and then eventually kind of creepy.  lol.gif


At any rate, I usually get jealous of how much she loves my husband, so this will be payback if she decides she needs to be attached to my hip for the next 7 months.   (Right after this the dog we're dog-sitting also crawled up onto the couch and for lack of room stepped right on my uterus.  NOT COOL.  Argh.) 

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Wow - well clearly animals are in tune with our bodies than we think they are. You all have such great pet stories. I do see a common theme that a lot of the dogs are in love with our male partners - I'm sure it's a pack thing.. but yet they become our little shadows when we become pregnant. There is something special about that.

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