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NT scan?

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Is anyone doing this? DH surprised me today when he said he thought we should do it. Mostly based on my age (I'm over 35) and the fact that our risk of congenital anomalies is higher. In the unlikely event that something is seriously wrong, it might affect where we give birth.

What are your thoughts? Skipping or doing?

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Doing it. We have had it done each time. This is the first time I am over 30...but not yet 35. We are going in the new year since we are away during the first available appt. On one hand, it feels like a waste since it just asseses your risk and doesn't tell you anything decisive, but it's non-invasive so we are just doing it and will see what the results lead us to next.....
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We're not. But we're also not in the same situation. I'll be 29 in a couple weeks. Perhaps I I did have more of a risk factor I would too. I just don't like that it doesn't give any solid answer. It only tells you if you're at risk. Which if I did show a high risk it would only cause anxiety until I could get a definite answer. I figure I can wait and know for sure at 20 weeks.  

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I agree with beccabus. And I have a kid with congenital problems. I'm happy to wait for week 20.

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But you can't know for sure at 20 weeks, either, unless you have an amnio. An ultrasound is just a screening tool as well. It can definitely see certain things, like if certain physical abnormalities are present, but it can't diagnose things like Down Syndrome or other Trisomy disorders.


I'm not advocating that people get the test, because I've declined it in the past too and think that's perfectly valid. Just wanted to clarify that you won't "know" from a 20 week u/s. :)

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I've been wondering about this too. I'm still fairly young (27), healthy, and we skipped all ultrasounds (except for Doppler use once early in pregnancy and again in labor) with my first pregnancy. I'm nervous about starting a cascade of interventions if we get a positive screen, because we'd almost certainly go to an amnio at that point. I just don't know what we'd do with the information. I don't even want to hazard a guess because I don't think we could really know unless we were in that position.


I also may be one of very few pregnant women on the planet who is concerned about the safety of routine ultrasounds in pregnancy. I doubt that one or two is a problem, but unless there's a recognizable reason to do one, I try to avoid them. But of course I would like confirmation that the baby "looks" ok; who wouldn't? I have to think about it some more.

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We definitely want to.  That's the reason why I went ahead and made an appt when I did, so we could schedule this.  She scheduled it for me, and my dates are 100% sure and so this is what I am expecting, but she (the CNM) thinks my uterus is too large for dates and that they will find it is too late for those measurements.  I guess if she is right and I am farther along, then we should be able to find out the gender at that scan instead!  But there is no way I am really 16 weeks now instead of 11; she is totally wrong!  lol

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I think I'm probably going to do it this time. Skipped this and the quad screen both of my last 2 pregnancies, but this time I'm 37 and just feeling more anxious about things all round. If the results of both showed red flags (and yes, knowing the high chance of false positives), I might even get an amnio. Just feel like I want to know ahead of time.

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I don't want to do it. I'm 35, my partner is 37, so we're in a higher risk area, but still. I know there can be false positives and a large percentage of women who get a positive result are actually negative. Knowing myself, I'd worry and stress and get anxious over things and I just don't want to do that. If this baby has some sort of issue, I'm going to love him/her just the same so for me, it doesn't really matter to know if there is a risk for something or not. My partner is kind of on the fence and said we should talk about it, but he hasn't brought it up since our last MW appointment in early December and I'm not going to initiate the conversation since I don't want to do it anyway. I figure that if he waits long enough, it'll be too late to do it anyway. 

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