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Recommendations for rubber dog bones for big dogs?

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We just adopted an 83 pound boxer.  His foster mom sent his favorite blue rubber bone with us when we picked him up on Sunday, but it fell out of my pocket at the crowded pet store.  Petsmart workers say they saw it, but it likely was thrown away with the used returned items.  :(  And I can't find him a replacement like it! 

He has a black Kong, but I'd like to get him something easier to grasp with his paws.


Any recommendations?

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Kong toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes....



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We have both kongs and a Rhino Supertuff nylabone which is made of the same soft rubber for our Great Dane. She went right through the kong bone that you can stuff treats in. I think because they have holes at the end of the bone she could tear it apart from there. We haven't had any problems with the solid nylabone or the original kong. The red kong we got her as a puppy is still the only toy that is in one piece.

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nylabone, planet dog, kong, all make rubber bones.

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Did you end up getting Jake or another boxer? 


Nylabones are the only bones my big dogs don't chew through.  Well they chew through them eventually but in a slow and safe manner.  They are great for their teeth and really safe comparably too.

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Haha, Tank!  We adopted Jake, but actually changed his name to TANK because Jake is my son's name.  And the dog is huge!  LOL!  He's a calm, loving, sweet, friendly to all boxer who snorts and snores and drools and burps and farts.  Which my guys love, of course. 

Our 10yo female lab mix growled at him at first, but now she basically ignores him.  Progress!  He had a playdate with my best friend's older puppy down the street and they got along great.  He sleeps on my son's bed with him and doesn't need to be crated inside.  Only thing we've noticed is that he has a little separation anxiety, which is why I want to get him a good bone to chew on.  He'll lick treats out of his Kong, but he doesn't chew on it.  

I'm going to get him one of those big Kong bones today.  Thank you all for the recommendations!



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He is so cute!  Great name thumb.gif You should try (if you haven't) filling his kong with peanut butter or chicken broth and freezing it for him to work on while you are gone.  There are all sorts of recipes out there.  Probably just google kong recipe and it will come up with some stuff.  If you freeze it, it can take him hours to get all of it out and occupy him while you are gone.  It is also less messy that way. 

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Great idea about freezing peanut butter!  He's usually done licking it off the Kong by the time we walk out the door!  I bought him a big red rubber Nylabone bone.  He likes it!  Thanks, all!



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Man, I got Tank the red Nylabone Rhino Chew bone and he chewed a chunk off of that (and swallowed it).  So I got him the stronger black one.  He chewed pieces of that one off and swallowed them too!  He wasn't that interested in his XL black Kong.  Maybe he needs an XXL?  He loves the bones, but he eats the pieces he chews off!  Any ideas for what I should try next?



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get the white durable hard nylabone.  He can slowly chew that up and I haven't met a dog that could get a chunk off that one.  Those ones are supposed to be safe to chew and swollow tiny pieces of.

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yeah the white nylabones called galileo should last a good long while. You could get him an antler too, they are a bit pricey to start off with but they last a long time!

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