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support thread for serious decluttering/moving?

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I'm in need of inspiration and accountability to do some serious work in my house.  I've been approved for a loan, and am actively looking for a new house, i plan to be moved within the next 6-12 months.  meanwhile the house i'm in is loaded full of acumulated stuff!  Anyone else care to join me?  I was hoping for at least a weekly progress update and getting ideas from others about what they are doing to get the process underway...

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I'm downsizing into a much smaller apartment so I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff. I'm moving in 10 days! One thing I did today was got rid of 3 huge boxes of fabric.  I kept the most useful fabric, but tossed the rest.  There was a lot of scraps...stuff no one else would want probably. I didn't even open one box.  I figured if I didn't know what was in it and hadn't needed it in the past year, I'll probably never miss it.

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Since no one's jumping in to start a support thread, I thought I'd mention the blog 365 Less Things.  Every week she does "mini mission mondays", giving you a decluttering mission for the week, and daily steps to it. Maybe that could be helpful for you to follow along?  There are also other posts throughout the week that may be inspiring.


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I don't have much left but I have been there. I would say make a quick sweep for trash, broken and 100% sure you are donating. Remove these items from the house and do not take more than an hour to do this. It's a great start.


Second- label some boxes keep, donate, and a place for trash. Fill and remove from the house as you do (trash and donate that is). Continue process for a least 30 minutes each night for a week. You will be surpirsed at how much you can knock out. Do not try to organize yet.


Make a spot for the keep and get it out our your way. Then, as you get down to cleaning out a room, you can start to deep clean, repair and get ready to put things back.


In the keep section, quickly go through each box before you bring it back in. You will be surprised how much you will get rid of even on a second turn. If you have the room, separate by room or item. As rooms are prepared, you can bring it back in for staging or pack up for moving.


Keep us posted.

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We are moving around June and feel like you do...major overhaul needed! 

My DH has been commuting an hour to work and we need to move to that other city.  My garage is a hoarders paradise and is our main toy storage.  DH hates to get rid of anything.

We are selling this house and planning to rent---at least at first.  So, I don't know how much space I'll have.


-My goal for this week is to get rid of tons of paper because it's paper recycling week.  (I actually have this pretty much done...I had borrowed my parents shredder a while back but it was a dinky thing and got instantly jammed.  So, I cut, ripped and boxed ancient bills and crap to go out.  yay!)  Found some interesting stuff to put away too.


-I am going to pick out some of the kids books to give to the doctor's office, since my dd has an appt on thursday.


-I am going to e-mail my dh to remind him to bring home some caulking for the bathroom since they had some left from a recent renovation and our bathroom is small.  I'm praying he'll do that right away!


-I'm also going to get 7 boxes of baby clothes out of the house.  And a pack n play, breast pump, potty seat, baby blankets, etc...  Dh's cousin wants our stuff because she's planning on having another child sooner or later and gave her stuff away.  I'm kinda having a weird 'OMG, I am officially done having kids!" emotional reaction to this one.  sigh.  (not that I really feel I want to have another...it just the end of a chapter of my life...)  The main problem is finding a time to get it to her.


-I'm hoping to make a run to the Salvation Army this week too.


I'd love to keep up to date with you...I always need inspiration!



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We're moving to a new place February 1st and I plan on doing a LOT of de-cluttering. DH used to have a little bit of a pack rat problem but after we've moved 3 times in 4 years, he's starting to get on board with minimizing all our stuff. The less stuff we have to move, the better. Last night we both went through our clothes and got rid of a lot of stuff. Today, I plan on going through DD's toys and clothes and getting rid of anything that doesn't fit her.

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Hi ladies, 

How did everyone do this week?  What are your goals for the week ahead?


I was lucky to get rid of all that baby stuff..picked up by DH's cousin since she was off work and willing to drive over here.  Whoo hoo!


I did get rid of about 10 children's books at the doctor's office but honestly, I should have brought even more.  They were sorely lacking, I guess alot get damaged quickly being a pediatrian's office.  


DH brought home the bathroom caulking but has yet to do the job.  Hoping this weekend. 


Garbage day came and went, all that paper out of the house :)  DS thinks we are in competition with the neighbours on garbage days.  Go Team Decluttering!!!


I didn't get to the Salvation Army so I guess that will wait until this week coming.


I need to focus some time on dusting/cleaning downstairs...I hate it down there. Cobwebs, cat litter, dust, dust, dust, DH's office area and laundry room.  sigh.  Must stop procrastinating!


Have a great weekend!



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I went through DD's toys and cleaned out a lot of stuff, which felt good. When DH cleans up her toys at night, he has a tendency to just throw everything that she was playing with into her toy bins without really paying attention to what it is. I found a lot of things that weren't toys and some things that were actually garbage so that made things a little easier. I packed away any toys that she doesn't play with anymore. I also packed up all our decorations so the apartment is starting to look pretty bare and I did a quick surface de-clutter just cleaning papers off our desk and the counter and fridge and I went through all the stuff that we have in the bathroom cabinet and got rid of a lot of that too. This week, my goal is to pack up our books, DVDs and possibly all our fancy glassware. This week is DD's last week at preschool and then she'll be at home with me until we move so I want to get the glassware done while she's not here so I don't have to worry about her trying to "help" and then breaking something like she did when we moved last year. I also still need to go through her clothes and get rid of a bunch of things that she's outgrown and I know I'll need to do that when she's not at home as well. I plan on having her help me pack her things because she's very concerned that we'll leave something behind. She got a ton of stickers for Christmas from my boss' kids so I might have her decorate the boxes with her stuff so she knows everything is going to come with us. I started back to work yesterday as well and I'm working a few hours a week so that will cut into my packing time, but I think I should still be able to get it all done.

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Sending you all good vibes.  I need to get back to my old roommates house.  We still have about 1/2 a  room over there and i need to decide what to do with that stuff. Some of it is DS Lego collection that I just DO NOT have room for here.  Some is my crafting stuff that I DO NOT have room for here. And I have no idea what the other crap-ola is.


I moved out in May 2011.... this has gone on way too long.  That house is filthy and I swear everything is contaminated.  OMFG...  panic is setting in and I live 10 miles away in a VERY clean apartment.....


I want to CRY  bawling.gif

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I'm also moving at then end of June.  Count me in!

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We will be selling our house soon. We are in the process of MAJOR de-cluttering! Our 4 bedroom home has acumulated so much JUNK!! We actually are painting most of the downstairs next week so we have to take everything out of the kitchen, living room, dining room and family room, so that will actually really help us! Glad to find this thread !

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Another week  passes...hope you are all doing great.


Well, I made a good start on the basement...DH let me get rid of his dusty display of liquor bottles..lol.  Now we have a nice minimal display of trophy's. 

But now, after going through the office area down there,  I have another box of papers to shred.  Never ending!


Funny, I found old dollarstore chocolate's from Christmas 2010.  Ick.  Toss, toss, toss!


This week, I'll be in the basement again...taking down more bar items, gathering all the lamps we own into one area (hopefully, getting rid of a couple), more dusting and more gathering of blankets.


Then, into the icy garage to take out all the stuffed animals and clean our art bin/drawers.


Also, our sunroom needs decluttered.  That shouldn't be to bad.


Lastly, a trip to the Salvation Army  (ya ya...I'll get there...eventually)  And I must meet up with a friend to return a jacket.


What's on YOUR to do list this week?  :)  And what have you accomplished?





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oh yay, i need this thread!! we have been living in our house 2 years and are planning a move (currently looking) same town, hopefully bigger house! my intention is to get organized, de-cluttered, simplified and packed well before moving so it goes super smoothly. glad i found this!

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Last week I got the kitchen decluttered! Its so nice! About 5 boxes of stuff to donate! This week my goal is our bedroom including our huge closet... oh boy. That one is going to be hard! 

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Books and DVD's are packed, the majority of our decorations are packed and DH and I have both gone through our closet and pulled out clothes that we don't wear anymore. I plan on packing up our fancy glassware and any clothes that I won't be wearing until we move. I'm about 7 weeks post-partum right now and I don't quite fit into any non-maternity pants so I know I can pack all of those up, plus any summery clothes. I'm thinking I might also go through our kitchen and pack up any stuff that we don't use on a regular basis. DH will be out of town Thursday and Friday so I'm hoping to get a lot done those days.

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Just found out that a friend of ours is taking donations of clothes and other household items out to one of the reservations. I live in South Dakota and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is in the poorest county in the country so they definitely  need any stuff they can get. I cleaned out more clothes today and also cleaned out a bunch of bedding that we no longer use. DH and I had planned on taking it all to Goodwill or a consignment store, but now I think we'll just bring it all to her so she can take it to the res. That reminds me, I have a bunch of maxi pads and tampons that I'm not using and I plan on using a DivaCup when my period returns so I might as well give those to her, plus DS is already too big for newborn diapers and we have a pack of newborn sposies with only a few diapers missing. It's nice to know that I can donate that stuff instead of tossing it. Once DS is done eating, I plan on going through DD's clothes and getting rid of anything that no longer fits her. I hope I can maintain this motivation! DH dropped off a deposit with our new landlord today and she said we can get into the apartment next weekend!

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Got a ton done in our bedroom today... but still soooo far to go... its easy to get discouraged! 

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I worked on my kitchen today. didn't do much actual de-cluttering but i refilled jars of things like rice, quinoa, salt.. from bulk bags and tried to get some bags of stuff (raisins, dates, coconut) into better containers (i hate ziplock bags with a passion) it looks way less cluttered to me and much nicer..so i guess in the end it is going to make moving that much easier. i still have lots to do in the kitchen. i want to pare down my dishes, utensils and other kitchen stuff to just my favorite and most used. also cleaned and reorganized my cupboard from hell that contains canned goods and other non-perishable food. it gets cluttered with open bags of crackers.. ect that get forgotten and go stale. bad, bad..i know. its not me!


im trying to manifest some new nice baking dishes..cookie sheets ect. because mine are all old and worn..i would so love to get rid of them and replace with nice new ones.


ive been thinking that once i get the kitchen all de-cluttered i may paint the cupboards. it needs a new coat very badly (the paint that is on it is eco paint and it never really took so its peeling off badly) so when we show the house to sell it i would like it to look really nice..


sk8boarder15: every little bit counts!! orngbiggrin.gif

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So, DH has gotten on the declutter bandwagon but he's a little over zealous. He texted me today asking what I thought about selling our TV so we don't have to move with it. Umm, what??? We don't have cable and our only source of entertainment is Netflix and any games we have on the Wii. I told him if I'm going to be at home all day with DD, then getting rid of the TV is not an option. She doesn't watch shows all day long, but it's nice to be able to put something on for her to watch while I clean up or feed DS. I'm glad he's gotten on board with getting rid of stuff we don't need, but I thought that was a little odd. Hopefully I can parlay that into getting rid of a few other things we never use though. I went out and bought paper plates, napkins and plastic spoons and forks so we can start packing our dishes this week. SIL will also be moving around the same time we are and she'll be taking old dishes, our old vacuum and an old dining table off our hands. I hope I can keep my momentum up this week so we can be mostly packed by the weekend!

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You ladies are doing awesome!


Still playing in dust downstairs..I helped DH get rid of a bunch of computer related cables and he does ok in small doses of decluttering--well, except for the complaining about the dust in his eyes... lol.  It's been a while since he's gone through it and I surprised he's keeping any of it.  Oh well.


Gave back more borrowed kids clothes--mostly stuff I never used and never will.  (every little bit helps, right??)


Got the art drawers cleaned out--how many coloring books do kids need anyway! 

Still having trouble with stuffed animals/dolls.  :( 


So, goals for this week:  plaster some holes in the walls to get ready for a bit of painting.  Take down poster/map's in spare room.  Figure out which closet doors we are keeping and which are being tossed.  (DH had made cubbies in the kids room so we aren't using the closet doors)


Go to library and bring some books to donate.  (I LOVE the library.)


Organize and declutter kids shoes.   Wash the bedroom curtains.


...more recycling bottles....shredding paper....stressing....


Go through the kitchen for stuff we don't use.  I'm already eying that hotdog turner.  hee!

 SK8BOARDER15--what was in your 5 BOXES of kitchen stuff??  (I'm in awe!)


CAITLIN0919--That's hilarious that your DH is so into the decluttering!  (oh gosh, we have a little tv to get rid of...adding to list!)  It's nice to read about you in the final stages of moving.  We still have months to go.


MAMAFERN--Your kitchen jar's sound lovely.  (I always see them in magazines, but I don't buy in bulk enough)  We did get new dishes for Christmas but are waiting to open them since they are already packed in their original boxes.  :)



Questions for you:

BOXES--are you buying them?  Getting them from stores?  Craigslist?


COIN collections---are you dragging them along to your new house?  Rolling them and cashing them in?  My kids have a large penny collection that I shake my head at.


Have a great week!!!



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