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Hi LitMom! Welcome!


I hauled all my bags to Goodwill, finally. When I put them in the trunk, they filled the entire thing! Now I have room so I can fill more bags.

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We may have found a new home. My only worry is the bedrooms are a bit small. But the closets
are good sized, so I'm sure there is room for the clothing. But I can just see us getting there and having everything not fit. But we can't stop thinking about the home, so I think it may be the one. I've been wanting to downsize for awhile, and this may be perfect.

Of course another weekend away in our new town house hunting also means nothing happened on the home front. I caved and hired a cleaning service. I'm doing it with my credit card, which I hate, but my DH will get a payout from his work when he leaves for vacation he didn't take, so we can pay it off then. In the meantime I'm hoping that having someone in to clean the house will lower my stress level.
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Ooh, me too!


Sk8teboarder- We are also moving cross-country from IL to the PNW! Chicago to Seattle.


The plan is that the moving company comes May 26, we decided to rent containers from Door to Door so that they can store them for us for a month or two until we find a place. Crossing our fingers that we get some friends to help load the truck, since the permit to have the containers there is only valid for 2 hours. I can't help too much with lifting since I'm pregnant. DP will be leaving that weekend to drive out and start work immediately. I will be sticking around here and stepdd and I will be staying with a friend, DD with her dad. We decided to take a small vacation before the move- We leave via Amtrak July 7, go to DC for a few days, then Amtrak up to PA where we will stay with friends and visit other friends and relatives for a week, before getting back on Amtrak and taking the train on a 3 day trek out to Seattle to join up with DP. Handily, our train has a layover in Chicago, so we will be stopping here to get a TON of luggage to check if we need to- we can have up to 9 50 pound bags checked between the three of us, plus 6 more 50 pound carryons if we wanted.


We have been decluttering like mad! Most of our furniture is being sold, and I have a bunch of ads up on craigslist, plus lots that is already gone. So many trunk-fulls to the thrift store already, and have a giant pile that needs to go out today once I decide to get out of my pjs.


This weekend we have:

Organized the back 'bedroom' (not really big enough to be a bedroom) that we are using as a staging area.

Gone through camping stuff and packed air mattresses/sleeping bags into a suitcase in case we end up getting a temporary sublet while we look for housing

Packed up the wooden blocks- one of my bulkiest indulgences that I'm keeping, left from when I ran a daycare for 5 years

Gone through all our decorative stuff- made a giant pile on the dining room table so we could see it all as we decided what to keep and what not to

Went through all hardware stuff. Got it down to one toolbox plus drill, dremel, and a bag with extension cords

Sold DP's dresser

Sorted through keepsake boxes and pared down to fit into one tub, not including the box of old art projects of stepdd that DP needs to go through still.

Lots of other miscellaneous purging.


So, next up today:

Load car

Take load to goodwill

Take box to used bookstore

Return house to a useable state, since right now it is completely torn apart and I keep losing things I just had a few minutes ago (preggo brain isn't helping with that)

Do some schoolwork (I graduate May 5!)

Plan out some menus and hit the grocery store- we had been eating really healthy, and between my morning sickness and DP being busy with a freelance projects, we've eaten out or eaten junk for the last month pretty much.

Pack up my craft stuff maybe

Take pics of last furniture to put on craigslist and post

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So, despite DD getting sick last night (but then she seems fine today and is eating again... so odd!) I've managed to get a fair amount done already. Friday night we were at a museum overnight trip, so I guess I'm at least glad she was sick Saturday night instead of Friday! Hoping that it's something she ate and not contagious. If everyone gets sick in turn, it'll slow us down a lot. 


Got DDs clothes sorted and know what few items she needs to be set for spring/summer clothes. About halfway though DSs clothes. And about halfway through my own as well. 2 big trash bags of outgrown clothes, 1 kid and 1 adult, ready to donate or send to friends. 


Meal plan set and groceries bought. DH is re-painting the bathroom and patching holes today. 


What I haven't gotten to at all is the homeschool paperwork. If I get the clothes in order today, I think I may just push paperwork off a day. 


Both have to get done before Tuesday because we have my dad coming with his truck to help us move the dresser, homeschool cabinet, and a toy shelf; along with all the stuff from those; into a storage unit so the place will show better. The furniture is the key issue though, because we can move boxes of extraneous toys and books ourselves, whereas the furniture needs the big vehicle.

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Had the yardsale Saturday, made about $80 so gonna say sold 80 things. - still went with my concept of everything was a buck.

Took a bag to goodwill.  Send 2 boxes via fed ex, still have boxes in the living room to send and more to pack.  (I have a mental picture of what is left to pack and what is left to sell/donate/trash)

We are eating from the pantry/freezer.  Only buying minimal things for the next 3 weeks.  I need to find some subbing jobs because $$ is running out.

Spoke to my mother today and realized just how racist she is, this is total motivation to get a job as soon as I can, because I don't know how long I can tolerate her.

My apartment looks like a tornado hit.

I need to plan our drive(vacation) from 'here' to 'there'.  And I probably should determine how big my trunk really is, so I know what I can fit in there.


Ds has 2 more requests of things to do 'here' before we leave and I'm trying my best to schedule them into an already packed calendar.


I am beyond stressed, stressed for time, stressed for money, stressed for a job.  OMG, what have I gotten myself into??


There is another yard sale next week.  I want to start this one at 6am and just keep it going until everything is gone!


OMG there are 2 1/2 weeks until we leave.  I am in total panic mode right now.  OMG OMG OMG OMG



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Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post

I am beyond stressed, stressed for time, stressed for money, stressed for a job.  OMG, what have I gotten myself into??

OMG there are 2 1/2 weeks until we leave.  I am in total panic mode right now.  OMG OMG OMG OMG




Go easy on yourself, my dear.  What you've gotten yourself into is a plan that will make your life better; you just need to ride the wave until you reach the shore.  Do whatever you need to do to manage your anxiety and stress, knowing that it's short-term and immediately necessary.  If it's possible to step outside of yourself and pretend you are someone else lovingly packing for someone else's adventure of a lifetime, do it!!  Sometimes it helps me to dissociate from my anxiety if I step outside of myself for short periods and "pretend."


First, make a meal plan (get that out of the way) and follow it.  Then, pack.  The life plan will make itself after you move.  Don't even think about that plan yet - just get from point A (here) to point B (where you are going) and give yourself a week to recover, then think about the life plan.


You can do this.


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I'm on a slower schedule than some of you, and you all have my sympathy and thoughts (and excitement)! 


I scrapped the idea of getting the house on the market "early."  XH and I agreed on June 1st, and that's what it will be.  My neighbor two houses up is dying to see the house in case he might want to buy it (long shot, I think, but it's a lovely fantasy).  He wanted to come look last weekend, and I said no!!  I told him he had to wait until I was satisfied that it was ready to show.  I also told him he could see it first before I list it, and if he wants it we can negotiate without a realtor.  My fantasy is that he would buy it and let me stay on as a tenant at my current mortgage rate until we are ready to leave.


I'm doing things bit by bit.  Had a slump last week, but I do something every day.  The mountain in the garage is getting smaller.  The books are essentially decluttered and packed up.  The spring/summer clothes have been tried on and the remains packed away and back in the shed. 


The mold remediation guys are coming on Friday -- kids and I will be gone for the weekend -- and taking care of the mold in the attic.  The weatherization guys, who caused the problem, are covering the bill.  Hallelujah!


The septic system is limping along and not causing trouble as long as we are careful in our use of it.  No big deal to us, and at least I won't have to tell buyers it has failed, only that it is in need of attention.


The spring is here and pretty stuff is growing in my yard.  Someone from Time Trade is coming today/tomorrow to weed my flower and herb beds.  That is awesome.  My dad is bringing a rototiller in a few weeks so I can get my veggie garden in easily.  Once it's in, it will grow itself and look great.


I took a huge load of stuff to the dump (recycling, swap shop, dry compost, etc) on Saturday.  Things are moving out of my house, and hardly anything moving in to replace it, so eventually it all has to be decluttered, right??


I am enjoying the feel of a less-cluttered, tidier house!  And entertaining dreams of moving...

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LitMom can you share some of your easy cleanup meals?? Such a great idea! 


DTmama, what is brining you to the PNW? For us its mostly the weather and sceary! We are so sick of BLIZZARDS. Though we keep joking this last mild winder was trying to trick us into staying! :) 


We are going to have a yard sale in two weeks. We already had a "Free for all" with our first found of decluttering, round 2 is worth a lot more money though so I'd like to recoup pretty much anything we can.... even $80 would be nice. 

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Today I gave two trash bags of clothes/shoes to my sister and one big bag to my friend.  I also took all of the photo boxes off the top of my desk and packed them semi-permanently in tubs.  I know, it's not great to just put them in tubs, but the reality is, I don't have time for them right now, and they need to be tidy and packed away when we list the house.  Eventually I'll have the "leisure" to "just" go through my photos.  Maybe after the house has been on the market awhile and there are NO house projects left to do.  (Silver lining?)


I sent a sewing machine home with my sister (one less thing to store).  I also got help through the Time Trade from a woman who weeded my herb gardens yesterday and today.  Awesome to have her help!!  She game me some ideas for easily found perennials to fill up the bare spaces in my gardens.  The weeding was a great kind of decluttering.  Now I need some (free) mulch to make the gardens look tidier.


I realized I can move some stuff back where it goes in the downstairs playroom (stuff got moved around while I went through boxes and bins).  Little by little by little, it's getting done.


I am proud to report that the normal state of my bedroom is now TIDY.  Yay!  Also my living/dining room are super easy to clean up and the kids are doing a great job of keeping them tidy, too.  The kitchen goes up and down depending on the number of dirty dishes, but I'm trying to get in the habit of doing them more frequently and keeping the kitchen clean as a habit.


The bathrooms are uncluttered (the key is having almost no stuff in them...extra towels, toilet paper, a basket of bathtub toys, soap/shampoo, that's it.  We do have a basket of odds and ends in the closet but there really isn't much stuff in either bathroom.)  My bathroom decluttering secret is to not use beauty products, LOL.  Just plain Dr. Bronners bar soap, a foaming pump of hand soap (also Dr. Bs), and one kind of shampoo for the family.  A cup for toothbrushes and one kind of toothpaste.  Minimal products = minimal clutter.

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I wanted to stop lurking and post a big AWESOME work for everyone on here!


Our house is going on the market today!?!?! EEEK! And I've been following this thread for the last few weeks! We had a very cluttered house after Christmas and my husband went away for work by 1300Kms and so he hasn't been any help. We've decided to move to be with him and so I had 3 weeks to completely declutter, start packing, paint and get in contractors to finish the renos in the house...


We finished the Kitchen reno that we started 3 years ago, put in new carpet, painted most of the house, recaulked the bathtub, installed new blinds in a couple rooms, redid some electrical, cleaned up the back gardens/yard, redid the front garden completely and did a HUGE declutter and packed a bunch of stuff.


In the course of doing almost all by myself (I had some help from my parents last weekend and one of my amazing best friends has been coming out every week to help me do the most needed room of the week...) I got rid of over 50 boxes of donate (I'd say it's closer to 65-70) stuff, my two garbage cans have been overflowing each week and a trailer load of dump stuff a few weeks ago and then another two trailer loads of dump stuff this weekend. I have a few little things left to do today and then I'll continue touching up the paint on moulding here and there. And the regular cleaning but it's been a LONG few weeks and my poor kids are begging for mommy's attention.


But my Realtor came through before and was worried about me getting it all done... She came through again a couple days ago and decided to up the price! And she still hasn't see all the rooms completely "staged"... I hate it though. It feels so empty and unpersonable. But that's the goal right. 


So anyways I'm cheering you guys on! Doing it with help is hard and doing it by yourself is a mountain but you guys can do it and I look forward to your updates!


What helped me was checklists that I would write every morning and they would be super detailed. So that every little thing I did I felt accomplished when I checked it off of the list! And I made sure to write in "relax" or I'd even write in one or two of my favorite TV shows specifically so that it was on the list and I felt like I accomplished something even if it was frivolous! 


I can't wait to check back and hear your guys' process! I come by every few days and I'm amazed by some of the stuff you guys are doing! 

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Im still panicked but that feeling comes and goes.  Last night I sat down with my friend 'google' and started the actual planning of my trip.  Today I scheduled Savlation Army to come and pick up everything that is left here on 5/3. 


I took 2 grocery sacks of pantry items to the food bank donation bins today.  The library is collecting until 4/21 so the plan is to take a bag every day.  We have uglies and misc stuff that I won't be able to use in the next couple weeks.  Its time to get hard core about things.


I also mailed off 2 -50 lb boxes of books to my new location.  Those suckers were HEAVY.  The mailman is gonna hate me at the new place LOL.  This is 3 boxes and probably 150 lbs of books we are sending.  Maybe 1/2 of what we owned when I started this process.


Meal planning is going along, kinda winging it and eyeballing what I have - donating what I'm not going to use and going from there.  I need to make one last thing ( or 2 or 3) with my kitchaid then I need to pack her up and send her off.  (insert total infantile whine here).


I have so much to do and honestly I just want to take everything to the dumpster and say 'forget it all'  I GIVE UP.


I feel like I'm running out of energy, drive, MONEY, time and everything else.


This will be week THREE of a yard sale.  


My birthday was last weekend and it sucked big time!

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Got some much needed cleaning done today, M's room was becoming really bad. And managed to get another box of clothes to get rid of. Have a lot I want to get done before vacation May 1st. Wish me luck! 


DelightedButterfly- Good Job sounds like HUGE progress! 

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I'm getting so sick of this. I've gotten to the point where I just want to put it all in boxes and deal with it when I unpack it on the other end. But that is stupid.

I accidentally listed our home for sale on Craigslist before we were ready, and now it seems people are getting interested and we will need to start showing it soon. Eek! So today I got serious and staged the kitchen and front of the home. I figure if I just tackle one room each day it should be manageable.

Dinner tonight saw several meltdowns from my five year old, one from the toddler, and one from DH. Everyone is tired and stressed out. I just want this to be over.

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Well, we finished the clothes and homeschool paperwork, and moved out furniture for staging. Gave away the pile of girl clothes. Need to decide who to pass boy clothes too. Probably the friends with a boy 2 years younger versus the relative with a newborn. I don't think SIL is going to want to store stuff for years, even though she says she wants them. I think I'll ask our friend with a baby boy to pass her stuff down to SIL, plus of course set aside a few things we know SIL will love that will go right to her.


Calling the handyman today about re-grouting the tub. Struggling with the house staying clean enough for showing although we aren't to a showing stage yet. I have a roomba, but it doesn't get used as regularly as it should because there's no easy plug in spot for it. I think I need to find one, which should help. 


Then kids books, toys, and games. And grown up books, mostly to make room for the homeschool books that are staying. 

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Originally Posted by sk8boarder15 View Post

LitMom can you share some of your easy cleanup meals?? Such a great idea! 



Sorry, I didn't see this until now! I have a 2 week rotation of stuff I know my kids and DH will eat. Everything uses minimal cooking dishes, easy prep, simple ingredients. 20 minutes or less to make, unless it's crock pot, and 1 pan for clean up for almost all of them. This is ours:


1- Veggie chili (crock pot)

2- Mini Quiches (freeze some for lunches)

3- Gnocchi and sweet potato

4- Grilled cheese and soup

5- Pasta and sauce

6- Chickpea salad (crock pot, with quinoa)

7- Quesadillas and refried beans

8- Scrambled eggs and toast

9- Mac and cheese casserole

10- Carrot pancakes

11- Salad with cold mock chicken

12- Falafel


Plus one order in dinner a week. 

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Ok I need to feel good about today, even if I didn't get that much done.

DS and I got a very late start and began our afternoon, yes afternoon, at the Art Museum.  He was DYING to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit (traveling) and there were only a few more days left on the tour so we got that in.  YEAH for free passes from the library. I am going to miss the free library pass program when we leave.  We spent 2 hrs at the museum and only saw FLW and the 'Thorne Rooms'.  My DS loves those as well.  DS got a few little souvenirs from the FLW thing and I got myself a belated B'day present of earrings.  If I'm wearing them it takes up no space- right?


Then I stopped at the yardsale house and dropped of a box of items.  Came home, loaded up 3 of the 4 bookshelves and some art supplies for the sale. Took the worlds fastest shower and headed back out again.  Dropped off the car load of stuff (folding bookshelves, I sure hope I can find them again) and took DS to dinner, dropped DS off and went to an appt.  Went back to get DS and now we are home 10pm.


I am in the process of digging out all my bakeware to sell tomorrow. I can't move it and it's just easier to rebuy it when we get settled.  I am only moving the kitchenaid and maybe my good williams sonoma spatulas.  I can not believe the amount of stuff I've accumulated in a year.  The 'loss' I'm taking is sickening.  But hopefully I can rebuild in a few months and we will be much better off both financially and emotionally.


Tomorrow the sale starts at 6am, I probably won't sleep tonight.  


I still have about 6 boxes to pack and ship out of here.  I also have at least one more trip to the book seller place.


In less than 2 weeks we will be out of here.... this is becoming surreal.

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Originally Posted by sk8boarder15 View Post


DTmama, what is brining you to the PNW? For us its mostly the weather and sceary! We are so sick of BLIZZARDS. Though we keep joking this last mild winder was trying to trick us into staying! :) 


My partner and I had both considered moving there before we even met each other, but he was the one who pushed the idea more initially. He hates the traffic in Chicago and how long it takes to get anywhere. Wants to be closer to nature and all as well and just in general feels at home there.


I was attracted to it because it seems to have a lot of 'my kind of people' if that makes sense. Lots of geeky folk, large polyamorous community, green-minded, etc. I'd like to get involved with an intentional community after we get there hopefully.


We had made the same joke about Chicago trying to trick us with the weather this winter! Though the last week or so has definitely not made me want to stay, it feels like autumn!

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I'm jealous of you guys moving to the PNW!  Either that or Colorado is where I'd like to move to.  No idea where we will live once this house sells. 


I said awhile ago that I was done decluttering.  Ha! I got invited to be in a multi-family yardsale so I packed up a huge box of the more expensive things I hadn't wanted to donate.  Yardsale is in 2 weeks.  Also my DD had a huge growth spurt and so far I have 2 bags of clothes to give to a friend.  I need to finish going through the tub of handmedowns to see what summer clothes she can wear and what she is too big for.  Also I got rid of some more kitchen stuff and gave that to my cousin who's going off to osteopath school and getting her first apartment.  Her Mom had given me some old pots and pans when I had my first apartment so it felt good to give them to her daughter.

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The kids and I worked on toys today. 6 boxes full of toys they don't need til the new house. I was shocked that they said to pack up the playmobil and just keep out legos. I think those are two types of toys that tend to take over here, with all the little pieces. With just one type, it'll be easier to pitch everything in a box for open houses or showings. I think they'll still have plenty to play with. The "keep out" list is--Trains and wooden track, a few puzzles and montessori letter games, puppets, toy cars, musical instruments, and legos. Upstairs, they have a toy kitchen and dolls and doll furniture. I think I'm going to pare back to a few dolls and outfits, and one toy shopping basket full of toy food/dishes. 

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Actually, with the kids I focused on getting the things we're keeping in the apartment-- homeschool, books, and toy-wise -- back on the shelves. As DH and I are packing up the remaining stuff, sorting out what goes to storage for staging, and what to give away (looks like about 1/3 to donate/give away)... the boxes are piling up fast! There's 5 in the hallway right now, 3 next to me still being loaded, and I'm guessing we might have 10-12 total by tonight. Woohoo!


Clothes done, living room mostly done, kids room is not done yet. Kitchen is not done yet. (I have too many kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, etc. I do use them usually, but they're getting packed up for staging as well so people can see how much room there is in the cabinets.) All the painting is done. Regrouting in the bathroom and a bit of tile straightening needs to be done. Hoping to get the handyman in here for that this week. 

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