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Originally Posted by lunarlady View Post

I got a job offer today in our new hometown. I will finally be teaching the same place my DD will go to school. joy.gif. Also, it looked like we wouldn't get a mortgage without me working, so this was a really important milestone in making this move possible.
Things are coming together. I packed up all the cloth diapers today which was hard. But keeping the house "show ready" with a stinky bin of dirty cloth diapers sitting around wasn't going to work, nor am I willing to do a water heavy load every day for just 3-4 diapers also wasn't going to fly. So they went in the box and it is disposable ones until we move. It is weird to have diaper trash to take out instead of wash to do.
I'm stressing out about appliances. Our new home has some, but needs others. If we bring ours, they won't match and we would be breaking the matching set here. But if we don't bring them then priority 1 after the move is going to be buying thousands of dollars of new appliances. On top of all the moving expenses! I suppose we will do it on credit, but I'm still struggling with the idea.


make the appliances part of the negotiations when you sell.   Plus FWIW, appliances are bulky and heavy to move (think $$) and unless its a high tech fridge most of them are not that expensive.

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This weekend I unexpectedly decluttered our 16' square canvas pavilion tent, and all the poles and ropes and accoutrements that go with it.


The tent is technically XH's (via the divorce) but I was storing it for him temporarily.  My friend is borrowing the tent, with XH's blessing, for the friend's wedding next month.  And we figured out that after the wedding is done, the friend can deliver the tent to XH when I deliver the kids to XH, and bye bye tent.


So it left my house and it's not coming back.  It opened up some space in the garage and I started moving stuff around in there, and voila, it's less cluttered (though there's still a ways to go).  It also opened up a storage nook in my walk-in closet that I can now use for boxes of books that had no good home.  That tent was darn big to store!


I took down some wasp's nests this afternoon, or started to, anyway.  We're going to have a freeze tonight, and I will finish the job in the morning when the wasps are stunned by the cold.

I love the way the energy changes when stuff leaves the house and other stuff finds natural, uncluttered, logical storage places.


In other news, there is a "mystery" property that my parents and I are going to see on Sunday.  The realtor hasn't listed it yet but will be listing it this week, so he can't give us any info yet, which is kind of exciting and fun (for now, LOL).  The property is in the exact right part of the town we want to be in (from his vague description), quiet location but easy road access, 18 acres, "great spaces" in the house (whatever that means), enough space in the house that we could share it with my parents while they build (so, big?), and space on the property for building another small house, which is their plan.  I really hope this could be the one!  (Nothing new there...but so far it sounds great.)

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WTG Worthy.  I love when 'stuff' magically leaves your space.  I don't even want to know why you guys had what seems to be a carnival tent LOL.  As for me, the USPS lost an entire box of books.  Well, the box arrived but with one book and a mystery purse in it.  The other 50lbs of books are missing.  My kiddo is upset to say the least and I'm livid because irreplaceable school records and work was in that box.  Oh how I should've used FEX EX for everything.  But I did say we are starting over, so we can find new books and I guess I can re-create the documents and class notes for kiddo.

We are continuing to pack here.  We are leaving Weds or Thurs this week.  I have some hotel reservations made and tickets purchased for the activities that need tickets.    (reservations are made for Thurs-Mon).  I know where I need reservations for Mon-Tues pm.

Tomorrow all the library books are going back.  

Tonight a minimum of 3 bags of trash are going out.

I also got the tires rotated and new window wipers today- YEAH



We had an excellent list. I finished up the AZ 'bucket list' and took DS to Taliesin West. Frank Lloyd Wright house.  I've been here 13 years, it would've been a shame to leave and not see the place.  Now I can leave and not have 'guilt'  LOL.


I need to get things done so we can get out of town. 


I think I'm making progress   right?

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Well, here's how I did this weekend:


Enjoy relaxing with DP at a hotel for free one night (offered a free room after our last stay there,Nso we get a date for our anniversary early)
Go to leadership team meeting for local poly group, probably my last one greensad.gif

Get first box of CDs finished ripping (about 400) About 200 done from this box, 200 to go. He wrote the software himself, so it is rather glitchy and freezes up for hours at a time. Been running it whenever I'm home though.
Finish initial sort through of friend's papers didn't even touch this
See if I can drop off taxes that are ready for the accountant with exh for him to take to get done in IN (where we lived at the time). I think two years are ready to go completely and getting those done will be motivation to get the rest ready. Nope, didn't do this.
Make decision on buying scanner and order if we decide to  Ordered it tonight!
Make decision on changing cell phone companies/getting a tablet in progress. Hopefully going in to Sprint this week to talk to them, and DP is researching tablet options for me
Oh and supervise stepdad with 3 friends sleeping over tonight. We swap babysitting with their dad a lot, so it is our turn!

Packed rest of kid books (one box, one tub). got rid of a few more.

Got rid of a bunch of kid craft stuff. Donating to the preschool where the family I nanny for goes. Bagged up and ready to go.

Sorted a box, got rid of half of what is in it

General decluttering

Mattress given away on craigslist

Had DP cut apart all his old magazines so they are ready for me to scan

Took a load to thrift store, and dropped off stuff with my parents and ex-h

Picked up 3 tubs from my parent's house we had stored there.


List for tomorrow- I'm off all day, except an appt in the evening.

Finish first box of cd's

Send DP to use Groupon expiring in a few days for bike parts

Do all laundry (3 loads)

Finish initial sort through of papers

Assess back tax stuff and make a specific to-do list for them

Finish clearing off Expedit shelves


Doing all of this it is really hard not to have my anxiety triggered. A lot of guilt wrapped up in materials for homeschool/daycare/etc that didn't get used. Trying to just let go of that, and not bring those feelings with me to a new city. But it is really tough.


Officially less than 4 weeks until moving day! With graduation, a 4 day trip out of town, a going away party, and plenty of work between now and then!

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Goodness, Zebra, you are making awesome progress!  And managing your time really well.  Try not to think about those boxes -- they may magically turn up.


DTmama, you sure sloughed a lot of items off your list!  That's so good to see.


Wish I had a day off, but I don't.  Still, I got up early and finished removing ALL of the wasp's nests under our eaves and on the playset.  Poor waspies couldn't stand a chance, what with the 27F weather and my big bad broom.  No stings, not even a wasp chase.


Today I hope to pick up some bags of topsoil at Agway so I can patch the bare spots on my lawn and get the grass growing quick.  There is much more to do, but I am not going to let myself indulge, wahhhh.  Too much else to do today/tomorrow, and the weekend is quite full, but I'll maybe get a few things picked away at.


It's Monday -- good luck with the new week, everyone.

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ITS MONDAY!!!  Worthy, do not insight panic and riots OK?

I'm keeping a running list of progress today

1. Cleaned the stove

2. Continual progress on the pantry

3. one bag of trash to the dumpster  GO ME!

4. Lunch for all

5. Trying to work with zip files for DS new class - want to strangle the computer, do NOT have time to devote to this

6. Return Library books- cancel all holds and new orders

7. Drop off Rx

8. Pack and ship ALL clothes except what is going with us in the car  sent 2 boxes totaling 80 lbs

9. Call and cancel cable/internet a/o 5/4/12

10. Call and cancel electric a/c 5/4/12

11.  continue packing and tossing stuff... omg the end is near    DS is working on MORE LEGOS..  I am working on the kitchen and the desk.  I may need to buy 2 more boxes for a total of 4 more to send but thats ok...that would put me at 19 boxes total, under my goal of 20.  i can do this... I am a self sufficient woman.  I am capable.  There is nothing that will stop me.  GO ME!




Salavtion  Army is coming on Weds.. Everything must be done, shipped, packed and moved out so they can take the furniture donations, I then can do one final cleaning (vacuum) and then we can leave.  This is sooooooo stressful.  OMG.  I need so much help.

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Zebra that sucks about the boxes greensad.gif  Do they offer insurance to pay for replacing the books if they don't turn up?

Worthy that is exciting about the mystery property!


Our multi-family yardsale is this Saturday and I'm doing last minute preparations.  I've decided to get rid of most of the CD's I had left because realistically I just listen to Pandora most of the time.  I even went through the kids' art stuff and checked to see what markers were dried up that can be thrown away.  The upside of all this decluttering is that my house is so much easier to keep clean! 

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Earthy- This is the United States Post Office.  When shipping Media mail the consumer is SOL.  I'm dealing with it... we were 'starting over' so this is basically 'starting over'  As can be expected someone didn't call me back in the allotted 24 hrs and I'm just too busy to call them right now.

I told my DS once we get settled and inventory the boxes, realize what is gone, we can either try to replace the books, get new - different books or spend the $$ on something else.  I know he wants a couple box sets that are brand new (easter presents from me) so I can get those, the rest are DK jumbo books for science, some study guides for ACT/SAT, Titanic books,  stuff like that.  So... it could be an adventure this summer.  Who knows.

Lesson learned, do not use the post office, stick with fed ex!


I am making more progress this afternoon.  I sent a laundry basket with a friend FILLED with stuff.

Kiddo is packing up MORE legos (gosh we must have thousands of dollars of legos)

Threw out some shoes, packed the rest for shipping

Dinner is basically the rest of the freezer stuff


Tonight I want to clear off TIVO shows so I can return the cable box tomorrow or early weds.


I also need to deal with my desk- oh dear.

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I didn't know the USPS didn't cover books with insurance greensad.gif  I hate how companies don't gurantee their services/prodcuts anymore.  DH ued to haul mail for the post office and they had a huge bin at the processing center that was full of any package that got opened.  They sent the bins off to get destroyed and those bins were constantly full of  packages.  He saw all kinds of expensive things in there too.  Such a huge waste irked.gif

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Goals for today (this is probably my last full day here as I have the Salvation Army scheduled for tomorrow)

1. Finish packing boxes and ship them

2. Finish laundry and start packing the car

3. finish cleaning out the apartment

4. file my important papers and put them in the car Wed am

5. Move computers and all technology to the car Wed before we leave

6. Clean the apartment - bathroom, kitchen, fridge, floors and vacuum

7. p/u rx

8. p/u mail

9. pay last of rent

10 return cable box

11. take last of stuff to friends

12. get shelf out of closet


try not to collapse from exhaustion!

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Yesterday's list:

Finish first box of cd's

Send DP to use Groupon expiring in a few days for bike parts Didn't make it yesterday, but he's leaving for this in about 5 minutes

Do all laundry (3 loads)

Finish initial sort through of papers

Assess back tax stuff and make a specific to-do list for them Started this. Emailed Exh with some information we need that I'm assigning him to get for me, since he lives in that area still

Finish clearing off Expedit shelves


I also:

Bagged up the pile of stuff for the thrift store, amazing how quickly it grows

Decluttered my craft stuff

Packed up the last of the adult books mostly

Disassembled the Billy bookcase

Cleaned up the house some for more showings of the apartment tonight (annoyed at the landlord as he is advertising it as a 3 bedroom, which it is NOT. Apparently the upstairs neighbors are using the living room as a bedroom. Sorry, but that doesn't make it a 3 bedroom. Stop wasting my time with people who want a 3 bedroom when this is a 2.5 bedroom./end rant)


Tonight I'd like to get the Expedit shelf disassembled, but sleep seems a more viable option. I only work half a day tomorrow at least so hopefully can get more done in the afternoon and evening. Starting with making a list.... when I'm awake enough to do so!

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We' ve decided to rent our current home instead of selling it. This means instead of getting "show ready" for sale, we need to fix all the little things that a buyer wouldn't notice but a renter would want fixed (like the gate latch.). I wanted to sell but the market is so soft here now that comps are going for less than we can afford, and even then sit on the market for months and months. Sigh. I just want to be done with this place and on to something new.

Our friends are throwing a going away party on Sat., which will be fun but hard to say goodbye.
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Ive been out to the dumpster so many times today

I took 4 boxes to fed ex. I love those guys (I had to purchase 2 more boxes but thats ok, I'm still under my goal of 20 boxes,  I shipped 19)

The bedroom closets are cleared out

The laundry is basically done

Tomorrow am I need to clean the bathroom, the floors and then a final vacuum after donations are picked up

I need to load the car in the AM and continually make runs to the dumpster until this place is empty... why am I so far from the dumpster?


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Hey, can I jump in on this thread?


I have a reasonably big family (four kiddos) and just recently found out we're expecting someone new near the end of the year!  We have around 1800 square feet, and no basement (ack).  We use our garage for cars, and though I know I have a less stuff than most people with a family our size, with our home this small and a family about to expand I know I need to make tough decisions to prepare.  DH initially said that if we had another we'd move into another house (and we could afford that, likely we'd buy another and rent this one out), however there's that part of me that loves this location and the fact that my kids were born here.  Though it would be nice to have *breathing room* for the kids I think just getting closer to minimalism will accomplish that in a way.  Before kids, when we first moved in here, I was definitely living a more 'minimalist' lifestyle.  But, with the kids the stuff went up and I'm nowhere near that now.


I really want less stuff to make things run more efficiently in the family.  I have a feeling it's going to mean me making some rather tough decisions (like getting rid of craft stuff/yarn I haven't really been able to do much with since having a big family).  I really feel like I need to make a list of goals that I want to accomplish.  And, then use those guidelines to help me in what to let go of. 

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Donations are to be picked up this afternoon (230-530)

Reservations are made for the hotel this evening

Continual trips to the dumpster today

TV and lamp were delivered to new owner this am

Cable box was returned

Just need to grab some lunch and start loading the car soon




I never thought I would get to this point... Im going to sleep well tonight.

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Congrats Zebra! How does it feel to be done with this part?

Not the most productive here. This pregnancy is kicking my butt and I've been exhausted. Then added insomnia to the fatigue I already had last night.

I did get the Expedit shelf disassembled. Packed up a box of glassware yesterday. The new scanner came, so I set myself up at the table with a box of photos and the cd project at the same time. That was about it. Felt really off yesterday and am exhausted today, so I'll probably be heading to bed after work tonight.

Friday night is shot since we are doing dinner with a friend (was supposed to be tonight, but I feel like crap), then Saturday is graduation and tickets to the ballet in the evening. Sunday we're visiting my old church in IN one last time befores the move, but should have some time in the afternoon and evening. *sigh* feeling rather dejected right now.
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Congrats Zebra!!!!!

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Zebra is totally exhausted.  I may never recover.  I am getting way too old to keep relocating like this.

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Zebra!!!!!!!!  You are awesome, and you will recover AND thrive.  I am so proud of you. 


As for me, I am already falling in love with the prospect of the mystery property even though we haven't seen it yet.  It's in exactly the right neighborhood and has been completely (and well) updated except for the septic, as far as I know.  It seems to be kind of a plain-looking (on the outside) but very solid house with a beautiful interior, from the photos.   The parcel (18 acres) is a slope down to a flat field, but the field is very soggy and would need a drainage pond or some other fix.  I think that could be quite possible (my dad is hankering for a project like that). 


The taxes are high, the septic system is not new and is kind of an unknown, and the house is not externally appealing, though it is tidy.  It's a ranch but I think it could be made pretty energy efficient despite it's long flat layout.  There is a woodstove on one side of the house and a fireplace with a chimney on the other side, so possibility for two woodstoves.  Many possibilities.  But again, I'm getting all excited about something I haven't seen the inside of, LOL.  Tomorrow my parents are coming and we're going to see it.


I met with my realtors.  They gently guessed at some details of my situation that I had previously kept private, which is fine---basically my house is unlikely to sell for what I owe on it, but we are going to list it at that price anyway (they are being very gracious about this as it's not their company's practice to list properties too high).  They're going to quietly list it by the date mandated in our divorce agreement, but not advertise or show it until I'm finished with the fixit details, which will almost certainly take longer.  I'm really grateful to have these guys working with me.  One of them is the realtor we're working with on the buying end, too, so that helps I think, and the other is a woman who grew up in the town we currently live in, where the real estate situation is kind of problematic compared to other towns.


The problem is, I don't have enough time.  Does anyone?  It's going to be a Very Busy Month and I'm going to have to be super-disciplined about staying on track with getting the house ready.  Aaargh.  Maybe looking at this property tomorrow will give me a burst of energy and motivation to get through the house projects and keep all the other balls in the air!

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Our house is officially for rent. The sign in the yard and lockbox on the door really do make it hit home that we are leaving soon. My FIL flew to town to help my DH with the mile long honey-do list, which is wonderful. Things are slowly, slowly, slowly coming together.

Right now our biggest issue is getting the mortgage for our new home. I'm a teacher, and have a new job lined up in our new hometown. Even though I am currently employeed, and will technically be double employed in Aug, the bank doesn't want to give us a loan because I won't receive pay from the new job within 60 days of closing. This is dispute the fact that we are doing 20% down and my DH is getting a substantial pay raise. Gurr...current lending market is crazy. greensad.gif. Hopefully we will get this settled soon.
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