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Things are well.. they are going around here. I'm so busy with last goodbyes, and packing I barely have time for the computer (its been nice actually)! We did a TON of cleaning in the garage this week, just took out the 10 bags of garbage!!! Tomorrow my MIL is watching D'S for a few hours and putting him to bed, DH will be gone unfortunately, but My goal is to finish all of the basement except Doh's musical instruments (of which there are many). I hope to get all the boxes and random stuff either packed and moved up to the garage, donated, or trashed. Wish me luck. 


We have the truck (ABF) dropped off the 25th and being picked up the 30th. We are leaving August 2nd and arriving in Portland August 5th, the truck will come the next day.  There are lots of little details to work out, but I do have all our hotels planned out along the way. Our roomate is moving with us (but not into our house, yay!) so he can help us with the dogs and DS. Should be quite the adventure. We are going to practice walking the dogs so they aren't too crazy at the rest stops. Friday will be our first trial run. We will load all the dogs, and people in the car and drive around a little, then unload somewhere and go for a walk, 3 adults, 1 toddler, and 5 dogs. I'm sure the family with 5 dogs and 2 gingers will be quite the sight at all the reststops and gas stations.... Wish us luck. I'm still very afraid of losing a dog at a rest stop. Actually quite terrified. Oh well! Adventure! 

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I am still in limbo... have an offer in on a short sale and the bank is looking at it this week. this is the 2nd offer i've made, so i don't want to get my hopes up, yet my "packing" has been pretty much non-existant thus far.  i've been decluttering, but not packing. which is bad because it could be as little as 2 weeks from bank acceptance (which could be this week) to close.  My other hold up is that I don't have to be out of my current place until December and I'm currently only paying utilities, so I've been considering moving slowly anyway.  IF i get the new house, there would be a whole house full of carpets to rip up and hard woods to re-do before i could begin moving in anyway. i need some motivation though.  if the offer gets accepted, i'm going to be frantic and stressed trying to pack stuff, but i can't get my head in it right now just in case it doesn't happen. i don't have lots of storage area to keep packed up boxes either, so i'm feeling stalemated. ugh.

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The new house needs radon mitigation; anyone have experience with this?  The inspection went perfectly except the radon levels were unacceptably high.  So I assume we may not be able to move in as early as we had hoped, since that will need to be done first.  Also, once we close we're having ceilings fixed and painted, so we can't move in right away.  We are having my BIL do it so we need to accommodate his schedule (happy to do that but it may take longer as a result).


My kids are off on a 2.5 week adventure with their dad starting Wednesday evening, so I'll have time to pack and deal.  I think the timing couldn't be better. 


I am itching to get started on the packing but I need to wait!  I am trying to keep things very "normal" for the kids' last few days here, because it's possible we'll be moved when they come back, or at least this house will be completely packed up and unrecognizable as "home." 


We are having some neighbors over for a farewell get-together this afternoon.  Once that is done, I won't mind packing up the main areas of the house. We also have friends from Switzerland unavoidably visiting overnight Mon-Tue, but they will be easygoing and it will be okay.


However, I would like to fast-forward to Thursday, please!

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Neighborhood farewell get-together was a success.  Six households came!  We had a wonderful time.  Friends from Switzerland are coming to stay over tomorrow night, but they won't mind if the house is in disarray.  Soon I can just pack it all and get it behind me (easier said than done, I am sure.)


Today I made a rule for myself: no decluttering while packing established categories of things, like books/CDs/art supplies/kitchen stuff.  I have done SO much decluttering over the past several years.  I know when we move everything into the new house (i.e., put up new bookshelves and move the books into them, move the kitchen stuff into the new kitchen...) we will have to make decisions to fit things into different shape spaces, and that will amount to a final round of decluttering.  But in the interest of getting it done, I let my kids pack up the books (many, LOL) and we didn't let ourselves get distracted by trying to declutter as we packed.  It was a good choice.  Simplicity rules.  Again, I have already culled these books several times.  I'm sure once we get to our new place and get settled it, I'll have a fresh new perspective and more stuff will exit.


Also I'm only moving across town and can move kind of leisurely.  It would be a different ball of wax if I had to fit all our stuff in a certain size cargo container or something.


Today I had the kids move all the storage tubs from the backyard shed into our downstairs rec room (which was nearly empty).  I'm going to go through the tubs one last time and then they'll get packed and taken to the new house directly from that room.


The trick is going to be fitting what was in storage here into the new storage spaces we have there.  Less storage space.  I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.  I'm not one to measure and do the math -- I eyeball things.  So, we'll see -- literally.

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Worth, we just did Radon Mitigation on our new house. Its pretty simple. They basically install a ventalation system in your basment or crawl space to make the air pressure lower out side your home then in it, so the radon naturally vents to the outside. Once installed it only takes about 24 hours to get lower radon levels. 



We are having problems because the apprasial is delayed. We are all set to leave our house here on thursday, but may not have a new home to go to since closing will probably be a week later than expected. :(  I have a baby and 5 dogs so we really have nowhere else to go.... I contacted our relator nd I'm waiting to here back if the seller is willing to rent to us till closing. 

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Originally Posted by sk8boarder15 View Post

Worth, we just did Radon Mitigation on our new house. Its pretty simple. They basically install a ventalation system in your basment or crawl space to make the air pressure lower out side your home then in it, so the radon naturally vents to the outside. Once installed it only takes about 24 hours to get lower radon levels. 


Thanks, that sounds pretty simple.  We're waiting now to hear who is paying for it.


So sorry to hear your appraisal has been delayed.  I hope it's not by much and you can stay pretty close to schedule with your move!

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Our radon results came back and they are awesome! We split the cost with the seller, which ended up being $800 for us. Our new levels are at .7!! That's great! They are expected to drop even more over time. 


Our moving truck is loaded!! This week has been NONSTOP packing! Just going and going and going! Its been crazy. Now there is still a ton of stuff in the house we need to take to good will and all our stuff we are moving is in two small suitcases and 2 small back packs! 


We leave first thing Thursday morning and still don't know what day closing is on! 0.0 I'm stressing out about that a lot, but I'm sure it will all work out. Tomorrow they should be able to figure it out. 

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Hi -


Try this for help:-




Really helpful advice - and theres LOADS on organising and decluttering in general on that site

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I'm down for the count this week -- had surgery yesterday, have to strictly lie around for several days, and no heavy lifting for a week.  Makes packing difficult, but I'm trusting there will be time.


I'm starting to worry a bit about how much our storage space will be downsized in the new house.  I won't really know how things fit until we get there.  So I guess I'm preparing myself for some ruthless decluttering on that end.  We're only moving 20 minutes away, so I can afford to move things now and declutter more later.  I feel like I've done a stellar declutter job so far, but I'm in a much bigger space now than I will be.


It's hard to be thinking about these things and unable to lift a finger!  I guess I'll be that much more motivated when I've recovered and am back on the packing track.


We close on 8/16, the painters are working in the house 8/17-19, and then I guess we can start moving in on 8/20.  I'm planning to assemble a moving crew 8/24-25 to do the heavy moving.


So exciting.

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I need to join here, almost don't know where to start. We are putting the house on the market ASAP and moving probably within 7 weeks, DH is moving sooner than that. One friend offered some boxes for moving but won't bring those til next Sunday, I'm watching Craigslist for any more boxes before that. We do a pretty good job of keeping things decluttered in general here, I think it will mostly be packing and not so much of sorting and throwing out. Once out stuff is packed out of the way we have to paint and get carpet and get some siding fixed, and a bunch of other random small things.

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I'm back on my feet and have started packing.


Yesterday I called the local furniture/household consignment shop (it's huge) and today one of the owners came to look at my dining room set.  It's a really beautiful glass hutch and large dining table.  They were my XH's sister's, and for reasons of the memories they bring up, I need to unload them.  They are coming back tomorrow to take them away.  While she was here I made her look at the odd pieces of nice china I got from my grandmother (the ones I can't use)...she is taking almost all of them to sell.  The best thing is, if for some reason they don't sell in like 4-6 months, I don't have to take them back!  ROTFLMAO.gif


Once they are gone, I think we can fit all our stuff in the new house.


I packed up my car full of donations so when I next go to town I can take them all.  I have more ready to go on Saturday when the Swap Shop is open at the dump.


I also found a home for the stovepipe that will come out when we un-install our woodstove.  I won't need it where I'm going.


And I found a taker for for all of the autumn leaves I stockpiled for future mulch and never used (bags and bags of them).  My dad is taking my snowblower and  two lawnmowers (with grass bags) when he comes, so that will clear some space.


I freecycled a spare mattress yesterday.  Now we have exactly the right number, no more and no less.


I hate packing.  Everything I wrap and pack, I'm thinking, is this worth it?!  If the answer isn't 'yes', I won't keep it.  LOL.


So because they are coming tomorrow for my glass hutch, I had to empty it and pack all the breakables that were in it.  I also packed up our art stuff.  I packed 11 boxes.  Woohoo.


Yesterday I reviewed the contents of, wiped down, and labeled a whole pile of tubs.  Mostly hand-me-downs in specific sizes, costumes, winter gear, photos/albums/frames, canning jars, sewing stuff, fabric, camping gear. This is embarrassing:  45 18-gallon tubs and 13 10-gallon tubs.  It's all stuff that will stay in storage until it is needed or until I have time to deal with it.  That's what is left after the decluttering.  Oh, my.  I will have space for it all, though, or I wouldn't keep it.


XH doesn't know yet that I'm giving back a cabinet that is "his" -- I told him I'd keep it as long as I had a use for it and a place for it, and now I have neither.  He doesn't have much storage space, so he won't be happy about it, but whatever -- if he wants it, he'll find a way.  I am keeping two bookshelves that are "his" until he decides to claim them (with his permission)...at least I can put off replacing them for awhile if he doesn't want them back yet.


I need more cardboard boxes.  And some "fragile" stickers -- I bought some and they have disappeared.


I need more energy.


We are moving in about 2-1/2 weeks.  I can't tell if I have plenty of time or not enough time!

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Go, me!  I'm on a roll.  I spent the morning in the garage, boxing and labeling and going through stuff.  Just about every scrap of everything in that garage is moving with us and has a destination room.  There are a few small things I need to do in there still, like declutter the craft supplies (my sister will be the grateful recipient of our culled things).


Furniture people aren't here yet (due in 2 hours), but I found two other bulky consignment-worthy items while I was picking through the garage this morning.


I also splurged and ordered new sheets (cheap on sale with free shipping) for each of the kids.  They currently only each have one set of summertime sheets, so this will mean when we move their beds to the new house there will be new/clean sheets waiting for them to put on their beds.  love.gif  Made me very very happy to be able to do that. 


I'm freecycling a couple of other large items this evening.


Still have to mop the laundry room floor from when the raccoons got in and made a mess of it.  After that I can clean out the laundry room cabinets.  There isn't much there.


The kitchen is covered with all of the stuff from the garage that I determined should be put away somewhere other than in the garage.  I guess that is my next most important project to tackle.  Maybe tomorrow morning.

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I am all moved in to my new place! I moved in on Wednesday, and was all unpacked by Friday afternoon. That's the benefit of not having a bunch of junk! I adore my cute new apartment and it's all decorated adorably. Now to just KEEP it decluttered and organized!

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I am all moved in to my new place! I moved in on Wednesday, and was all unpacked by Friday afternoon. That's the benefit of not having a bunch of junk! I adore my cute new apartment and it's all decorated adorably. Now to just KEEP it decluttered and organized!


Wow, that is awesome -- and fast!  You rock, PenelopeJune.  Thanks so much for the update.  You can totally keep it organized and decluttered!

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We started today. DH and I sorted and packed up:

knitting stuff

sewing stuff


some books

reenactment clothes

pictures/wall hangings

board games

some electronics and wires


My nose is killing me from the dust we kicked up!


Also we moved a couple pieces of furniture out to the garage. We'll paint the LR and DR this weekend and see someone next week about carpeting the house. Left to pack up is the china in the hutch, another stack of books (need small boxes), the entertainment center electronics, sort and pack the kids' toys, off season clothes, blankets, the file cabinet documents, and everything in the kitchen that doesn't get used daily.


ETA: after I posted I was getting contractions from too much activity (17w pregnant) so DH finished up the china packing that day. Since then I've packed books, some of the toys, the coats and extra sweaters, and some hand me downs not my kids' current sizes. I might get baby blankets and vases packed today too, and spare canning jars (combining soft and breakable stuff to minimize packing material purchases). Tonight we disassemble and pack the electronics from the living room and start taping for paint.

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Yay, JamieCatheryn!  Good work.


Early this morning my neighbor (a well-known local businessman) said he had someone interested in my house.  They arranged to come by at 6pm.  This is kind of funny because I am not actively trying to sell my house right at this moment, but I spent the day moving and cleaning and tidying and spiffing and mopping and scrubbing and all that good stuff.  I even had some friends come over spur-of-the-moment to help get things done. 


My kids have been with their dad for 3 weeks and they are coming home tomorrow.  I basically tore the house apart with packing while they were gone.  We are not quite ready to move yet and I wanted the house to seem semi-normal for them to come home to.  But there was a ton of laundry, boxes in the living space, etc. 


Well, the house is NOW in FINE shape, tyvm.  Neighbor came over at 6pm, and the interested family didn't show up.  There was a misunderstanding and they thought it was tomorrow -- can't do tomorrow because I'm picking up my kids.  So they are coming Wednesday, which is a crrrrrraaaaaazy day for me, but hey, if they want my house and can pay me what I need to pay the bank, I will gladly sell it to them!  Also, I would really love to know a nice family is moving in.  They have four kids, like us, and this house is laid out great for that.


Despite the frustration, the upside is, my house is now  totally spick and span, and most of the packing is done (if I ignore the kitchen, which merits its own pack-and-move day with a dear friend).


We close on the house on Wed.  My dad is coming on Friday to swap my own washer/dryer with the ones in the new house.  (Mine are nicer.)  The new house is getting painted over the weekend, and then we can start moving in.  OMG!!


I am really proud of all the decluttering and packing I've done.  Still have a bit to do, mostly a pile of random stuff in my bedroom, and I have to decide whether to take things out of drawers or just move the drawers with the stuff in them (any thoughts on that?)  We are moving locally in several trips over several days, so we don't have to pack efficiently in a moving van or anything like that.


I bought some XXL Ziplock bags to put our washed-and-squashed (LOL) down comforters in, both for the move and for later storage.  Best plan ever.  Love them!  If you get a kid to lay down on them when they're in the bag, while you mush all the air out and then zip, they're almost as good as vacuum bags.  I bought extra and I'm going to use them for blankets, too.


One thing I'm having a hard time with is visualizing whether certain pieces of furniture will actually fit where I want them in the new house!  (And the new house has fewer kitchen cabinets...lots fewer...hmm.)  I guess I just have to get there and find out.  Hopefully it will all work out.


How is everyone else doing?

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Wow, you are all making fantastic progress. 


WE ARE MOVED!! And I've been so busy unpacking and organizing I haven't been on MDC is a while! We have a lot more unpacked at this point then I thought, now we are down to nitty gritty and its getting hard. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a smaller house. Everything is closer together, everything is easier to clean. Its hard having the dogs in this small of a space, but once the fence is fully secure they will be able to spend much more of their day outside. 


We had to buy a lot of furniture, are our living room ended up being all IKEA, but I'm happy with it! We still need a dining room table but a struggling to find one small enough. We are thinking a circle might be best, any input on the best dining tables for small spaces?

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We closed on our house today.  I am exhausted -- I'll update later.   We start moving in on Monday.

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Can I join? We are moving from a 2 BR townhouse to a 4 BR house, so while we don't need to downsize our stuff since we will have more space (which, with a baby and planning for more, and my husband WAH part-time, we will need), and we're moving locally, I don't want to move a ton of crap that we aren't going to use. We're now looking at stuff going "Do we really want to move that?" I've decluttered a lot already this year, but now my husband is actually motivated to declutter some of his crap! Which previously he hung onto with the "I might use it" rationale. Does he really need a bunch of out-of-style shirts that haven't fit him in 10 years?


I haven't moved in years--my husband and I have lived in this place since we moved in together, and when I moved in here I was moving out of a shared space with friends and had hardly any furniture. This is our first BIG move and having a baby really limits the amount of available time to do stuff. I'm concerned about getting all the packing done (I can start with some stuff now and work on it gradually, but a lot of stuff will have to stay out and be packed on a tight turnaround), and with getting the old place clean. Luckily, the new place is in great condition and there isn't anything we want to change before we move in.  If we stick with our current closing & possession dates we will have about 5 days where we have both places. We can pay for more time & will if necessary, but I do hope we don't have to. Friends have offered to help us move, but I'd really rather hire movers, so maybe I can talk our friends into either watching the baby while we pack or helping clean the old place after we move.

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I'm still packing.  I packed up my huge walk-in closet today.  Bedding (blankets, sheets, comforters, etc) went in those awesome XXL ziplock bags.  I packed up three bins of sweaters and one of wool socks (yes, I have a lot, and no, I'm not paring down any further!)  All that is left is my bureau, hanging shoe holders, and dresses/skirts/blouses on hangers.  I *think* they will all fit in my new closet, which is significantly smaller.  (Oh, and an accordion--gotta move that out with the instruments.)

Not sure about my clothes/dresser, should I move the drawers separate from the dresser, or just not take the drawers or clothes out when we move the dresser?


I also emptied some of the cabinets in my laundry room.  Not quite finished though.


I still need to doublecheck and/or write labels on some bins and boxes, bring things up from the basement (not much -- tools, mostly), organize the garage better.  When the trucks and friends come on Saturday, I'll have them move the furniture, tubs, and book boxes first to get those done and in place before the more random stuff goes.  I will stay at the old house to run the show there, and my 14yo DS said he'd like to be the one running things at the new house.  I hope he can be assertive enough, but he does really like being "the boss" and he's smart about logistics so I think it should be fine -- and will give him a boost to help that way.


My dad and 14yo DS moved our washer and dryer into the new cellar and removed the old ones, which I am giving to a friend.  Another friend took away a clawfoot bathtub and a large table that was in pieces and came with the house that I didn't want.  My BIL and his twin painted the ceilings and upstairs walls yesterday and today, though they forgot their shopvac and I'm going to have to vacuum up a lot of dust.  (No biggie; my BIL is way overworked and I'd rather he go home to my sister anyway.)


Over the past couple of days, I moved kitchen necessities (just enough to get by, as if we were renting a summer cabin!) and the kids moved some of their personal stuff in boxes.  We wanted the house empty for the ceiling painting.


Tomorrow we'll take another carload of stuff, and then Monday we'll move just the beds.  It's interesting going through the process of thinking of what is absolutely necessary and what can wait a week, and what I'm undecided about.  We definitely have less room for furniture.


And the cellar needs some work done, and my dad says we can't put anything else (tubs of stuff) in the cellar until that's done, so suddenly I have less storage space than I imagined.


Sorry, I just needed to do a little brain-dump here.  Lots to think about in terms of "do we really need to move this?"  Lesser pieces of furniture, like small shelving, etc, I wonder about.  I guess we'll get it there and then do a final purge when we see what will and won't fit.


We are having a nice, gradual transition.  I've left the basic decorations up (a few large framed pictures, candles on the mantel, calendar, etc) so the house still feels like "ours," but they'll go down after our last sleep.  Two more sleeps to go. 

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