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Morning Sickness Remedies

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I felt compelled to share the research I did on morning sickness. Most of the info is ancedetal. I survived hyperemesis gravidum with my first pregnancy and with a toddler, I am determined to do my best to alleviate my MS symptoms. I can say right off, the Sea Band (motion sickness wrist bands) has taken the edge off my MS. Plus, I eat a snack every time my DS wakes up to nurse and my stomach isn't quite so empty when I wake up. My provider suggested vitamin B6 in the form of candy (preggy pops) and Emitrol (an anti-nausea powder for children) to help me drink my fluids (liquids aggravate my MS). Momma's, please add what you find has or is helping you. Here's the info:

MS Remedies

~ Emitrol, anti-nausea powder for kids. Safe for pregnant women

~ Vit B6, 20 mg every 6 hrs, not to exceed 200 mg/day

~ The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recommends monotherapy with 10–25 mg of vitamin B6 three or four times a day to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. If the patient's condition does not improve, ACOG recommends adding doxylamine.

~ Okay, so this is my 7th pregnancy. I have discovered things that I wish I had known from the first one. hCG, the hormone you produce in early pregnancy to help build your placenta, may be the culprit. Your levels start to come back down around week 12 or so. Until then, I've had success with making sure all my bases are covered. The first is make sure you are eating enough protein! A pregnant woman needs around 100 grams per day, give or take according to your structure. Next, water, water, water. Make sure you drink half your weight in ounces per day. Another requirement is sleep. If you are over tired or not getting enough, nausea will be worse. The last is make sure your bowels are moving. Being constipated can cause nausea to be worse.

~ Preggy pop drops are a sour natural candy and whenever you start to feel queasy just slowing eat or suck on one. 

~ Just a regular peppermint candy helps calm your stomach.

~ I take an orange with a pinch of salt to ease the nausea.

~ Water with a pinch of salt and sugar.

~ Ginger in lemon tea.

~ Apples or apple juice.

~ Ginger beer with out artificial sweetness is amazing!

~ Try and keep your blood sugar level even don't eat things that will spike it or let it drop, the fuller my stomach the less I feel sick.

~ Travel sickness bands, don't take off!

~ For those of you throwing up right after eating, try what they call "dry eating". Do not drink anything a half hour before or one hour after you eat.

~ So, I happened across the lemon charm! YUM and what a savior. I added a little bit of salt, and ate it slowly.

~ Part of what makes me nauseous is acid reflux which happens to a lot of us with intense pregnancy nausea. Acupuncture helped immensely with the reflux. My acupuncturist left acupuncture "tacks" which I've had in for over a week and has helped a lot. Still super nauseous but I haven't vomited since they've been in. It's worth a shot! 

~ I've read that hypnosis works on about 80% of women suffering from HG. It is all triggered by the emetic center of your brain, so I figured it can't hurt.

~ What I did was mix crystal light, salt, honey, and a little sugar.

~ A lady I worked with said when she carried her 9+lb-each-twin-boys she was really sick. The only thing that helped her symptoms was to eat lemon heads. 

~ I called my doc and they suggested vitamin B6 supplements (25mg 3x's daily)

~ I have found that eating a few saltine crackers before you even raise your head in the morning..Yes, ladies leave them by your bedside with bottled water. The minute you open your eyes or even raise your head..EAT!! This has helped almost everyone who has tried it.

~Sip on Bitter Lemon by Schweppes whenever you feel sickness coming on.

~ I got this watch type thing called a "Relief Band". You wear it on the inside of your wrist and it sends a pulse to a certain nerve. After I started wearing it, I stopped throwing up.

~ Herbs:
-Ginger is well-known for its nausea reducing qualities, and many women have had success with ginger tea for relieving their morning sickness. 
- The herb I found most useful was peppermint.
- Fennel seeds also relieve queasiness, whether in tea or simply chewing on the seeds. 
- Slippery Elm is another herb that may calm your stomach.

~ Foods:
- Almonds are the best food for morning sickness. The key is to not eat too much at one time during the first trimester, yet you should never leave your stomach empty. My midwives suggested keeping a jar of almonds by my bed, so that every time I had to get up to go to the bathroom, I could eat a handful of almonds. Chewing the almonds for as long as possible before swallowing them releases the enzymes in your mouth, where they are absorbed faster by your body. 
- Other enzyme rich foods, such as papaya and pineapple, can also help with morning sickness. 
- There is also a link between low blood sugar and morning sickness, so it is important to eat small snacks throughout the day.

~ Lifestyle Practices:
- Gentle walks in the fresh air, even though you may not feel up to it, really do help alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness, as well as prepare you for labor. My midwives recommended at least a mile walk a day
- Yoga also helps alleviate nausea, and you may find your pregnant body more limber than you are used to. 
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Great information!

I am definitely finding that movement, especially in fresh air helps a lot.

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Ugh.  I got in a horrible cycle today.  Super sick feeling.  Then headache.  Then the headache made things worse (sensory overload).  Couldn't find anything I wanted to eat.  Plus, I was hosting our sixth annual cookie decorating party.  Making the cookies and frosting all day was pretty tough.  Luckily I got some relief during the party...put on SeaBand things and tried to force some food down.  Ugh.  Weeks 8-11 are usually the worst for me and I'm really starting to feel it here at 7.5.  Gah!  I don't know how I'll host Christmas....

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Where do you find ginger beer?

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whole foods usually has ginger beer - I actually saw some at better health health food store the other day.


I got sea bands yesterday. They REALLY helped. They took about an hour to work - but then they worked for about 6 hours until I took them off to sleep. They don't make me feel 100% but they really make me less nauseous. The one problem is that they don't seem to make food any more appealing - so I still had to force myself to eat. But I do feel about 75% better with them on and when I do feel a little nauseous - I squeeze them and POW - better again.


Preggy drops (not pops) also work for me. I just ran through a box in less than a week. Scary.


100% juice grapefruit juice is also working wonders for me.


I also find that if I have mango/peach greek yogurt first thing in the morning - I have 1-2 hours of relief to start my workday.


Working out makes me feel better too. I did a 2 hour yoga and zumba workout yesterday. I'm sure that had to do with how great I felt the rest of the day (on top of the sea bands).

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Great information, some of it I knew and some is new information to me. Thank you.

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Anyone's MW or Dr. give the green light for Emetrol?  I left a voice message for my MW, but since my first real appointment isn't until Wednesday (and they are closed until Tuesday), I don't have an urgent way of getting a hold of anyone. I'm desperate, but am so hesitant to take anything, even over the counter.

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My OB did.

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See, i wish I was well enough to eat ANYTHING. Even matzah (like unsalted saltines, blander than saltines if you can dig it!) makes me queasy. 


For me here, its def. not the nausea that's causing my issues. I've got like VERTIGO, that then triggers BAD nausea and a migraine like headache. Basically, being pregnant so far has been one long 4 week migraine. If I take the zofran before I get out of bed? I can actually function at about 1/2 capacity with is a humongous improvement. I'm also nursing thing #1 still so hydration is more important than just regular pregnancy. 


My MW did say "some people are just extra sensitive, it seems like you're one of them, hang in there, 4 more weeks til it SHOULD clear up! " 



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I got Sea Bands from a friend and I do think they help a bit.  Really the cure is to eat, even if it feels horrible when I'm doing it.  Apple with PB or a slice of cheese or a few almonds -- protein really is the best.  Sugar is very unappealing and seems to make the morning sickness worse -- and I'm usually all for sweets.  Carbs don't help either.  This is my third pregnancy and I finally feel like I'm figuring it out ;)

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I'm a recent convert to the Sea Band phenomena. They are amazing. I put them on when I wasn't feeling very nauseous and took them off when I'm normally sick. As soon as I took them off, I was super sick to my stomach. I put them back on...and I felt much better! They are totally worth trying, in my opinion!

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Peppermint Altoids are saving my life right now. I can't stomach the thought of saltines in the morning but the peppermint almost totally eliminates nausea.
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I finally started the B6 supplements Saturday. I have felt a world better since. I'm not 100% but it certainly keeps me from being nauseous 24/7. In fact - I actually enjoyed family for 2 hours last night. That's more than I've been able to stand in the last 3 weeks without feeling the need to lay down. My doc said I could take 50mg/6 times a day. I take 50mg/4 times a day. Works well. I also wear my sea bands most of the day.

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This pregnancy is mild with morning sickness compared to some of my others, but some things that are helping me: eating frequently (I'm finding if I get hungry, the nausea gets worse) and COLD, frozen beverages.  Something about numbing my belly helps.  My favorites have been a home made mint chocolate chip ice cream milkshake made by my favorite local ice cream shop and an eggnog milkshake from McD's.  Not the super healthiest, but it seems to be helping.  I remember learning in Bradley classes that papaya helps with heartburn, so I've been wondering if it would help with nausea.  I tried B6 with another pregnancy without any success so I'm just trying to survive this time.

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My Sea Bands are working very well for me too, I wish I knew about them with my last pregnancy. Pressing down on the plastic thingy really helps lessen waves of nausea, hallelujah!

I'm having the same ussue I fid with my last pregnancy, no thirst response and when I do drink a fluid it makes my nausea worse! I have discovered that drinking hot coccoa in the morning (I began drinking it early on, to replace my beloved coffee habit) is tolerated very well, maybe I should just drink warm stuff instead of cold. Any idea's? It is the no thirst response that bothers me, for I am still nursing my DS and I am struggling to stay hydrated. Sigh
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For the ladies who use Sea Bands, is it normal/ok for them to leave marks on your wrists that last awhile? They do seem to work at least a little when my m/s is at its worst (at night). 


My latest/favorite remedy is the lemon ginger snap cookies I got at Ikea. I bring some to work and eat them between meals when I'm getting that queasy feeling. I'm going to have to stock up on these (fortunately, I live a short walk from Ikea). 

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The sea bands leave big marks on my wrists and I assumed that's what they were supposed to do. I wouldn't worry about it!

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The seabands also leave marks here.

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thanks for the notes, especially re: sea bands.  I've never tried those but my tolerance for feeling sick is so low I'm up for anything.  I've done three spoonfuls of ginger powder today mixed with honey to help it slide down.  I'm not certain but it may have helped! :)  I want to cut out sugar but need the honey to get it down.


I've not yet contacted a MW for this pregnancy so I've not asked anyone re: B6.  Never tried that.  This is the most proactive I've ever been with ms as I do NOT feel up to dealing with it, and what I recall is that though I've never actually vomited - have huge fears of that - I might feel pretty darn sick here in a couple of weeks.  But I'll feel better prepared if the ginger is really helpful as well as giving sea bands a try.

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