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Salt is definitely the key for me.  I usually have a major sweet tooth, but I can't tolerate anything sweet right now.  Even ginger ale makes me feel sick.  Today I've managed to choke down ants-on-a-log minus the actual ants (and with added salt) and french fries from the cafeteria at work, with fry sauce.   Last night it was ramen soup.  It feels so strange to have girl scout cookies in my freezer and holiday candy in my cabinet, and not be the least bit interested in eating any of it.


I'd love more suggestions on hydration.  I can't take ginger ale, I'm guessing ginger beer would get the same reaction, plain water is the worst, and water with lemon is no better.  I'm thinking of stocking up on chicken broth, and drinking that instead of water.

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Okay, could be total coincidence but I took 50 mg of B6 and I feel a lot better. I wonder where people are finding 20 mg pills? I could only find 100s and split them..


Oh and Feral, ginger ale is waaay too sweet for me, too. I have been cutting in half with lemon seltzer water and I love it! I call it my "mocktail." :)



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They do make ginger "crystals" that you can mix with hot or cold water to drink. You can then sweeten to taste if necessary. EDIT: Turns out these have sugar/honey in them. I bought some awhile back but haven't tried it yet to see how sweet it is. 


If you like salty things, maybe adding salt to lemon juice & mixing with water would work? I made a version of this (lightly sweetened & with sparklng water & spices) over the summer and it was really refreshing. 


Thanks for the feedback on the sea bands. I don't like how tight they are but I would rather have itchy wrists than feel queasy. 

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I'm sorry you ladies are dealing with this..

After three uneventful pregnancies, it seems I can't be up for more than two hours without laying down for twenty minutes...I'm very queasy and have vertigo like symptoms if I don't get enough rest...ugh. So not used to this!

Its interesting, seems the only things I can stomach are ramen, and dairy..lol and I have to to ally be in the mood for them. I haven't actually thrown up yet but I have come pretty close.

Here's hoping that this doesn't last longer than necessary for all of us!
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Ever since I got really sick on Wed night (vomiting and diarrhea), I continue to be queasy, although the last time I vomited was Thurs am. I just don't trust food anymore :( and I think that's the worst part. I think I reacted badly to the food I ate that day and my body just wanted to get rid of all of it (which it did remarkably well), but since I'm still kind of nauseated, I am unsure what to attribute it to.


I think I need to eat smaller portions more frequently, since my first real meal last night was a huge salad and it made me feel horrible. Probably because we had been traveling all day and I was starving.  


What helped me recuperate a lot on Thurs was crushed ice with lemonade, lemon sorbet, and bland vegetable broth. I just ate some of Annie's mac and cheese and added broccoli and so far so good. I woke up nauseated this morning and breakfast of toast and yogurt didn't help, but suddenly after the mac and cheese I'm feeling better. 


I am afraid of ginger chews because that was the last thing I ate before my terrible episode.


Dh bought the ingredients for a special dish he made last NY eve and now I'm worried I won't be able to stomach it. I will try. I did have a thought on Wed. that I didn't want to eat where my mom suggested, but since I rarely see her and wanted to make her happy, I did it. Now I know: trust my instincts about food!!!

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Andaluza, I'm sorry you had such a bad few days!

I just went on a two hour round trip to the health food store with two little ones that was pretty..well..trying.

I am so nauseous. It's awful. They only had the ginger chews there and I wasn't sure they work so I really didn't want to spend the ten dollars on it. Ugh. Crushed ice and lemonade sound good right now.

Would the b super complex work as well as just b6?
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I lost my darn Sea Bands! I had them the other day, took them off before we went out, and now they're M.I.A. They do help me a bit. I am really nauseous since about a week ago. The past 4 days have been really awful. I rarely/never throw up, I just have a constant, 24/7 nausea and belching. Eew.

All I can tolerate right now, though not the best, is turkey and provolone cheese on a white sub roll with shredded lettuce and tomato and lots of red vinegar. And they really need to be from my one local deli or else the sanwich tastes "weird" to me. Vinegar and lettuce work ok for me. Beverages are hard. I alternate between weak weak weak Country Time powdered lemonade and ice cream sodas made with caffeine free Coke. Weird. I nearly threw up smelling the sweetness of my kids' juice. I even located a random pack of fruity gum zipped inside my husbands's leather laptop bag!!! The odor was killing me! I cannot stomach the smell of the spices in my pantry and hold my breath whenever I have to get something out for the kids. And now...the toddler pooped. Hold my breath again...

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I tried the sea bands years ago for nausea on long winding-road bus rides we had to take in Spain. I'm considering trying them again, but this is my memory of them and I wonder if anyone else has had this experience: when I took them off, I felt as though my stomach turned on again, like it suddenly filled with liquid or something. It was such a weird feeling.

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Andaluza - I certainly felt that way the first week or two that I used them. I would feel like death each night when I took them off. But now I also take B6 all day and right before bed - so I don't feel as bad when I take them off. Sometimes I even eat a little something at night right before bed - that seems to really help.

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i got the sea bands yesterday and they seem to be helping. i also started having rice and avocado in the middle of the night w/ olive oil and salt mixed in, and immediately upon awakening. that seemed to help, although i'm going to try rolled up turkey w/ avocado in it tonight bc the olive oil left a bad taste in my mouth.

lots of small meals through out the day seem to help too. lots of liquids, although that's often the last thing i want to do. but they make me feel better in the long run.


i also have been having nettle, raspberry, oat and a third herb i can't remember tea every day. extra raspberry to help it taste better. :)

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I am still a little afraid of food, but if I eat slowly and keep to small portions I'm better. I am getting weird gas after I eat, which seems to trigger some discomfort (and bad memories of illness). I can't drink when eating anymore. I think that problem is making me drink less water, which I'm not pleased about since I'm still very thirsty. 


I ate a few stoned wheat crackers before getting out of bed and that made the morning better than yesterday!

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I was flat on my back for the past two weeks. Luckily, I had some time off after Christmas, but I was still missing some work. I had tried everything....I mean everything. Emetrol, Unisome/B6 mixture, sea bands, ginger gum, crackers, tea, every holistic and food remedy I read about...and some things would work for a few hours/a day. But then I'd be back to vomiting and nausea. At one point this past weekend, I went over 24 hours without keeping anything down, not even water.


Yesterday I broke down and called my MW. I'm starting a new job on Monday and cannot be out sick. So she gave me a really low dose prescription for the anti-nausea medication Zofran and oh my goodness, it's my saving grace. Since taking the first pill, the nausea went away (along with the constant gagging).  I can sit upright, I can go to work, I can EAT soup and drink fluids. 


This is definitely not the au natural pregnancy I came to the table wanting, but once I started having serious thoughts of terminating the pregnancy, I knew this wasn't healthy. I really wish I could have avoided medication altogether, but hopefully I don't need to take it for very long. It's just comforting to find something that worked.

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Hey, we all have to function still. I'm so happy you are getting something to help. Good luck at your new job!!
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B6 and lemons for dinner over here.


Ugh, I feel awful. Poor huz made me Greek egg lemon soup because that's what I've been craving and the smell in the house is making me worse.



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Willovia - you make me wanna get some zofran now. Not sure DH would be ok with that.. although - he's watched me vomit - he might not mind so much now. B6 is my BFF though.

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Willovia I am glad you are feeling better.  

Boots were you ever able to eat the soup?  

Mona glad the seabands are working for you.

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Thanks, Jamie! I'm excited.


Thebyr - DH doesn't love the idea. He kept asking, "Do you really need it?" But now that he sees what a difference it made, he is more supportive. He really felt helpless. There was nothing he could do, other than rub my back while I purged day after day. He started to get very worried, which is why I think he was okay with me trying it. Last night, for a few mins I couldn't find my prescription and HE started to freak out. So, for the short-term, I'm okay with using it. It really is the only thing that's helped me. But I still use my sea bands, B6 and ginger for good measure. thumb.gif

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So glad it's working for you and that DH sees that it's working. Well - I have two more weeks until i hit the 12 week mark.. If I still have serious nausea after 12 weeks - I'm gonna ask for Zofran. I only went to work one day this week. I felt terrible.

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I'm going to my first acupuncture appointment tomorrow and I'll let y'all know how it goes. I'm really looking forward to it and I've heard so many people say that it helps with morning sickness. The awesome thing is that my insurance is covering my appointments! So, if any of you ladies are feeling drastic, but don't want to try zofran, maybe try acupuncture. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield and they cover acupuncture if you get a note from your doctor saying that you "medically need" it. Pregnancy is considered a medical need, due to nausea, headaches, sore hips, etc. 

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Acupuncture works. Seriously. I haven't felt this good in a month. I can eat, have energy and am in a good mood. It's amazing! I totally recommend it!

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