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I certainly don't believe you are deliberately lying.  I think it's possible that your measurement was off.  I have seen many parents think their child is close to outgrowing a seat when there's actually several inches of room.

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Originally Posted by chickabiddy View Post

I certainly don't believe you are deliberately lying.  I think it's possible that your measurement was off.  I have seen many parents think their child is close to outgrowing a seat when there's actually several inches of room.

Yup, this.  It would be essentially physically impossible for a child of that height to outgrow the EFTA rear facing.   Just not possible with human children.   

Like chickabiddy, I have frequently seen parents panic about outgrowing when the child actually has several years left. 

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Well I don't have it anymore to see I'm sure it's possible I panicked but I remember showing a few people from LLL and they all said the same thing. Got to thinking last night and am wondering if her big cloth bum had something to do with it? IDK. She was on the last buckle position/slot on the seat too.


So with the RXT it's a high back booster and not a backless booster?

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The Radian does not convert to a backless booster. It is a high back booster that will be outgrown by height the same time that the harness is outgrown by height, so it does not add any length to the life of the seat. 

Even with a cloth diaper, it is simply not possible for a child that size to outgrow an EFTA in the rear facing position.   LLL members are great breastfeeding support, but they aren't child passenger safety technicians (i mean, not by default.) 

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Right OK good to know thanks!

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Maedze,  I have one more question for you and hopefully you will see this to reply to.  Otherwise, I'll try PMing you on this...


I have a 2011 Ford Explorer - even with the RF infant bucket seat in now, theres a tiny bit of a gap between the seat and the passenger seat (there was no way to put either car seat in the center seat as my car - according to DH - does not allow it.  My concern is that the Radian RF will be very tall and rest right on the passenger seat.  I'm sure of it - as it is obviously much bigger than my Peg Perego bucket seat.  I checked my car's owner's manual and the only thing I could find regarding that concern was...not a quote...but...the airbags will not inflate if...the sensors detect there is an infant seat, older child, or booster seat.  So, I guess I'm okay if it rests.  I know I mentioned I bought the angle adjuster; I guess that could work to my advantage but still was curious if you knew if the seat resting on the passenger seat was a no no or okay.  

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Your husband is correct;  modern cars have something called 'active airbags' which are responsive to the size of the adult passenger in the vehicle seat.  A child restraint in the rear seat pressing against the front vehicle seat can interfere with the sensors in the vehicle seat, so contact is forbidden.    


Fords have an additional sensor which supposedly shuts the airbag off if a very small weight is detected in the front seat.  Do NOT trust this sensor and place a rear facing seat in the front seat!  The sensor can malfunction. 

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I'm not aware of any reason why a seat cannot go in the center of a 2011 Ford Explorer.  You can't use LATCH: you'd need to install with a seatbelt, but you can do it.

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It was just my DH who said he couldn't get an install in the center seat in the back...it was my concern about the seat touching the front seat...nonetheless, what can I do?  Any convertible seat would touch it for that matter...seriously...a Britax would and so would a Diono and those are the only brands I like to migrate to in carseats.  This would happen even if installed in the center.  I just received the seats today.  I'm not into returning them...ugh!



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My car seat back touches the seat...? I don't get it so the airbag may not go off but that's the only bad thing?

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You'll have to read the owner's manual about the 2011 Explorer -- check both the airbag section and child restraint section -- but it's quite possible that rear-facing seats are not allowed to touch the front seats.


Sosurreal, what year and make and model is your vehicle?


If the airbag sensors are affected, the airbag may not go off, or it may go off with more force than needed.  Neither scenario is good for a front seat driver/passenger.

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I read both the child restraint and air bag sections and all I got from it was that the airbags will not inflate if it detects a child seat being used in the back. Nothing said "child seats cannot touch". 

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Originally Posted by Maedze View Post

DIono's official rule is, 12 months and good neck control.  It says it on the package, and their engineers insist on it.  

Unofficially, we have been told the 12 months is a very conservative estimate.   

So, if you told me you were planning on using it with a medically healthy 9 month old with excellent head control, I might develop an unfortunate coughing fit and get distracted by a squirrel.  *whistles*


I'd been wondering about that.  I am contemplating a radian for kid #3, but drive a sienna.  Add to that my kids have been 20lbs by 4-5 months and 25lbs by around 8 months.  Wearing 24mo clothes (read- tall) by 12mo.  AND.... all of those things will cause the over-recline issue in the Sienna.  SO.... I'm trying to decide if I can split the difference and add the angle adjuster closer to say 9 months or so when I am concerned about over-recline...



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We have a Toyota Rav 4 2010

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Toyota does not allow anything, including rear-facing child seats, to touch the front seats in vehicles with advanced airbags, which yours does have.

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Pretty much any convertible seat RF in my car will touch.  No way around it unless I use the angle adjuster on my Radian.  I could RF my DS1's current Britax Marathon - the older version that goes to 65 lbs (manufactured in 10/07 so I think I got six years total on that expiration; therefore I got at least a good year left on it that DS2 could RF in).  Pretty sure that Marathon RF will touch. In fact, It RF'd in my old 2008 Explorer and never thought about it.


Either way, I'm making an appointment to get it installed and if they have trouble with the Diono RF, then I'll have them RF DS1's Marathon and put DS2 FF  in the Radian (I bought 2 Radian's).


Do you suggest I find a tech from seat check.org?

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I think you're probably okay touching in a Ford.

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I think so too.  Worst case scenario is I RF my DS1s Marathon for a year or so (since I got time on that Marathon's expiration) until he can FF in the Radian as I mentioned.  I can only find car seat inspections -and they all say Sherrif...


By the way - am I correct on that thinking on expiration on the Britax?  I think it's 6 years from the date of manufacture - which again is 10/07.  So should expire in 10/13...so looks like I'm good until he is at least 2 (he would be 2 in March 2013).


I'm just not into returning both seats as I not only would I have to ship them back but I really like the seats and once DS2 is FF its still an awesome seat that we should get lots of years out of...which is why I'm okay using DS1's Marathon for another year or so and letting one Radian sit in the box until then.


Still hope I can RF my Radian however...I'm going to see what the tech says next Thursday.  DH tried to install the Radian today RF for the baby and just came in huffing and puffing that he wasted an hour of his time (LOL) and that he just didn't feel like he was doing it right.  I have to call tomorrow because it said it was car seat inspection.  Thats not what I'm looking for - I'm looking to have them install it and want them to know what they are doing.  Every time I do a search for a tech in my area, I get a list of inspections.  I looked on seatcheck.org and all the ones listed are at a Police Station or the County's Sheriff.  shrug.gif

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Had a seat tech install the seat yesterday.  The tech (also a Sheriff) said it cannot touch and alas, we have maybe an inch of space b/w the seat and the passenger seat.  The passenger seat really doesn't look to cozy as it's really close.  DH said he doesn't think it's safe for anyone to even sit up there...if heaven forbid the airbag should inflate.  However, it's not any closer than I sit to drive so...shrug.gif


DS2 looks cozy and we haven't yet installed the second one until this weekend (that one goes in FF and DH feels better about installing that one himself - it was RF that I wanted a tech to do since it's a much trickier install than a FF seat).  The only thing is with DS2 in it was when he fell asleep he slumped his head completely to the side.  I tried fixing it at a red light...slumped again as soon as we got moving.  So...I think he still needs the infant support pillow it came with.  I think there is no age max on that thing.  Also, I'm going to wait on the angle adjuster unitl he is 1.

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Yup, with a 2011 you can't touch, unfortunately. 



The more upright your vehicle seat can go the further back you can scoot.  You might want to see if you can go 'upright' one more click to give yourself a little more leg room.


Rule of thumb for front air bags: your torso/face should be at least 10" from where the airbag will exit the vehicle.  

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