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What did you do with your pets when you laboured at home?

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I am planning another natural birth for this 3rd, and although I won't be having a homebirth, I will still be labouring at home for as long as possible before going in (assuming this isn't another fast 1 hour labor like the last one). 


My question is regarding our EXTREMELY clingy, cuddley cat. We've had him a little over a year- got him when he was a kitten for my sons and my DH (I am not an animal person). But for some reason, he is completely obsessed with me. He ONLY wants to cuddle with me, only wants my attention, waits outside the bathroom door for me, waits outside our bedroom door for me and does nothing all day except follow me around this house. 


It has gotten me thinking what to do with him when I'm in labor here in a few weeks. Do animals automatically stay away from loud groaning noises (sounds I'll probably be making with my contractions) out of fear? This is the first time we've had a pet in the house while I've been pregnant so I am wondering what to do with him...


Here's what I *don't* want: A cat trying to rub against me and cuddle while I'm laboring. If this was  a homebirth, I'd be ok just putting all his food, water and kitty litter in one locked room for a few hours, but since we'll be going over night to the hospital, it seems sort of cruel to do that if he'd be stuck in there for over a day. 


So, what has been your experience with animals and being in labor? 


Oh, wanted to mention he's an indoor cat who's hardly been outside so putting him outside isn't an option, not to mention it's 30 degrees out.


Thanks in advance! I hope I get some responses here

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My cats were nowhere to be found the entire time I was in labor (5 days).  We had one that adored me and one that is definitely DH's.  But I don't recall seeing either one the entire time - they were hiding.  Not sure if it was the noise or the vibe or what, but they were both all over me the entire pregnancy from the very beginning (better than a pregnancy test - they've predicted the BFP twice now).  But at labor time they were gone. 

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Cat could be all over you just because you're pregnant. I would be curious to hear how he is around you after you have the baby. One of my dogs doesn't like to snuggle with me because he doesn't like feeling the baby kick, and the other one loves to lay his head on my stomach. My cat has abandoned me and loves my DH now too. Animals totally know when we're pregnant.


I don't think kitty will want to be around during labor anyways so I doubt it will be a problem.

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Could you lock the kitty up in another room while you are laboring at home, and have your partner or friend unlock him right before you leave for the hospital? 

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i don't know cats but 2 of my dogs laid quietly and sanely at the foot of the bed in the floor when i birthed my daughter. the boy dog was put outside(large fenced yard)at some point as he's younger and less sane around company(midwives). they are all lab/mix(mostly lab from what we can tell). i didn't even know the girls were in the room til everything was over. one is extremely attached to me (we call her my stalker) but she wasn't a problem.

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i have a feeling your cat will know when to leave you alone. i am also interested in knowing how this worked out for you!

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I would play it by ear.  If he starts to bug you, then have somebody put him in another room. 


At my last birth, my cat popped the birth pool!  She had her paws up on the edge and when my midwife tried to gently push her off, she put her claws in to hold on, and POP!  It was the top ring, so I sent dh to find some duct tape, and ended up having the baby when he was in the garage looking for it!  When he came back up, he said, "When I left, there were 2 people here.  Now there are 3!"


Best wishes for your birth!





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You could ask a friend or family member to care for him while you labor and can handle having him around you.  Another suggestion, your pet may become competitive with the new baby since he is so used to following you around and receiving a great deal of attention.  It may help to set clear boundaries with him before baby arrives.


Have a happy, healthy and empowered pregnancy and birth,





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My 2 cats kept a safe distance from me when I was laboring at home. I had a doula and they are total cowards around strangers! I wouldn't have hesitated to put them in a room if they became obnoxious, and let them out when we left for the hospital.

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Huh, I didn't even think about this!


We have four dogs. They are all indoor creatures (ranging from 7lbs to 80lbs) who have generally NO instinct when it comes to "keeping a low profile" when they need to (I SWEAR...these animals do NOT know when to leave you alone!) and I honestly do not have any recollection whatsoever of what any of them were doing while I was giving birth to my kids. So, I guess that means it wasn't an issue. I know none of them was purposely locked up..but none of them came to me at any point. I'm not a very loud birther...so it's not like they were scared to death of me or anything. I think dogs and cats just have a good sense of "oh, this seems really intense....I should lay down" type of thing!

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I would go ahead and plan for kitty to be in another room. Unless you have a 'yowler' it will be just fine wink1.gif and you won't have to worry about her.  We have a dog that I'm stressing a little bit about.  He is an Italian Greyhound (sometimes nicknamed velcro-dogs) and will NOT leave me alone when I'm home.  I think I'm going to have to put him out in the garage (heated) during the labor and birth.  I love that dog to pieces, but at the end of the day it's only for 24 hours on the long end, and I CANNOT have him jumping all over me or in the birth pool when I'm trying to focus on birthing, yk?

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my sisters cats were all pretty social during her labour, the one cat kept begging for pets from the midwife lol, I would probably put him up in another room

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