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In search of input...VBA3C

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I'm not pregnant, and don't plan on becoming pregnant anytime in the very near future, but I'm looking for some input.  Currently have 3 kids, all by section (obviously per title) but I know in my heart I want more in my future when my life settles from my divorce. I am with a GREAT man now and we have been talking about possible future plans, including more kids.  My last section was in 8-09 and went pretty well.  Only complication was a slight internal infection which required antibiotics to clear up.  


I am looking for input and advice about a situation like this.  I would love more than anything to have a homebirth with a midwife, but if that is not possible I would relegate myself to a hospital for a TOL if I could find a doctor willing to allow it.  I know I would have the full support of DP both emotionally and physically to accomplish either as well (which I know is a tremendous help.)


Any input either way is appreciated!



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I am guessing from your SN that you are in MI? :) From what I understand, MI is very HBAmC friendly at the moment.  A friend of mine just had an HBA2C not too long ago in Michigan.  My best advice would be to start calling midwives in the area, connecting with your local ICAN chapter and talking to people who know about your options in your specific area.  Good luck!

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Your biggest obstacle will be finding a provider to attend the birth. I was unable to find anyone to assist me with a vba3c years ago, and have emailed local midwives (in a new state), to see if anyone would touch me for a vba4c attempt. I'm not pregnant, though, but we've been TTC for several years now.

Anyhow, it depends on where you live, liability issues with HCP's and the current birth climate - not to mention your personal medical history. I wish you luck; do look now to see what options you have for the future. I hate that multiple c-sections seems to automatically rule you out of vaginal births in most people's eyes. Especially since it's often the "system's" fault that we are in this predicament.
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A woman in my area just had a successful HBA3C!  Good Luck.

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Thank you everyone.  Yes, I am in MI :)  I am going to start looking around for a HCP for my annual pap which is due in Jan anyways and test the waters a bit with questions!  Staying hopeful...


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