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anyone else with all the same intolerances/allergies???

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My little man (13mo.) is severely intolerant (I believe allergic) to dairy, aggs, soy, citrus, and we're currently trying gluten also.


His story begins when he stopped growing among other symptoms at 3 1/2 months and lost weight at 4 months. By 7 months the dr's were finally taking me serious. We started out by eliminating dairy, eggs, soy, citrus, and fish. Also did a blood allergy test and that came back negative. I do not know the numbers though. He gained almost a pound in 1 month, but then was still screaming in pain and had random red bumps still and still didn't poop. At all. But he finally did gain some weight. He showed no signs of not growing developmentally he was ahead, and his head and length was barely growing but still growing nonetheless. His weight stalled again though for another month and a half. We did an endoscopy and biopsy. That also came back showing nothing. However, they did see extremely inflamed and red throat as they were doing the endoscopy. So we came back to part of the diagnosis of silent reflux. The meds did nothing to ease his screaming in pain, red bumps, the pooping... nothing. So all our doctors said they didn't know what to do anymore. Wait until he turns a year old and then go to our allergy doctor and have a skin test done.


When he turned a year old we scheduled an allergy appointment. The allergy doctor told me to my face that nothing I was telling him sounded like an allergy. And asked me why I was there. I repeated again that that was what our other doctors told us our next step was. Again he told me that he doesn't know why we were there and that nothing sounded like an allergic reaction to him. But he did the skin test anyway after trying to tell me that it was extremely uncomfortable for him and that it would be hard on him. I still wanted it done. The skin test came back negative after their 15 minutes. They couldn't test him for citrus though because they didn't have any on hand. (It didn't sound like a well equiped office for babies, toddlers, non-adults.) While leaving and getting onto the highway just 5 minutes outside their parking lot, he started having trouble breathing and started choking. I had to pull over on the onramp to the highway! He screamed after that for days. Not just cried, screamed. Had red bumps again and blow out diapers. Which he started pooping!! But blow outs. He's gone from clay to blow outs and nothing in between that even resembles normal poop.


He is still really fussy and does not have normal poop. We have started eliminating gluten to see if that will clear him up. His belly is huge and looks like an inflated balloon on his little body. I'm hoping that with the gluten clearing out, we'll have my happy baby back. We see glimpses of him not in pain every now and then.



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Do you have a question or would you just like someone with whom to commiserate? Many here are dealing with multiple allergies and have had similar stories to your own, if not exact.

Please let us know how we can help!

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A pediatric gastroenterologist MAY be helpful, because they're used to dealing more with the gastrointestinal reactions to foods, but some of them just want to scope. Are you still breastfeeding? Have you taken everything out of your diet as well? My son had many of the same intolerances as your son. Are you keeping a detailed food diary (all food/drink consumed, and all possible symptoms: sleep, skin, poop, clinginess, mood, etc.)?

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