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puppy and toddler

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Hi, DS is in love with our new puppy and the feeling is mutual.  The only thing is, when they are together the puppy (11 week old blk lab mix/resuce) gets overstimulated FAST and plays way too rough. We took her to a puppy kindergarten class full of pups her age and the teachers said she tends to be reactive and she keeps playing rough when the other pups have chilled out....Of course I am working on teaching my 26 mth old DS to be gentle, and to freeze and look at the sky when the dog jumps on him...but he just giggles and tries to hug and kiss her....as you know, toddlers can be slow going with this stuff. He thinks it's hilarious to try to get her to chew on his fingers etc.  We have a crate and the pup is spending a lot of time in there, with a blanket over 3 sides- as she is not 100%housebroken.  I wear a running leash/teaching lead a lot when she's not confined inside, because otherwise it's CHAOS.  She tends to be in her crate snoozing or penned in the kitchen right now.  They are better together outside but inside its crazy.  I can't yet take her on long walks cuz she's not yet 100% vaccinated.  Also my old cat wants to kill the puppy and seriously will attack the poor thing.  Any tips?  BTDT?

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I don't have much advice but I'm in a similar situation. We just got a puppy (a 3 month old Beagle) who keeps jumping on my son. He isn't knocking him down but my son gets mad and pushes the dog down. I keep telling him we need to be gentle with the dog and just tell the dog "no no, don't jump!" I honestly don't know if it's working at all, but I'm not sure what to do. I'm struggling to housebreak him and he FREAKS out when I put him the crate. I think puppies are just naturally hyper for a while and taking him for walks/jogs would be great to help release some of that energy. Sorry I'm not much help but you're not alone! I love this puppy but I'm wondering why I let my DH talk me into getting one! I now get to pottytrain a dog and a 22 month old- I clean up pee and poop more than I ever thought I would! haha Best of luck with your new family member! 

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this site may help you



anytime the puppy starts to get too rough, remove the pup from the situation, he will quickly learn that being rough = end of playtime.

If you google search Ian Dunbar's before and after you get your puppy you can get it free, and its a great resource.

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