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cell salts - 30x or 6x??

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We got back from the dentist a couple of days ago and found out that the diagnodent readings said 5 y.o. DS has about 8 caries. Apparently only one has manifested in an actual cavity, whereas the other 7 are located somewhere inside the tooth (a couple I can see small gray spots, but the others show no obvious signs of decay). We've been brushing with xylitol since he was about 18 mos. Needless to say, I am very discouraged to hear the news greensad.gif I've been reading up on the link between caries & allergies, which I also suspected in my DS.


Anyway, I have read many recommendations for cell salts (calcarea fluorata, calcarea phosphorica, & silica) and would like to purchase some for my son to help him with his caries. However, I have no idea (nor the patience to sort through the hundreds of threads) about which concentration to purchase (30x or 6x?). Which will work better for a 5 y.o.? Any help is greatly appreciated! winky.gif



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We use the 6x :)


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