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Possibly twins?!

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So I had my 18 week appointment yesterday, and my doctor told me that either my dates are wrong or I am having twins... no ultrasound to determine this until Jan4. Anyone else had a similar experience? we are excited either way, but Jan 4 is a long time to wait!!!

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Why did he say that? Are you measuring larger than average? I'm 17 weeks 5 days with twins and measuring 20 weeks but it's also my second pregnancy. You could always go to an elective ultrasound clinic to get one done for fairly cheap just to take a peek.

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She said that I was measuring alot more than I should be since my previous appointment. My weight gain was normal, but she didn't say what my measurements were. Also, my husband and I can hear what we think are 2 heartbeats about an inch away from each other, but my doctor didn't verify or check this when we were there. She said that an ultrasound would tell us one way or the other for certain. The closest ultrasound clinic is a 4 hour drive, and I don't see us doing that as our scheduled ultrasound is so close. I don't think our dates are wrong as we were paying close attention, but who knows. This is our first. 

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Ooo, exciting!  I personally would be freaking out if I was having twins, but if you are happy with it, then yay!  My midwife said that I was measuring big too, but this is my third, and then she listened around for another heartbeat with the doppler and didn't hear anything.  Why didn't your doctor do that?? I agree, the fourth seems so long to wait.

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I have a friend who is due May 28th, she thinks, and for her first appointment 6 weeks ago was told she is measuring very large for dates and is either much further along then she thinks she is or is having twins. She can't get in for an ultrasound anywhere (without paying more than $200 for a private place) until January 4th as well! So she's waiting almost 8 weeks.


I asked her at one point, because she seemed so calm and just shrugged it off, "aren't you freaking out just a little bit?" and she said "YES! Of course I am! But I can't change it if it's twins, so knowing earlier doesn't change anything." Good point, my friend, good point.


Congrats either way! I know I'd be counting down the days, too. Even though you know that knowing earlier doesn't change things, it sure doesn't make the waiting any easier!




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Thanks all, I am just feeling overwhelmed right now. We will be happy either way. The wait will be worth it on Jan 4!!!!

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Ooh how exciting! The anticipation would be driving me nuts! Im surprised that the doctor didn't even try to find 2 heartbeats. I can't wait to hear what you find out on the 4th!
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